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General Installation Guidelines; Mounting The Solar Panels - WINDY NATION WN-100W-KIT User Manual

Complete off-grid solar kits
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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit Manual
Revision 1.0
3.2 G

Mounting the Solar Panels

For Northern Hemisphere installations, the solar panels should be mounted at angle facing true south (true
north for Southern Hemisphere installations). The mounting angle should be equal to the latitude location of
where you are installing the solar panels. For example, the latitude of Miami, Florida, USA is 25 degrees.
Therefore, solar panels installed in this area should ideally be facing true south at a tilt angle of 25 degrees.
Due to design constraints in many installations, you will not be able to mount the solar panel facing true
south at the ideal tilt angle. In these cases, try to come as close as possible to the ideal mounting
configuration as this will maximize the power output from the solar panels.
Figure 2: Installing solar panels in the Northern Hemisphere. Ideally, the solar panel faces true south
at a tilt angle equal to the geographical latitude of where the solar panel is installed.
The solar panels should be mounted to a flat surface that is strong enough to handle the weight bearing load
of the solar panels. Use the included Z-Brackets and fasteners (four Z-Brackets per solar panel) to attach the
solar panel to the flat mounting surface. To do this, first use the included fasteners to attach the Z-Brackets
to the four oval shaped holes on the backside of the solar panel. Next, secure the solar panel to the
mounting surface by bolting the four Z-brackets to the mounting surface. Note that the bolt to secure the Z-
Bracket to the mounting surface is not included in this kit. This is because the bolt type (lag bolt, carriage
bolt, etc) and bolt length will depend on the mounting surface type (metal, wood, and fiberglass) and
thickness. See Figure 3 below.
Figure 3: Use the Z-Brackets to mount the solar panel to a flat surface.
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