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Black & Decker KR550 Instruction Manual page 4

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Additional safety instructions for Australia and
New Zealand
This appliance is not intended for use by young or infirm
persons without supervision. Children must be supervised
to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or an authorised Black & Decker Service
Centre in order to avoid a hazard.
This tool includes some or all of the following features.
1. Variable speed switch
2. Lock-on button
3. Side handle
4. Depth stop
5. Chuck
6. Drilling mode selector
7. Forward/reverse switch
8. Variable speed control knob
9. Spindle lock button
Warning! Make sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged.
Fitting the side handle and depth stop (fig. A)
Turn the grip (10) counterclockwise until you can slide the
side handle (3) onto the front of the tool as shown.
Rotate the side handle into the desired position.
Insert the depth stop (4) into the mounting hole as shown.
Set the depth stop to the desired position. The maximum
drilling depth is equal to the distance between the tip of
the drill bit and the front end of the depth stop.
Tighten the side handle by turning the grip clockwise.
Fitting a drill bit or screwdriver bit
Keyless chuck with spindle lock (fig. B)
Keep the spindle lock button (9) depressed and open the
Insert the bit shaft (11) into the chuck and firmly tighten
the chuck.
Keyless chuck (fig. C)
Open the chuck by turning the front part (12) with one
hand while holding the rear part (13) with the other.
Insert the bit shaft (11) into the chuck and firmly tighten
the chuck.
Keyed chuck (fig. D)
Open the chuck by turning the sleeve (14).
Insert the bit shaft (11) into the chuck.
Insert the chuck key (15) into each hole (16) in the side of
the chuck and turn until tight.
Removing and refitting the chuck (fig. E)
Open the chuck as far as possible.
Remove the chuck retaining screw by turning it clockwise
using a screwdriver.
Tighten an Allen key (17) into the chuck and strike it with
a hammer as shown.
Remove the Allen key.
Remove the chuck by turning it counterclockwise.
To refit the chuck, screw it onto the spindle and secure it
with the chuck retaining screw.
Warning! Before drilling into walls, floors or ceilings,
check for the location of wiring and pipes.
Selecting the direction of rotation
For drilling and for tightening screws, slide the forward/
reverse switch (7) forward.
For loosening screws or removing a jammed drill bit, slide
the forward/reverse switch (7) backward.
Warning! Never change the direction of rotation while the
motor is running.
Selecting the drilling mode
For drilling in masonry, set the drilling mode selector (6) to
For drilling in other materials and for screwdriving, set the
drilling mode selector (6) to the
Switching on and off
To switch the tool on, press the variable speed switch (1).
The tool speed depends on how far you press the switch.
If the tool has a variable speed control knob (8), set it to
the required speed range. As a general rule, use low
speeds for large diameter drill bits and high speeds for
smaller diameter drill bits.
For continuous operation, press the lock-on button (2) and
release the variable speed switch. This option is available
only at full speed.
To switch the tool off, release the variable speed switch.
To switch the tool off when in continuous operation, press
the variable speed switch once more and release it.
The performance of your tool depends on the accessory used.
Black & Decker and Piranha accessories are engineered to high
quality standards and designed to enhance the performance of
your tool. By using these accessories you will get the very best
from your tool.

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