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Philips D310 Extended User Documentation

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  • Page 1 Always there to help you Register your product and get support at D310 Question? D315 Contact Philips Extended user documentation...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Switch between uppercase and lowercase 1 Important safety instructions 7 Phonebook View the phonebook 2 Your phone Search a record What is in the box Call from the phonebook Overview of the phone Access the phonebook during a call Overview of the base station Add a record Edit a record...
  • Page 4 12 Services Call list type Auto conference Network type Auto prefix Select the recall duration Dial mode Auto clock Register additional handsets Unregister the handsets Restore default settings 13 Technical data 14 Notice Declaration of conformity Use GAP standard compliance Compliance with EMF Disposal of your old product and batteries...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    1 Important safety • For pluggable equipment, the socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily instructions accessible. • Handsfree activation could suddenly increase the volume in the earpiece to a very high level: make sure the handset is not too close to your ear. •...
  • Page 6: Your Phone

    2 Your phone Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips Power adapter** offers, register your product at com/welcome. What is in the box Line cord* Guarantee Handset** Short user manual...
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Phone

    • Press and hold to enter a pause when making a call. • Switch to upper/lower case during editing. (for D310) or (for D315) • Mute or unmute the microphone. • Access to the answer machine menu in standby mode (for D315 only).
  • Page 8: Overview Of The Base Station

    Decrease/increase the speaker volume. Overview of the base station Skip backward/forward during playback. D310 • Play messages. • Stop messages playback. Turn the answering machine on or off. • Press to find handsets. • Press and hold to enter the registration mode.
  • Page 9: Get Started

    3 Get started D310 Caution • Make sure that you have read the safety instructions in the 'Important safety instructions' section before you connect and install your handset. Connect the base station Warning • Risk of product damage! Ensure that the power supply...
  • Page 10: Insert The Supplied Batteries

    Caution • Risk of explosion! Keep batteries away from heat, sunshine or fire. Never discard batteries in fire. • Use only the supplied batteries. • Risk of decreased battery life! Never mix different brands or types of batteries. Note • Charge the batteries for 8 hours before first use.
  • Page 11: Change The Remote Access Pin (For D315)

    Select a language, then press MENU/OK Charge the handset to confirm. » The setting is saved. Set the date and time Press MENU/OK. Select [Phone setup] > [Date & time], then press MENU/OK to confirm. Press the numeric buttons to enter the date, then press MENU/OK to confirm.
  • Page 12: What Is Standby Mode

    The handset turns off if the batteries are empty. It flashes when receiving incoming call. If you are on the phone, you hear warning It remains steadily on when you are tones when the batteries are almost empty. The in a call. call gets disconnected after the warning.
  • Page 13: Switch The Handset On Or Off

    Note • When ECO+ is on, the signal strength is not displayed. Switch the handset on or off Press and hold to switch the handset on or off.
  • Page 14: Calls

    4 Calls Note • The talk time of your current call is displayed on the call timer. • If you hear warning tones, the phone is almost out of Note battery or out of range. Charge the battery or move the phone close to the base station.
  • Page 15: Adjust The Earpiece/Speaker Volume

    Adjust the earpiece/speaker Answer a second call volume Note Press to adjust the volume during a call. • This service is network dependent. » The earpiece/speaker volume is adjusted and the phone is back to the When there is a periodical beep to notify you call screen.
  • Page 16: Intercom And Conference Calls

    5 Intercom and Select a handset number, then press MENU/OK to confirm. conference calls » Wait for the other side to answer your call. Switch between calls An intercom call is a call to another handset that shares the same base station. A conference Press and hold to switch between the call involves a conversation between you,...
  • Page 17: During The Conference Call

    During the conference call Press and hold to put the external call on hold and go back to the internal call. » The external call is put on hold. Press and hold again to establish the conference call again. Note •...
  • Page 18: Text And Numbers

    6 Text and numbers You can enter text and numbers for handset name, phonebook records, and other menu items. Enter text and numbers Press once or several times on the alphanumeric key to enter the selected character. Press REDIAL/C to delete a character. Press and hold REDIAL/C to delete all characters.
  • Page 19: Phonebook

    7 Phonebook Scroll the contact list Press or press MENU/OK > [Phonebook] > [View] to access the This phone has a phonebook that stores up to phonebook list. 50 records. You can access the phonebook from Press to scroll through the the handset.
  • Page 20: Add A Record

    Add a record Delete a record Note Press MENU/OK. • Select [Phonebook] > [Delete], then press If your phonebook memory is full, the handset displays a notification message. Delete some records to add MENU/OK to confirm. new ones. Select a contact, then press MENU/OK to •...
  • Page 21: Call Log

    8 Call log Select an option, then press MENU/OK to confirm. The call log stores the call history of all missed View the call records or received calls. The incoming call history includes the name and number of the caller, Press .
  • Page 22: Delete All Call Records

    Select a record, then press MENU/OK to confirm. Select [Delete], then press MENU/OK to confirm. » A confirmation request is displayed on the handset.. Press MENU/OK to confirm. » The record is deleted. Delete all call records Press . » The incoming call log is displayed. Press MENU/OK to enter the options menu.
  • Page 23: Redial List

    9 Redial list Select a record, then press MENU/OK to confirm. Select [Delete], then press MENU/OK to confirm. The redial list stores the call history of dialed » A confirmation request is displayed on calls. It includes the names and/or numbers you the handset..
  • Page 24: Phone Settings

    10 Phone settings Set the docking tone Docking tone is the sound made when you place the handset on the base station or You can customize the settings to make it your charger. own phone. Press MENU/OK. Select [Phone setup] > [Sounds] > [Docking tone], then press MENU/OK to Sound settings confirm.
  • Page 25: Name The Handset

    MENU/OK to confirm. • Make sure that all the handsets registered to the base Select a language, then press MENU/OK station are D310/D315 in order to have the ECO+ to confirm. feature functioning properly. • » The setting is saved.
  • Page 26: Telephone Answering Machine

    11 Telephone Through the base answering Press to turn the answering machine on or off in standby mode. machine Note • When the answering machine is switched on, it answers incoming calls after a certain number of rings based on Note the ring delay setting.
  • Page 27: Announcements

    » The setting is saved. Listen to the announcement or MENU/OK > [Answ. Press Note Machine]. • If the memory is full, the answering machine switches to Select [Announcement], then press [Answer only] mode automatically. MENU/OK to confirm. Select [Answer only] or [Record also], then press MENU/OK to confirm.
  • Page 28: Set The Ring Delay

    From the handset Note When you listen to the message, press • If you pick up the phone when the caller leaves a MENU/OK to enter the options menu. message, the recording stops and you can talk to the Select [Delete], then press MENU/OK to caller directly.
  • Page 29: Remote Access

    Select [Remote access] > [Change PIN], Note then press MENU/OK to confirm. • Make sure that the answering machine is switched on Enter the old PIN, then press MENU/OK before this feature can be applied. to confirm. Enter the new PIN code, then press MENU/OK to confirm.
  • Page 30 Switch the answering machine on. (not available when you listen to the messages). Stop listening to the message. Switch the answering machine off. (not available when you listen to the messages). Behavior of the LED display on the base station The table below shows you the current status with different LED display behavior on the base station.
  • Page 31: Services

    12 Services Network type Note The phone supports a number of features that • This is a country dependent feature. It only applies to help you handle and manage the calls. models with network type support. Call list type Press MENU/OK. Select [Services] >...
  • Page 32: Select The Recall Duration

    Select a dial mode, then press MENU/OK Note to confirm. » The setting is saved. • To enter a pause, press and hold • If the prefix number is set and the detect number is left empty, the prefix number is added to all outgoing calls. •...
  • Page 33: Unregister The Handsets

    Select [Services] > [Reset], then press Note MENU/OK to confirm. • » A confirmation request is displayed on For models with an answering machine, you hear a confirmation beep. the handset. Press MENU/OK to confirm. » Registration is complete in less than 2 »...
  • Page 34: Technical Data

    • Caller identification standard support: FSK, DTMF Battery • Philips: 2 x AAA Ni-MH 1.2V 550 mAh rechargeable batteries Power adapter Base and charger • MEIC: MN-A102-U130, input: 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz 200 mA, output: 6 Vdc 400 mA •...
  • Page 35: Notice

    Directive 1999/5/EC. You can find the Declaration of Conformity on com. This product has been designed, tested and manufactured according the European R&TTE When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 36 separate into three materials: cardboard (box), polystyrene foam (buffer) and polyethylene (bags, protective foam sheet.) Your system consists of materials which can be recycled and reused if disassembled by a specialized company. Please observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of packaging materials, exhausted batteries and old equipment.
  • Page 37: Frequently Asked Questions

    15 Frequently Select it to access the language options. Select your own language. asked questions The handset loses connection with the base or the sound is distorted during a call. Check if the ECO+ mode is activated. Turn it off to increase the handset range and enjoy the No signal bar is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 38 • The phone receives interference from the nearby electrical appliances. Move the base station away from them. • The phone is at a location with thick walls. Move the base away from them. The handset does not ring. Make sure the handset ringtone is turned on. The caller ID does not display.
  • Page 39: Appendix

    16 Appendix Upper case characters (for Greek) Space . 0 , / : ; " ' ! ¡ ? ¿ * + - % \^ ~| 1 @ _ # = < > ( ) & £ $ ¥ [ ] { } ¤ § ... Text and number input tables A B Г...
  • Page 40 d e f 3 è é Δ Φ g h i 4 ì Γ j k l 5 Λ m n o 6 ñ ö ò p q r s 7 Π Θ Σ ß t u v 8 ù ü x y z 9 ø...
  • Page 42 2014 © WOOX Innovations Limited. All rights reserved. Philips and the Philips’ Shield Emblem are 0168 registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used by WOOX Innovations Limited under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. UM_D310_315_05_EN_V1,0 wk1422...

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