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Pioneer PDP-42A3HD Service Manual page 4

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• Observe the caution matter, without fail
• The caution matters of given in the delivery specifications, etc., must be observed, without fail.
• Do not give shocks and vibration.
• The panel surface (display plane) of the PDP module is made of glass. If any shocks or vibration is applied, it may be broken and
the scattered glass chips will be a cause of injury
• Do not put
not put anything on the PDP module. Otherwise, this can be a cause of injury as a result of falling down or dropping caused
• Do
by imbalance.
• Transportation must be done by enough personnel.
• The PDP module is heavy. In the case of transportation, unpacking, or packing, more than two persons should do it by supporting
the top and the bottom of the product.
7 Miscellaneous caution matters
(1) This PDP module uses highly integrated semiconductor parts. Since these parts are fragile to electrostatic
charges, earth bands should be used for handling. The product should be handled where measures have been
taken against electrostatic charges.
(2) For this product, the PDP modules and the PWBs are repaired by replacement in a unit. Therefore, the units of
the PWBs must not be repaired or disassembled. Otherwise, the validity of warranty will be lost.
(3) If this PDP module is used for the fixed character display or the like as in the case of a character display board,
a phenomenon of burning (not warranted) will occur. Burning is a phenomenon that the unevenness in the
brightness is caused in the display. In such a case, the brightness in the section where the integrated display
time is longer becomes lower than the brightness in another section where the integrated display time is shorter.
This phenomenon is in proportion to the integrated display time and the brightness. For this reason, to relieve
this difficulty during servicing, do not use any still picture, but use a display by motion pictures of a video or the
like. In addition, use "FULL" for the screen mode and avoid using any display by "NORMAL", "TRUE", or MULTI
SCREEN like side by side etc. If it is necessary to use only a still picture for unavoidable reasons, use a burning
relief function such as "PLE LOCK", "ORBITER", "SCREEN WIPER", etc.
(4) When a PDP module is operated after a long time of storage, it may encounter a difficulty like a failure in
displaying a screen or unstability according to the condition of storage. In such a case, the PDP module should
be incorporated in the product and aging treatment should be carried out for about two hours (all screen display).
(5) Sulfides will deteriorate the PDP module and this is a cause of malfunction. Therefore, it is absolutely prohibited
to put any vulcanized rubber or a material containing sulfur in the vicinity of the PDP module.
(6) When taking out a PDP module from the maintenance package box, do it slowly so that the panel surface
does not get any shock or stress.
(7) If one touches the connector of the flexible cable exposed to the rear side of the PDP module, there is
danger of causing a poor contact. As such, it must be handled with utmost care. In addition, the flexible cable
is very weak in mechanical strength. Therefore, this cable must not be touched during handling.
(8) The panel surface of the PDP module is easy to be hurt and generate cracks. Therefore, it should be handled
very carefully. Never press or rub it with a hard thing. Never put it on a hard thing with the panel surface faced
(9) When the panel surface of the PDP module is contaminated, gently wipe off the contaminant with a piece of
soft dry cloth. Liquid-state contamination can be removed by lightly pressing it, without rubbing it. If it is
difficult to remove the contamination, use a piece of cloth soaked with a neutral detergent. The cloth for
wiping off should be clean. Never use the same cloth repeatedly. If a cleansing detergent or water drops
should enter the module interior or be attached to the module surface other than the display plane at the time
of cleaning, this will give rise to the destruction of the product when the product is energized.
(10) When transporting this PDP module, use the packing materials specified in the list of parts. Once used,
such packing materials should not be used again.
(11) The PDP module is composed of a variety of parts, such as those made of materials like glass, metal,
plastics, etc. Therefore, when abandoning the PDP module, this should be done in accordance with the
relevant law of the nation or an autonomous body


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