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Fiber Optic Network
Celect Communications, LLC (dba West Wisconsin Video)


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  • Page 1

    igital elevision sers uide Fiber Optic Network Celect Communications, LLC (dba West Wisconsin Video)

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Turning your TV & Set-top Box (STB) ON/OFF using the Remote Control Remote Control Guide Basic Functions Options for Changing Channels Basic Navigation Tips Menu Screen Guide Menu How to Access the Guide Menu Symbol Guide Finding Programming Setting a (One-Time) Reminder Setting Autotune...

  • Page 3: Getting Started

    RECORD ring around the < > POWER MENU power button VIP1200 indicates the STB is ON. IF you press the POWER button & the TV DOES NOT Turn ON/OFF Press the button Press the button Press the button labeled TV...

  • Page 4: Remote Control Guide

    REMOTE CONTROL GUIDE POWER Press to select TV mode Press to select DVD mode switch. (In STB mode switch) turns switch. BOTH STB and TV on/off. [Note: TV, DVD or AUX mode (Set-top Box) (VCR, Stereo, Additional TV, etc.) switch, turns on/off only specifi ed Press to select AUX mode switch.

  • Page 5: Basic Functions

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Options for Changing Channels Option Enter the desired channel number using the Number Pad. Option • < Use the up, down arrows to view channels at the present time. Use the left, right arrows to view the current channel’s future programming.

  • Page 6: Menu Screen

    MENU SCREEN Menu Screen 11:00am Celect 23 2008 The Menu Screen is an easy Communications wwisconsin access to any features you may Guide have. Pressing the button will MENU Vault provide you the following options: Settings Favorites Search Guide - Using the Guide Menu allows you to view program listings of what’s on now and what will be on in...

  • Page 7: Guide Menu

    GUIDE MENU Guide Menu CNN Newsroom The Guide Menu allows you to view 8:00 am – 11:00 am, TVY information of current and future Celect 9:25 am Communications programming including: Subscribed Channel Name, Channel 10/02/2008 9:00 am 9:30 am 10:00 am 24 CNN CNN Newsroom Number, Brief Description of...

  • Page 8: Finding Programming

    GUIDE MENU Finding Programming • Press to view complete list of channels & programming. GUIDE • Using the scroll up or down to view channels one-by-one. < QUICK TIP • Press to select desired channel. Quickly scroll through the GUIDE screen using the button.

  • Page 9: Setting Scheduled Events

    GUIDE MENU Setting a Scheduled Event A Scheduled Event allows you to set up Reminders and Autotune for future Schedule Event To Edit, highlight the item. Press OK programming. The event(s) can be And use the arrow keys to change the settings. Press OK again to end the edit set to occur Single, Weekly, Every SportsCenter...

  • Page 10: Purchasing A Pay-per-view (ppv) Movie/event

    GUIDE MENU Purchasing a Pay-Per-View (PPV) Movie/Event QUICK TIP You must buy the movie/event before or within 10 minutes of the start time. • Press GUIDE • Use the to scroll movies/events for the day. < • Highlight the movie/event you would like to buy and press •...

  • Page 11: How To Access The Pvr Menu

    PVR (DVR) MENU Personal Video Recorder (PVR) - also known as DVR A PVR allows you to record up to 90 digital hours of your favorite pro- NFL Prime Time Recap of week 4 in the NFL 8:00 am – 11:00am grams and view them as many times as you want, whenever you want.

  • Page 12: Controlling Live Tv - Pause, Instant Replay, Rewind, Fast-forward

    PVR (DVR) MENU Controlling Live TV 11:00am 11:30am 12:00pm 11:21am A Status Bar appears on the top of your TV screen when pausing & rewinding Live TV. The Status Bar will dis- appear in 25 seconds or you can press EXIT Pausing Live TV PAUSE...

  • Page 13: Recording Programs

    PVR (DVR) MENU Recording Programs One Touch Recording RECORD • While viewing Live TV or in the Guide Menu, press (You are now recording the current program. If you change the channel, you will continue to record that program until the end of the program.) •...

  • Page 14: Playing Your Recording(s)

    PVR (DVR) MENU QUICK TIP QUICK TIP You are able to record one program Extend Recording Time and watch or record You can add 5 minute increments (up to program. If you 60 minutes) to a scheduled recording. change the channel See “Schedule a Recording(s) - To while two programs Edit the Schedule Event pop-up Box”...

  • Page 15: Vault Menu

    VAULT MENU The Vault Menu The Vault Menu is the location of your settings and stored events. 9:25 am Celect Communications Vault Video Video - The Video option will PPV Events PPV Per Block store the list of Video On Sports Packages Reminders Demand purchases, which is a...

  • Page 16: Settings Menu

    SETTINGS MENU The Settings Menu Main Preferences Settings The Settings Menu allows you to cre- Preferences Users Packages Billing ate/edit preferences, create/edit users, PPV Action None view packages you are subscribed to Share Rentals Program Alarm Require Login 0 Seconds Enable Caller ID and view billing information.

  • Page 17: Using Caller Id (on-screen)

    SETTINGS MENU Preference Tab • Share Rentals - When checkmarked, you can view Pay-Per-View movie/events on ALL TV’s within the home. • Require Login - When checkmarked, this feature allows you to Sign In & Sign Out of the system. •...

  • Page 18: Using Channel Blocking

    SETTINGS MENU Using Channel Blocking • Press MENU • Use the to scroll to SETTINGS and press < • Using the Number Pad, enter your PASSWORD and press • Use to place a checkmark in the box labeled CHANNEL < BLOCKING and press <...

  • Page 19: Using Parental Control

    SETTINGS MENU Using Parental Control Parental Control Settings Preferences Users Packages Billing Block Unrated MENU Movie Rating • Press Show Blocked Program Info TV Rating TVMA Unlock Timeout 30 minutes • Use the to scroll to < Content Rating S – Sexual Situations L –...

  • Page 20: Unlocking/reactivating Parental Controls

    SETTINGS MENU TV & Movie Content Ratings QUICK TIP Movie Rating: Movie Rating The selected Movie G - General Audience Rating will be view- PG - Parental Guidance Suggested able. For example, if PG13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned R - Restricted you do NOT want your NC-17 - No One 17 and Under Admitted child to view PG13...

  • Page 21: Changing Password And/or Pin

    SETTINGS MENU Users Tab Changing Password and/or PIN# MENU Press Edit User-wwisconsin Settings Preferences Users Packages Billing • Use the to scroll to < Password New PIN New Password Confirm PIN Confirm Password SETTINGS and press Enable PIN • Using the Number Pad, enter your PASSWORD and press...

  • Page 22: Using Closed Captioning

    SETTINGS MENU Using Closed Captioning MENU Press • Use the to scroll to SETTINGS and press < • Using the Number Pad, enter your PASSWORD and press • Use to scroll to HARDWARE SETTINGS and press < • Use to scroll to CC Pass Through or CC Overlay Render. <...

  • Page 23: Favorites Menu

    FAVORITES MENU The Favorites Menu Your personalized list is In the Favorites Menu you can available as a tab in the Favorites 1 Guide Tab. create and edit a list of all your 10/01/2008 favorite or commonly watched CNN Newsroom 8:00 am –...

  • Page 24: Search Menu

    SEARCH MENU The Search Menu The Search Menu allows you to en- ter keywords and then scan through Celect Communications 12:05pm the channels to fi nd matches. The 1 of 16 Search CH:29 NFL Prime Time 09/30/2008 1:00pm Search results provide you with the CH:33 Top 10 Clutch Quarter...

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Here are some solutions to problems you may encounter. If you need further assistance, please contact West Wisconsin Video at 715-664-8311. An Easy Solution for Most Problems: Reboot Your STB - Unplug the power cord POWER from the back of the STB for + 12V TO WALL TO TV...

  • Page 26

    TROUBLESHOOTING 3rd CHECK - Check that your TV Input setting is set correctly. Your type of TV will determine the type of INPUT. Determine Cable Type: • Using the illustration on the following page, look at the back of your Set- top Box and identify the type of input your TV requires.

  • Page 27: Set-top Box (stb) Guide

    Front of PVR Set-top Box GREEN lighted ring indicates the STB is ON. LINK RECORD < > POWER MENU VIP1200 Link Light should Indicates a High ALWAYS be ON. Defi nition channel is Indicates a Recording(s) Indicates TV is linked being viewed. In Progress to the network.

  • Page 28

    REMOTE CONTROL QUICK REFERENCE POWER Press to select TV mode Press to select DVD mode switch. (In STB mode switch) turns switch. BOTH STB and TV on/off. [Note: TV, DVD or AUX mode (Set-top Box) (VCR, Stereo, Additional TV, etc.) switch, turns on/off only specifi...

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