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Life Fitness ST55 Treadmill User Manual

Life fitness st55 treadmill user manual.
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ST55 Treadmill

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    ST55 Treadmill U S E R M A N U A L...

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    LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower 132 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon HONG KONG Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001 LIFE FITNESS ATLANTIC BV LIFE FITNESS BENELUX Bijdorpplein 25 - 31 2992 LB Barendrecht THE NETHERLANDS Telephone: +31 (0) 180 64 66 66...

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    Before using this product, it is essential to read this ENTIRE operation manual and ALL installation instructions. This will help in setting up the equipment quickly and in instructing others on how to use it correctly and safely. Class HB (Home): Domestic use. Not designed for therapeutic purposes. Complies with EN957-1 and EN957-6.

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    Treadmill Specifications ............. .23 © 2003 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness and Heart Rate Zone Training are regis- tered trademarks of Brunswick Corporation.

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    BOTTOM SHIPPING TRAY. Follow the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS on the opposite page before proceeding. 6. From the rear of the TREADMILL, tilt the BASE upward until it locks upright. 7. Tear the front end of the BOTTOM SHIPPING TRAY at the corners and fold the flap downward.

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    DISPLAY CONSOLE (K) onto the LEFT and RIGHT UPRIGHTS (A) & (F). 7. Tighten all SCREWS securely. 8. Position the TREADMILL into the desired location for use. 9. Plug the TREADMILL into a proper electrical outlet as instructed in SECTION 1.2 of this manual.

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    This Operation Manual describes the functions of the following products: See Section 6, titled Specifications page in this manual Statement of Purpose: The treadmill is an exercise machine that enables users to walk or run, in place, on a moving surface.

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    To disconnect, turn power OFF at the ON/OFF switch, then remove plug from electrical outlet. • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has a damaged power cord or electrical plug; or if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services.

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    When positioning the treadmill for use, allow for a clearance area of six feet by four feet behind the treadmill to make it easy to get on and off the treadmill and to adjust the tension of the belt. See the section titled Specifications for the treadmill’s dimensions.

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    FF THE With the treadmill belt idle, step on the side rails to straddle the belt. Set up a workout using the steps described in Section 4.2, titled Using the Workouts. When the belt is in motion, hold the handrails and carefully step onto the belt.

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    ISPLAY ONSOLE The computerized display console on the treadmill allows the user to tailor a workout to personal fitness abilities and goals and to monitor progress. With this easy-to-use console the user can track fitness improvement from one work- out to the next.

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    ISPLAY ONSOLE The functions for the keys and display windows on the treadmill console are listed and described in this section. See Section 4, titled The Workouts, for detailed information on using the console to set up workouts. ELEVATION: During a workout-in-progress, press this key to change the current elevation. Then, press the NUMERIC keys to select a new elevation.

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    MERGENCY The treadmill features an emergency system that cuts the main power of the unit to stop the treadmill if the user falls. The system consists of a key that is inserted into a key-holder located in the lower-left side of the console. A cord and clip attached to this magnetized key is then clipped to the user.

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    For detailed information about this workout, see Section 4, titled The Workouts. During this workout, wear the telemetry heart rate chest strap to enable the treadmill’s on-board computer to monitor the heart rate. The computer automatically adjusts the speed and elevation level to maintain the target heart rate* based on the actual heart rate.

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    The treadmill is equipped with telemetry, a heart rate monitoring system in which electrodes, pressed against the skin, transfer heart rate signals to the treadmill console. These electrodes are attached to a telemetry heart rate chest strap that the user wears during the workout. The chest strap is included with the treadmill.

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    This section provides details on the steps themselves. EGIN ANY ORKOUT Switch on the treadmill. Then, make sure that the emergency stop key is properly inserted into the key-holder, and clip the key cord to clothing. ELECTING UICK TART QUICK START is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps involved in selecting a specific workout.

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    Elevation grades range in .5 percent increments from 0 percent to 10 percent. The treadmill computer automatically selects the elevation for the lower-elevation interval based on the maximum elevation.

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    STOP key again to reset the console and set up a new workout. Caution: The treadmill elevation must be set to 0% before folding the treadmill. Damage may occur and the treadmill may not lock into a proper upright position.

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    ORKOUT ESCRIPTIONS PEED NTERVAL This program alternates intervals of high and low speeds. As the profile diagram indicates, the speed gradually increases in the early stage. The main section of the workout consists of high- and low-speed intervals. The contrast between speeds is sharper than in the AEROBIC workout.

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    4. Enter the duration when prompoted by the MESSAGE CENTER. 5. Press START. The treadmill computer stores one change in speed or incline per minute. A total of 15 speed or incline changes may be saved throughout the workout. USTOM...

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    2. Set up the workout as described above in Setting Up Custom Workouts for the First Time. 1. With the treadmill powered up and the safety key engaged, press the CUSTOM A or CUSTOM B key. 2. Press the CLEAR key.

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    Keep the equipment out of use until defective parts are repaired or replaced. • Check the operation of the Stop key once a week. • Also, fold up the treadmill and vacuum the floor beneath and around it periodically to prolong the life of the unit. ROUBLESHOOTING THE EART EADING •...

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    2. Locate and write down the serial number of the unit, which is located at the front of the frame. 3. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services via the Web at:, or call the nearest Life Fitness Customer Support Services group:...

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    READMILL PECIFICATIONS Designed use: Maximum user weight: Motor: Power requirements: Rollers: Striding belt: Cushioning system: Deck type: Front handrail: Side handrails: Stop systems: CONSOLE: Displays: Summaries: WORKOUTS: Heart rate monitor: Elevation range: Workout duration range: Calorie range: Pulse range: Distance range: Speed range Accessory Tray: Color:...

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