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Operation - Pride PATHRIDER 140 XL Owner's Manual

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Have you fully charged the batteries? See IV. "Batteries and Charging."
Is the manual freewheel lever in the drive (rearward) position? Never leave the manual freewheel lever
pushed forward unless you are manually pushing your scooter.
1. Make certain that the key is removed from the key switch.
WARNING! Never attempt to get onto or off of your scooter without first removing the key
from the key switch. This will prevent the scooter from moving if accidental throttle
control lever contact is made.
2. Stand at the side of your scooter.
3. Disengage the seat rotation lever and rotate the seat until it is facing you.
4. Make certain that the seat is fixed securely in position.
5. Position yourself comfortably and securely in the seat.
6. Disengage the seat rotation lever and rotate the seat until you are facing forward.
7. Make certain that the seat is fixed securely in position.
8. Make certain that your feet are safely on the floorboard.
Is the seat at the proper height? See VI. "Comfort Adjustments."
Is the seat fixed securely in position?
Is the tiller at a comfortable setting and locked securely in place? See VI. "Comfort Adjustments."
Is the key fully inserted into the key switch and turned clockwise to the "on" position?
Does the horn work properly?
Is your proposed path clear of people, pets, and obstacles?
Have you planned your route to avoid adverse terrain and as many inclines as possible?
WARNING! The following can adversely affect steering and stability while operating your
scooter, resulting in loss of control, tipping, and/or personal injury:
Holding onto or attaching a leash to walk your pet
Carrying passengers (including pets)
Hanging any article from the tiller
Towing or being pushed by another motorised vehicle
WARNING! Higher Rollover Risk! Avoid abrupt maneuvres at excessive speed. It is rec-
ommended that you set the speed adjustment dial to the lowest setting until you become
familiar with scooter controls and operation.
WARNING! Keep both hands on the tiller and your feet on the floorboard at all times
while operating your scooter. This driving position gives you the most control over
your vehicle.
Set the speed adjustment dial to your desired speed.
Push or pull the appropriate side of the throttle control lever.
The electromechanical disc park brake automatically disengages and the scooter accelerates smoothly
to the speed you preselected with the speed adjustment dial.
Pull on the left handgrip to steer your scooter to the left.
Pull on the right handgrip to steer your scooter to the right.
Pathrider 140 XL
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  • Barry Norton Mar 19, 2018 09:50:
    Hi I have a Pride 140 pathfinder t has a problem stopping , is there any adjustment that can be accessed to rectify the problrm
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