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Panasonic BB-HPL11 Instruction Manual

Eo light plc adapter
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Thank you,eo Light PLC I sign up for the adapter, thank you for choosing
I was there.
■Please read the instruction manual, please use it correctly.
For safety precautions, separate volume of the "when the / Troubleshooting Before use" Three ~
Six Please read the page always.
Instruction manual
eo Light PLC Adapter
Model number
Bi Over Bi Over Etch plc



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic BB-HPL11

  • Page 1 Instruction manual eo Light PLC Adapter Bi Over Bi Over Etch plc BB-HPL11 Model number Thank you,eo Light PLC I sign up for the adapter, thank you for choosing I was there. ■Please read the instruction manual, please use it correctly.
  • Page 2 Feature ■Anywhere I can stable network connection all over the house ※ One eo Light PLC Adapter (hereinafter, referred to as adapter) to the next generation of the home network In which "HD-PLCIt will provide. " You can use anywhere in the house high-speed Internet communications and high-performance data transfer.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Plea Before use Introduction ..........four Check the body and the accessory attached goods ......4 ● Befo About Mark / notation that you are using for the manual (this document) ..5 ● "HD-PLC"The .........6 ●...
  • Page 4: Before Use

    Introduction Check the body and the accessory attached goods Before you start using, please check the main body and the accessory attached goods. Should, flawed Once there was, sorry to trouble you, but K-Opticom Contact Customer Center Give me. ■Body ■Accessories ●...
  • Page 5: About Mark / Notation That You Are Using For The Manual (This Document)

    About Mark / notation that you are using for the manual (this document) Plea ● ..It shows the page that I would like you to see. Befo Operational, and describes important matters and prohibitions would like amulet ● ..It has.
  • Page 6: Hd-Plc"The

    Introduction "HD-PLC"The "HD-PLC"Is new that by using existing power lines (indoor electrical wiring) for data communication It is arbitrary communication technology. "HD-PLC"Network using has been configured in the master unit and the slave unit. Just plug each of the power plug into a power outlet,LAN Of cable Wiring and difficult places, can not be wireless communication for such obstacles as the walls of the room Toko Rodemo, you will be able to data communication.
  • Page 7 It can be used only by inserting the power plug into a power outlet Plea Of the parent machine LAN The port, broadband router and the line terminating equipment / VDSL Modem The connection, the handset LAN The port, personal computer, network cameras, net Please connect the network equipment such as a work printer.
  • Page 8: Names And Functions Of Each Part

    Names and functions of each part (One)PLC Lamp "HD-PLCIt will light green when the "network connection. (+ 15 Page) (Two)LAN Lamp LAN It will light green when the cable connection. During transmission and reception of data is flashing green To you. (+ 15 Page) (Three) Base unit (MASTER) Lamp Lights only green when it is set as a master unit.
  • Page 9: Prepare The Adapter

    Prepare the adapter I make sure the base unit, handset change-over Plea switch The first time "HD-PLCWhen it is "in to use, it is necessary to set the master unit and the slave unit There. Befo This adapter is, of that was delivered One Die parent machine, Necessary to set the base subsequent to the child deviceTwo I have.
  • Page 10: You Want To Register The Adapter

    Prepare the adapter You want to register the adapter The first time "HD-PLC"If you intend to use the, when you are adding the handset, base unit or After initialization the handset, please register the adapter with the following procedure. That the master unit and slave unit change-over switch of the master unit is in the base-side Check ( ) Parent machine, cordless handset switching switch handset adapter to be registered...
  • Page 11 Nearly about the same time the setting button of the master unit and the slave unit One I press seconds Settings button Almost at the same time Settings button AboutOneI press seconds Almost at the same time AboutOneI press seconds PLCLamp Leve Base unit...
  • Page 12: Install

    Install We installed the adapter Before installing the adapter, the separate "when it is your before / Getting Help" and "use environment About "(+ 8 Please read the page). Parent machine, put in place to use the handset, each of the power cord It is connected to the adapter, and plug the power plug into a power outlet ( , ) It will connect directly into a wall outlet.
  • Page 13: Make Sure The Communication Speed

    Make sure the communication speed When the communication speed is slow, you will not be comfortable data communication. And installed in a location that you want to use the adapter (+ 12 The pages) before use, register Please make sure the communication speed between Iruko machine and the base unit. Settings button About the setting button of the handset One I press seconds...
  • Page 14: You Want To Connect The Network Equipment

    Install You want to connect the network equipment By installing the adapter, and after confirming the communication speed (+ 13 Page), network equipment (parts Load band router, switching hub, computer, network cameras, net Please connect and work printers). Check the connection of the power cord ( , The power cord of each adapter adapter, power plug power cord ●...
  • Page 15: Other Features

    Other Features The operation of the lamp When the power is turned on to the adapter, lamp lights up. Lamp lighting status changes depending on the circumstances of the adapter. Lamp Lighting condition Display content Green (lit) Adapter "HD-PLC"It is connected to the network. Green (flashing) We are registering the handset to base unit.
  • Page 16: Initialize The Adapter

    Other Features Initialize the adapter Following cases, please initialize the adapter. The master unit, if other than they own slave unit is registered ● →The parent machine, please all of the handset that have registered to initialize. During the registration of the handset, when you have caused the error ●...
  • Page 17: About Setting Screen

    About setting screen You can see the setting screen of the adapter in the PC. In the Settings screen, you can perform the following operations. The version of Ya adapter firmware MAC You can confirm the address. ● (+ 21 Page) ●...
  • Page 18 Other Features ■PC IP You want to display the address setting screen PC IP Address setting screen, the PC OS Different ways of display by. Procedure [Start]→[Control panel]→[Network conditions Microsoft ® Windows Vista ™ A task Display]→[Display Status→[Properties]→[Inter Net protocol Version Four(TCP / IPv4)] To select the→[Professional Patty]→...
  • Page 19: You Want To Display The Setting Screen

    ● User name, enter the password "OKPress the "button ● User name in the state of the factory "BB-HPL11" Password is the factory, In the state "999999It is set to ". Screen Microsoft Windows XP It is on the screen.
  • Page 20 Other Features ■Setup screen The name of the setting screen in the display When you press the button to display the latest information. It will display the contents of the configuration screen. When you press the button CopyRightIt will show the statement. Reset button When you press the button adapter will restart.
  • Page 21 ■About the status screen It will display the status of the adapter. Item Content Bootloader It will display the boot loader version. ※ Version Firmware It will display the version of the firmware. Version Othe Operating mode Or the adapter is set in either the master unit / slave unit It is displayed.
  • Page 22 Other Features ■For information about the options screen IP Display / change of address, change of password, you can List / Remove handset. When you press the button Setting of the applicable Under the screen It will be displayed. ● This screen is the setting screen of the parent device.
  • Page 23 [Account] Change the authentication screen of the password that is displayed when you connect to the configuration screen of the adapter You. If you want to change: Please press the "Settings" button and enter the password. A confirmation screen appears "OKPlease press ". Since the change appears to complete and restart screen by pressing the "restart"...
  • Page 24 Other Features [Handset List / Delete] If the adapter is a parent machine, you can view / delete the list of handset that is registered. This screen, only if the adapter is set to the parent machine, is the display / delete can function. ●...
  • Page 25 ■For version-up screen We want the adapter of version up (update the firmware). Firmware, K-Opticom Support web site ( can be downloaded from). Firmware update to the latest version, recommend that you use it To you. If you want to update: Press the "Browse"...
  • Page 26: Specification

    Other Features Specification PLC Interface Standard "HD-PLC"Method Actual communication :80 Mbps ※ Two speed :55 Mbps ※ One ※ Three Equipment One The handset that can be Maximum Fifteen Table (recommended connected to the die maximum number) The number of ※...
  • Page 27 Other Temperature:0℃ ~ Forty ℃ Usage environment Humidity:20% ~ 85%(No condensation) External dimensions About121 mm(Width)×About40 mm(Depth)×About70 mm(Height) (Body only, not including protrusions) Mass About 240 g(Body only) Power 100 V,50 Hz / 60 Hz Power consumption "HD-PLC"Interface 4 MHz ~ 28 MHz Frequency range Wavelet OFDM System (16 PAM ~ 2 PAM) Modulation scheme...
  • Page 28 ■This equipment is for Japan. We can not do service for the use of outside the country. This product is designed for use in Japan. Panasonic can not provide service for this product if used outside Japan. Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.