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Table of Contents
Travel Trailer
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for forest river Travel Trailer

  • Page 1 Travel Trailer Owner’s Manual BEGIN THE JOURNEY!
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Please read all component manufacturers’ owner’s manuals provided with your RV and file appropriate individual warranty cards as required. You have joined an elite group, and as you begin making great memories using your new Forest River RV, we wish you many exciting and adventurous days of RV camping.
  • Page 3: Warranty

    SUMMARY OF WARRANTY: Forest River Inc., 55470 CR 1, P.O. Box 3030, Elkhart, Indiana 46515-3030 (Warrantor) warrants to the ORIGINAL CONSUMER PUR- CHASER ONLY, when purchased from an authorized Forest River Inc. dealer, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase (Warranty Period), that the body structure of this recreational vehicle shall be free of substantial defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Warrantor.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Antennas ......44 Weighing Your Travel Trailer ....18 Television .
  • Page 5: Customer Information

    CUSTOMER INFORMATION Manufacturers’ Warranties CHASSIS • Hitch • Stabilizing Jacks The following list of components has been compiled to help you know which products installed on your recre- NOTE: ational vehicle may have their own warranties. If you A component manufacturer is one who produces a prod- have any of these components on your RV, be sure to uct which is used in the production of your RV.
  • Page 6: Dealer's Responsibilities

    Forest River emer- Modifications to your RV, without written authorization gency roadside assistance and from Forest River Inc., could result in reduction or loss of product support plan benefits, call warranty coverage. Contact your dealer before making 1-877-801-0333 or see the informa- such changes.
  • Page 7: Reporting Safety Defects

    SW, Washington, D.C. 20590. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from NOTE: If you have repairs performed by a non-Forest River repair center, you still must return the defective part to Forest River to be considered for warranty repair reim- bursement.
  • Page 8: Warranty/Pre-Delivery (Sample) Forms

    CUSTOMER INFORMATION Warranty/Pre-Delivery (Sample) Forms...
  • Page 9: How To Contact Us

    CUSTOMER INFORMATION How to Contact Us Coachmen RV P.O. Box 30, Middlebury, IN 46540 email: Phone: (800) 353-7383 Dynamax 2745 Northland Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514-7619 Phone: (888) 295-7859 Palomino RV 1047 E. Hwy M-86, Colon, Mi 49040 Phone: (269) 432-3271 Prime Time Manufacturing P.O Box 3030, 55470 CR 1, Elkhart, IN 46515 Phone: (574) 862-3001...
  • Page 10: Coach-Net™ Roadside Assistance

    CUSTOMER INFORMATION Coach-Net™ Roadside Assistance Emergency Roadside Assistance When you take delivery of your new Forest River RV, you can travel worry-free knowing you have an RV technical expert and emergency roadside assistance just a phone call away. We’ve teamed up with one of the largest, independently owned...
  • Page 11: Identification And Safety

    The recreational VIN (vehicle identification number), damaged, painted over or removed, it should be label is mounted on the front lower road side corner of replaced. the Travel Trailer. Safety Regulations and Propane Vehicle Serial Number Label The following warnings are posted throughout your rec-...
  • Page 12: Safety Devices

    IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY DANGER DANGER Propane cooking appliances need fresh air for safe IF YOU SMELL PROPANE: operation. Before operating: 1. Extinguish any open flames and all smoking Open vents or windows slightly or turn on the materials. exhaust fan prior to using the cooking appliance. 2.
  • Page 13: Smoke Detector

    IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY Smoke Detector CO Detector • The carbon monoxide detector is designed to detect carbon monoxide from any source of combustion. It is NOT designed to detect smoke, fire or any other gases. • This detector doesn’t work without batteries. DO •...
  • Page 14: Fire Safety

    IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY Fire Safety W ARNING Portable fuel burning equipment, including wood Fire safety is an important part of owning a recreational or charcoal burning grills and stoves, shall not be vehicle. The following basic rules of fire prevention can used inside the vehicle.
  • Page 15: Tire Safety

    IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY Tire Safety Vehicle manufacturers determine this number based on the vehicle’s design load limit, which is the greatest amount of weight a vehicle can safely carry, and the Use the following information to make tire safety a regu- vehicle’s tire size.
  • Page 16 IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY Tire Fundamentals ‘M+S’ or ‘M/S’ indicates that the tire has some mud and snow capability. Most radial tires have these markings; hence, they have some mud and snow capability. NOTE: If it becomes necessary to replace a tire and you feel it is a warranty issue, most tire manufacturers require the D.O.T.
  • Page 17 IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY W ARNING DANGER TIRE TIPS Be sure to use wheel nuts that are compatible with • Make sure all of the lug nuts are secure. Use a the coin in the wheel. Improperly torqued wheel torque wrench. Do not guess. nuts can cause the wheel to separate from the •...
  • Page 18: Weighing, Loading And Towing

    WEIGHING, LOADING AND TOWING Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight Terminology Determining the weight of a vehicle includes more than GVWR - (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) -the allowable understanding the load limits of the tires. A weight certi- weight, including cargo that can be safely supported by fication label, located on the forward half of the road side each axle.
  • Page 19: Weighing Your Travel Trailer

    The alteration to length and/or weight distribution may result To safely tow your new travel trailer, we recommend hav- in unstable handling, be a safety hazard, or could dam- ing a weight distributing hitch with a 2 5/16 ball. It is very age the RV components.
  • Page 20: Loading Tips

    Place chocks both in front the weight distribution and sway control manufac- of and behind the wheels. turers’ instructions. Again your Forest River dealer should be a valuable resource in selecting the proper weight distribution and sway control sys- Loading Tips tems for your unit.
  • Page 21: Packing For Travel

    WEIGHING, LOADING AND TOWING Packing For Travel One Final Check After you have loaded your unit for your trip, weighed it, Following is a list of items you may find useful to take and made sure you are within the specified weight limits, along: there’s one final check you need to perform.
  • Page 22: Leveling Jacks And Slide Room Operation

    LEVELING JACKS AND SLIDE ROOM OPERATION Selecting a Campsite Campsite Parking It’s best to arrive at the campground before dark espe- Selecting a campground is one of the first things you cially if you are unfamiliar with the campground and if should consider doing before beginning your trip.
  • Page 23: Leveling Jacks Operation

    LEVELING JACKS AND SLIDE ROOM OPERATION NOTE: NOTE: If you have an automatic leveling system, do not allow When it rains, water may collect in the bottom of the win- people to walk around when attempting to level the rec- dow frame and drain out of the weep holes, made for that reational vehicle.
  • Page 24: Slide Room Operation

    If the following proce- Forest River dealer.) The manual crank shaft is located dure doesn’t apply to your recreational vehicle, please on the motor transmission housing. Turn the crank consult the slide room manufacturer’s owner’s manual...
  • Page 25: Living Quarters

    LIVING QUARTERS Prolonged Occupancy 2. Consider using a small dehumidifier to help rid the unit of moisture. 3. Avoid allowing wet clothing to hang, creating a Your recreational vehicle was designed for recreational potential breeding ground for mold. use and short-term occupancy. If you expect to occupy 4.
  • Page 26: Propane

    LIVING QUARTERS Propane DANGER Do not turn on the propane supply until the pro- DANGER pane leaks have been repaired. DO NOT bring or store propane cylinders, gasoline or other flammable liquids inside the vehicle. A fire DANGER or explosion could result. Do not attempt to adjust or repair the regulator.
  • Page 27: Propane Regulator

    LIVING QUARTERS Propane Regulator requires heat from the surrounding air to vaporize. This lowering of the BTU value can significantly affect the per- Propane is under high pressure in the tank. The purpose formance of the system. Keeping your propane tanks as of the regulator is to reduce the pressure inside the tank full as possible in cold weather and reviewing the BTU/ to allow for safe use.
  • Page 28: Electrical System Control

    LIVING QUARTERS Connecting to an Outside Power NOTE: The alarm may sound at times when no propane is pres- Source ent due to household product use, such as aerosol hair- spray, certain cleaners, adhesives, alcohol, etc. A 30 amp or 50 amp power cord is provided to connect the RV to a grounded power source.
  • Page 29: Batteries

    Hydrogen and air is a very explosive mixture. Battery Maintenance While Forest River may not have installed your battery, W ARNING we want to provide you with the following information. Battery maintenance is important. Checking the condition Do not short across the battery terminals.
  • Page 30: Power Converter/Inverter

    LIVING QUARTERS of current is detected. Imbalances include electrical leak- DANGER age in an appliance, such as a shaver or hair dryer, that has developed a weak spot in electrical insulation. The 1. Disconnect the battery from the recreational possibility of electrocution exists when using a faulty vehicle.
  • Page 31: Volt Fuses

    LIVING QUARTERS 12 Volt Fuses A 12 volt DC distribution panel is located next to the 120 volt circuit breakers. The panel contains circuits with replaceable fuses for protection of recreational vehicle 12 volt lines. If any line is loaded beyond the capacity of its fuse, the fuse will blow.
  • Page 32: Plumbing

    PLUMBING A recreational vehicle plumbing system has the dual abil- To Disconnect from the Outside Water Source ity to be self-contained with onboard storage or use facili- 1. Turn off the outside source of water. ties provided by an external pressurized source. The 2.
  • Page 33: Monitor Panel/Command Center

    PLUMBING Water Pump NOTE: When draining the entire onboard fresh water system, be sure to open faucets, water heater drain and system low- When using water from the fresh water tank, the system point drains to remove all fresh water from the system. must be pressurized.
  • Page 34: Sanitization

    PLUMBING Sanitization Residue in the drain water lines can also produce odors. To combat gray water holding tank odors, an approved deodorizing agent should be used. An agent that dis- Sanitize the system before initial use, after extended solves grease and fats and contains a detergent will help periods of no-use, at least once a year during continuous keep tanks and the lines clean and free flowing.
  • Page 35: Winterization And De-Winterization

    PLUMBING be obtained from your dealer or larger campground 10. Pour RV antifreeze into drains, p-traps, toilet and stores. Refer to the toilet manufacturer’s information in tanks. your Owner’s packet to determine which part you may NOTE: need, its correct name and part number. (If you have a Do not attempt to start the water heater or use the different toilet than the one described, follow the manufac- plumbing system after the system has been winterized.
  • Page 36: Fresh Water Holding Tanks

    PLUMBING Fresh Water Holding Tanks Empty the Holding Tanks 1. Remove the sewer drain hose from its storage com- partment on the side of the recreational vehicle. Due to the vast array of floor plans and the necessary 2. Remove the cap from the RV drain and connect the rearranging of plumbing systems, locations will alter, but drain hose to it.
  • Page 37: Water System Maintenance And Troubleshooting

    PLUMBING Water System Maintenance And Troubleshooting As with any mechanical system, your plumbing is subject to the development of problems. Most of these problems can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by following a schedule of planned inspections and maintenance. Neglect of proper maintenance procedures is the usual cause of most water system problems.
  • Page 38: Appliances

    APPLIANCES Kitchen Due to the variety of floor plans available at Forest River and the various shapes and sizes of recreational vehicles, we use many different brands of appliances, Range/Oven designed to fit into the designated space in each recre- ational vehicle.
  • Page 39 APPLIANCES • When the burner lights, turn the knob back to the DANGER OFF position. • Depending upon your model, follow the procedure It is not safe to use cooking appliances for comfort for either ‘Match lit’ ignition or ‘Piezo’ ignition. heating.
  • Page 40: Microwave Oven

    APPLIANCES Microwave Oven To Light Oven Pilot 1. Be sure all controls are in the OFF position. General Use 2. Push in and turn the OVEN knob to the PILOT ON position. For more information, please consult the individual own- er’s manual or on-line at
  • Page 41: Refrigerator

    APPLIANCES Refrigerator Propane Mode Most RV refrigerators operate on the absorption system. This mode provides propane only. The control system In an absorption refrigeration system, ammonia is lique- activates the ignition system and attempts to light the fied in the finned condenser coil at the top rear of the burner for a period of approximately 45 seconds, at refrigerator.
  • Page 42: Heating/Cooling

    APPLIANCES Heating/Cooling DANGER Read the furnace manufacturer’s user manual. If Furnace the information in the manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result, causing W ARNING property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. more information, please consult Before operating the furnace, check the location of individual...
  • Page 43: Thermostat

    APPLIANCES Thermostat Air Conditioner Your recreational vehicle may be equipped with an optional roof-mounted air conditioner. It operates on 120VAC power and is located in the living/dining area and also in the bedroom area of some models. Your RV may have come factory equipped with the wiring and necessary bracing for the insertion of an air conditioner even if it was purchased without the air conditioner installed at the factory.
  • Page 44 APPLIANCES Run the chlorinated water throughout the system, open- DANGER ing each faucet one at a time until you smell the chlorine. Do not operate the water system for a couple hours, Do not store or use gasoline or other combustible allowing the chlorine to take care of the problem;...
  • Page 45: Entertainment/Electrical

    Television Due to the large selection of televisions used in the manufacturing of Forest River RVs, it is impossible to list all of them in this manual. Therefore, you will find general information that will be applicable to almost all televisions.
  • Page 46: Audio Visual (Dvd, Cablebox, Rear Vision System Etc.)

    Your radio is SiriusXM satellite ready. A tuner and antenna must be purchased to receive the ID number that SiriusXM needs to establish your service. (Tuner and antenna may be purchased from your Forest River dealer.) NOTE: If the battery has been disconnected or is dead, all set-...
  • Page 47: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Periodic maintenance and cleaning of your recreational aware that weather and road vibration will have an effect vehicle are necessary to retain the dependability, safety on seals, causing them to dry, crack or separate. If you and appearance that will provide you with many miles of are unsure what to look for, have your dealer instruct you trouble-free operation was well as protecting your regarding the correct method for renewing the seals, or...
  • Page 48: Frame/Extrusions/Aluminum Surfaces

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Propane System W ARNING Use caution when storing items on the roof. If a To ensure proper operation, have the propane system factory-installed roof rack and/or ladder are pres- checked frequently for leaks and road damage. The ent, the roof has been reinforced.
  • Page 49: Heating Pads

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Heating Pads Storage Tips 1. Park your RV on a level surface. 2. Winterize the chassis and the generator (optional) as outlined in the chassis’s and the generator’s owner’s manuals. 3. Clean your recreational vehicle thoroughly, inside and out, as previously outlined in the section.
  • Page 50: Care And Maintenance Charts

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Care and Maintenance Charts Every 6 Months Item Procedure Fiberglass Wax with liquid or paste wax. Storage Preparation Exterior When storing your RV for the winter, certain precautions Roof and Roof Inspect and reseal as needed. need to be taken to protect your unit. Be sure to talk with Components your local dealer concerning any special requirements, Axles...
  • Page 51: Effects Of Formaldehyde

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Effects of Formaldehyde For more information, write: Water Quality Association 4151 Naperville Rd. Formaldehyde From Building Materials Lisle, IL 60532-1088 Certain building products such as particle board, fiber- (a not-for-profit organization) board and hardwood plywood are manufactured with an Visit their website at
  • Page 52 2.5 gallons per minute. This capacity was The WaterPur™ cartridge only with a genuine determined under WQA Standard S-200 Test Conditions WaterPur™ cartridge available from your Forest River and may vary with local water characteristics. Inc. dealer. The cartridge consists of activated carbon particles fused Operational Note: The WaterPur™...
  • Page 53: Maintenance Schedule

  • Page 54: Appendix A

    APPENDIX A Definitions Production options weight - the combined weight of those installed regular production options weighing over Accessory weight - the combined weight (in excess of 2.3 kilograms in excess of those standard items which those standard items which may be replaced) of auto- they replace, not previously considered in curb weight or matic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power accessory weight, including heavy duty brakes, ride lev-...
  • Page 55: Index

    Safety Regulations and Propane ... . . 10 Weighing Your Travel Trailer ....18 Tire Safety .
  • Page 56 Forest River Interactive Mobile Manuals Download your Forest River mobile app or visit our dynamic online manual to enhance your ownership experience. These interactive options provide incredible ease and insight into use, maintenance and enjoyment of your Forest River product.

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