Assistance Or Service - Whirlpool Conservator Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool conservator electric and gas dryers
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Is load properly sorted?
Sort lint givers (towels, chenille) from lint takers (corduroy,
synthetics). Also sort by color.
Is the load too big or too heavy?
Dry smaller loads so lint can be carried to the lint screen.
Was the load overdried?
Use correct dryer settings for load type. Overdrying can
cause lint-attracting static electricity. See "Drying, Cycle and
Temperature Tips."
Was paper or tissue left in pockets?
Is pilling being mistaken for lint?
Pilling (surface fuzz) is caused by normal wear and
Stains on load or color change
Was dryer fabric softener properly used?
Add dryer fabric softener sheets at the beginning of the cycle.
Fabric softener sheets added to a partially-dried load can
stain your garments.
Were items soiled when placed in the dryer?
Items should be clean before being dried.
Were items properly sorted?
Sort light colors from dark colors. Sort colorfast items from
noncolorfast items.
Items shrinking
Was the dryer overloaded?
Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely.
Did the load overdry?
Check the manufacturer's care label. Match dryer setting to
load type. See "Drying, Cycle and Temperature Tips."
Loads are wrinkled
Was load removed from dryer at the end of the cycle?
Was dryer overloaded?
Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely.
Did load overdry?
Check the manufacturer's care label. Match dryer setting to
load type. See "Drying, Cycle and Temperature Tips."
Have you recently been painting, staining or varnishing in
the area where your dryer is located?
If so, ventilate the area. When the odors or fumes are gone
from the area, re-wash and dry the clothing.
If the dryer is electric, is it being used for the first time?
The new electric heating element may have an odor. The odor
will be gone after the first cycle.
If the dryer is gas, there may be a gas leak.
Turn off the gas supply line, leave your house and then call
your local gas company.
Garment damage
Check the following:
Were zippers, snaps, and hooks left open?
Were strings and sashes tied to prevent tangling?
Were care label instructions followed?
Were items damaged before drying?


Before calling for assistance or service, please check
"Troubleshooting." It may save you the cost of a service call. If
you still need help, follow the instructions below.
When calling, please know the purchase date and the complete
model and serial number of your appliance. This information will
help us to better respond to your request.
If you need replacement parts
If you need to order replacement parts, we recommend that you
only use Factory Specified Parts. These parts will fit right and
work right because they are made with the same precision used
to build every new CROSLEY
parts in your area, call our Customer Interaction Center or your
nearest designated service center.
For assistance or service
Call the Customer Interaction Center at 1-800-253-1301.
Our consultants provide assistance with:
Features and specifications on our full line of appliances
Installation information
Use and maintenance procedures
Accessory and repair parts sales
Specialized customer assistance (Spanish speaking, hearing
impaired, limited vision, etc.)
Referrals to local dealers, repair parts distributors, and
service companies
Whirlpool designated service technicians are trained to fulfill the
product warranty and provide after-warranty service, anywhere in
the United States.
To locate the Whirlpool designated service company in your area,
you can also look in your telephone directory Yellow Pages.
For further assistance
If you need further assistance, you can write to us with any
questions or concerns at:
Crosley Distribution Center
c/o Correspondence Dept.
675 North Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2111
Please include a daytime phone number in your correspondence.
appliance. To locate replacement

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents