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Black & Decker BX250 Manual page 4

Black & decker bx250 blender
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How to use your Dry Grinding / Cheese Grating Mill
• Make sure that the switch is in the off position.
• Place the ingredients in the grinder Jar (figure D)
• Tighten the grinder blade / cheese blade assembly
(ensure that the sealing ring is in place) onto the grinder jar by
rotating it anticlockwise. (figure E)
• Assemble the mill assembly onto the main unit by locking
it in position by rotating it anticlockwise. (figure F)
• Use the pulse operation 2~3 times initially to mix the ingredients.
• Now select the speed till the desired consistency is achieved.
• When the grinding / grating is finished turn the speed knob to "0" position and wait till the
blade comes to complete stop.
• Remove the mill assembly from the main unit by rotating it clockwise.
• Hold the mill assembly as shown in figure D, rotate the blade assembly clockwise & lift it
from the jar. You can then pour the contents out.
- Never use the mill assembly for more than 30seconds without interruption. Allow the
grinder to cool down for at least one minute between two consecutive operating cycles.
- Never forget to place the sealing ring in the grinder blade assembly
(figure G). If it is not present or damaged, it will cause leakage
of ingredients during usage.
- Your mill is meant for grinding small quantities of dry ingredients.
- Never use the grinder to grind very hard ingredients such as nutmeg, turmeric etc.
- The Grinding mill cover will get discoloured when the grinder is used to process
ingredients such as cloves, anise etc.
Control Panel
1. Position "0" - the unit does not operate, and it is in OFF position.
2. Position "P"- the unit will operate at high speed as long as
the knob is held in this position. (figure H)
3. Position "1" - the blender works at low speed.
4. Position "2" - the blender works at high speed.
To Crush Ice
• Liquid must be used to crush ice.
• To make frozen drinks, fill the jar with liquid upto desired level ( max half the jar capacity)
and then put in ice cubes ( the max size of diced ice cubes should be not more than 2cms).
• Blend / crush the content till desired consistency is achieved, then turn the knob to the
NOTE : Do not crush ice without liquid.
Fig. D
Fig. E
Fig. F
Fig. G
Fig. H



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