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Black & Decker BX250 Manual page 5

Black & decker bx250 blender
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Speed Guide:-
Stirring & Mixing
1 & 2
P & 2
P & 2
Ice Crushing
P & 1
Cheese Grating
How to care for your Blender
Wash the blender jar and its associated parts in warm sudsy water after each use. Dry all parts
thoroughly before storing. These parts are not dishwasher safe. Powdered cleanser and abrasive
pads will damage the surface of the parts. Remove stubborn stains by soaking and wiping with
soft cloths and mild liquids. Wipe the motor unit with a damp cloth only.
NOTE : Never immerse the motor unit in liquids.
To clean the base, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly before re-using or
To prolong the life of the blender, always :-
1. Use it on a flat dry surface.
2. Switch off before you scrape food down the inside of the jar with a long handle spatula.
3. Make sure that there is something in the jar each time you switch on. The cutter bearing may
get damaged if run dry.
4. Cut cooked meats into one centimeter cubes before adding into the jar.
5. Remember that a blender cannot process raw meat.
6. Ensure that the food being blended is not too thick or heavy for the motor to handle. If it
seems to be having difficulty, either add a little liquid through the lid or switch off, remove the lid
and scrape the mixture down towards the blade with a spatula.
7. Please DO NOT use the jar for storing foods or beverages.
Some Do's and Don'ts
• Never allow items of jewellery, clothing, long hair etc. to come in contact with moving parts.
• Special care should be taken when handling the cutting blades, especially when handling the
blade, emptying the jars, and during cleaning.
• Always allow the motor to stop turning before removing any cover or accessory.
• Do not touch any moving part until it has stopped turning.
All liquids, fruits & warm soups
Vegetables, baby food, yogurt
drink and deserts
Dry grinding
Ice cubes (max 200 gms) &
liquid (max 500 ml)
Time (Maximum quality)
40-60 seconds (max 1.25 lt)
60-120 seconds
( Max 1.25 lt)
30 seconds ( max 50 gms)
30-45 seconds
10-15 seconds (max 50 gms)
2-5 seconds



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