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Data Safety; Warranty Policy - Lenovo 3000 H Series User Manual

Lenovo user manual lenovo 3000 h series.
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5. Do not place your diskettes near any magnetic objects; otherwise the data saved on the diskettes may get damaged. Remove the
CD-ROM from the CD-ROM drive and put it in a CD-ROM bag or holder.
6. Plug and unplug all cables with slight force and pay attention to the direction. Do not quickly plug and unplug the USB device when
the power is on, to prevent the system form getting unstable. When the USB device doesn't work well, please restart your comput-
7. Do not place an optical mouse on a transparent surface (such as glass) or reflective surface (such as a mirror); otherwise the mouse
may not work properly.
8. The power supply of the computer may have a power connector that is connected to the monitor. To shut down the computer
does not necessarily mean the monitor is turned off. You will need to turn off the monitor separately.

Data Safety

1. Before using the OneKey Recovery function, please make sure to backup all important data in your hard disk as to avoid any un-
necessary loss, because the OneKey Recovery will delete all data on your C partition and restore your computer to the original fac-
tory status.
Do not change the size of your C partition; otherwise the function of the restored C partition in the OneKey Recovery will be dis-
abled. Please refer to the appropriate section when using this function.
2. Do not delete unknown files or change the name of files or directories that are not created by you; otherwise, your computer or ap-
plication may fail to work.
3. When accessing the network resources, you will be alerted by the hacker and antivirus software. Using some network resources
may result in hacker attack or virus infection. In a severe case, your system may get damaged.
1. If your computer needs to be transported, please backup your data in advance to prevent any data loss. Disconnect all external
cables before the transport.
2. Try to use the original packaging during the transport because it is specifically designed to fit your computer.

Warranty Policy

1. We will carry out our warranty obligations according to the warranty policy of Lenovo.
2. Lenovo will carry out its obligations according to the limit, principle.


Table of Contents

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