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Lenovo 3000 H200 5357 User Manual

Lenovo 3000 h200 5357: user guide.
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Version 1.0
3000 H

User Guide

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2008.8.27 6:06:02 PM


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Lenovo 3000 H200 5357

  • Page 1: User Guide

    Version 1.0 2008.8 3000 H User Guide 31035089 31035089_3000 H_UG_FM_EN.indd 1 2008.8.27 6:06:02 PM...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    Danger: Watch out for high risks Attention: Pay attention to low risks Note: Pay attention to important information © Copyright Lenovo 2008. All rights reserved. 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 1 2008.8.27 6:05:07 PM...
  • Page 3 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 2 2008.8.27 6:05:07 PM...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    2.4 OneKey Antivirus ...17 Chapter 3 Instructions for using computer software ... 21 3.1 Power2Go - Burning Discs ...22 3.2 WinDVD ...23 3.3 Lenovo Healthcare Software ...24 3.4 Trend Micro Internet Security ...27 3.5 Veriface ...28 3.6 Earth link ...29 Chapter 4 System maintenance and recovery ...
  • Page 5 Chapter 5 Troubleshooting and Confirming Setup... 35 5.1 Troubleshooting display problems ...36 5.2 Troubleshooting audio problems ...36 5.3 Troubleshooting software problems ...37 5.4 Troubleshooting problems with optical drives and hard disks ... 38 5.5 Special considerations for troubleshooting Windows ...39 Contents 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 2 2008.8.27 6:05:08 PM...
  • Page 6: Chapter 1 Instructions For Using Computer Hardware

    Instructions for using computer Chapter hardware This chapter contains the following topics: Computer hardware introduction ÿ Information on computer connection ÿ Read the content carefully. Note: If the configuration description in this chapter is different from your actual computer, the configuration of your actual computer should be taken as final and binding.
  • Page 7: Front View Of The Chassis

    1.1 Front view of the chassis Power button USB connector Headphone connector Microphone connector Memory Card Reader (some models are equipped with this connector). Note: Some models are not equipped with a CD drive. 1.2 Rear view of the chassis (If the rear view configuration in this chapter is different from your actual computer, the rear view configuration of your actual computer should be taken as final and binding)
  • Page 8 Voltage selection switch (Some models are equipped with this switch) Power connector PS/2 keyboard connector PS/2 mouse connector Serial connector Parallel connector ( Some models are equipped with this connector ) On-board VGA connector ( Some models are equipped with this connector ) USB connectors Ethernet connector Microphone connector...
  • Page 9: Using The Remote Control

    1.3 Using the Remote Control The remote control (only shipped with some types of computers) works with the remote control receiver on the chassis. Adjust the angle of the remote control properly. User Guide 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 4 2008.8.27 6:04:45 PM...
  • Page 10 Buttons on the remote control: Button Description Down Left Right Confirm Back Details Guide (This function is not available in Microsoft Windows operating systems.) Shows live TV on the currently selected channel. Displays the Recorded TV page in Windows Media Center. Play Pause Stop...
  • Page 11: Connecting Your Computer

    1.4 Connecting your computer Use the following information when connecting your computer. • Look for the small connector icons on the back of your computer. Match the connectors to the icons. • If your computer cables and connector panel have color-coded connectors, match the color of the cable end with the color of the connector.
  • Page 12: The Computer

    1.4.3 Connect the mouse cable to the appropriate mouse connector. (PS/2 connector or USB connector ) Note: If your computer is equipped with a wireless keyboard or mouse, connect according to the relevant description. 1.4.4 Connect the monitor cable to the monitor connector on the computer.
  • Page 13 has a VGA connector, these two connectors can be connected with a DVI- VGA converter. 1.4.5 If you have a modem, connect the modem using the following instructions: This illustration shows two different ways of connecting the back of your computer to the modem.
  • Page 14 Audio line-out This connector sends audio signals from the computer to external devices, such as powered stereo speakers. Microphone Use this connector to attach a microphone to your computer when you want to record sound or if you use speech- recognition software.
  • Page 15: If You Have Powered Speakers With An Adapter

    Note: If the audio configuration interfaces in above differ from your actual computer, you may use the above steps as reference to configure the 5.1 surround audio device in your actual audio configuration interface and read the electronic help information for further assistance. 1.4.8 If you have powered speakers with an adapter: (This picture is only a sketch print, it does not show the actual figure of the speaker) a.
  • Page 16 b. Connect the cable to the speaker if necessary. On some speakers, this cable is permanently attached. c. Connect the speakers to the audio line-out port on the computer. d. Connect the plug to the power source. Note: Some models are not equipped with external speakers. 1.4.10 Connect any additional devices that you have.
  • Page 17 SD/Mini SD/SD High Capacity /Mini SD High Capacity/ MMC/ RS-MMC/ plus/MMC mobile CF I/CF II/ MD. 1.4.13 Keyboard F2: Available for models with the Rescue System feature. Press this key to launch Rescue System when the Lenovo screen appears during booting. User Guide 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 12 2008.8.27 6:04:56 PM...
  • Page 18: Chapter 2 Rescue System Operation Instruction

    Rescue System operation Chapter instruction This chapter contains the following topics: Rescue System internet applications instructions ÿ Note: • You can recover the C drive of the computer to the factory default settings or the last system backup status using OneKey Recovery.
  • Page 19: Installing Drivers And Software Shipped With Computer

    The system will start. After the system is restarted, the installation process will continue until completion. Method 2: Manual Installation In the Windows system, Click Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Drivers and Application Installation. After starting the procedure, install all the drivers and software manually according to the prompt.
  • Page 20: Onekey Recovery

    2. If a Windows operating system is not preinstalled in your computer, the OneKey Recovery function will instead contain the following two functions: Create base backup: Without factory backup, the Lenovo OneKey Recovery enables you to backup all data of the current system partition manually after installing the operating system and common software.
  • Page 21: File Management

    Detailed operation procedure (example: Recovering Factory Backup): 1. Power on the computer. When the screen displays the Lenovo picture initially, press the F2 key on the keyboard to start the Rescue System, where you can select OneKey Recovery.
  • Page 22: Onekey Antivirus

    files to be corrupted. 2.3.3 Setting a password To ensure authentication of the user who is copying the files, the Lenovo file management function enables you to set a protection password. Users are unable to access the files in your hard disk drive partitions without passing the password...
  • Page 23 2.4.1 Launch Turn on the computer. When the Lenovo picture appears on the screen initially, press the F2 key to launch Rescue System. Then select OneKey Antivirus. 2.4.2 Scan and kill viruses There are two options to scan and kill viruses: 1.
  • Page 24 Obtaining the latest virus package from the flash disk 1. First, make a flash disk of OneKey Antivirus in the Windows system. Connect a flash disk to the USB connector, and click Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Download USB update package.
  • Page 25 User Guide 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 20 2008.8.27 6:04:58 PM...
  • Page 26: Chapter 3 Instructions For Using Computer Software

    Instructions for using computer Chapter software This chapter contains the following topics Computer software instructions ÿ Note: The interface and function of each of these features are subjected to the actual software that was shipped with the computer model that you purchased. 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 21 User Guide 2008.8.27 6:04:59 PM...
  • Page 27: Power2go - Burning Discs

    3.1.2 Starting the burner software 1. Choose All Programs → Lenovo → Power2Go → Power2Go from the Start menu to launch the burner program. 2. Choose a task for the burner from the task list. Then start the burner to record files.
  • Page 28: Windvd

    — Go to the previous track — Eject — Go to the next track — Mute — Volume 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 23 To launch the player: Double click the InterVideo WinDVD8 icon on the desktop. Launch the player. User Guide 2008.8.27 6:05:00 PM...
  • Page 29: Lenovo Healthcare Software

    • Helps the child keep a proper sitting posture while operating a computer. The Lenovo Healthcare Software protects the healthy growth of childrens’ spines and vision (Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera is required in order to use these functions). 3.3.1 Bright Vision Setting 1.
  • Page 30 If there are some other devices in this option, do not check them. Only choose the “Vimicro USB2.0 UVC PC Camera” device, and the window should display the camera image. An image, which is caught by Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera, will be displayed in the video capture window. Adjusting the position and pitching angle of the camera to ensure the whole face is displayed in the 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 25...
  • Page 31: Brightness Adjustment

    Now, you have successfully configured the Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera with Lenovo Health Care Software. 5. Select Lenovo Healthcare Software → Bright Vision. 6. Click Distance Setup or Brightness Adjustment to adjust the camera. 3.3.2 Distance Setup 1.
  • Page 32: Trend Micro Internet Security

    Elevation angle: 20 degrees Depression angle: 30 degrees The horizontal rotary angle(the face rotary angle scope in the horizontal): -20 ~ +20 degree 3.4 Trend Micro Internet Security If the Trend Micro Internet Security antivirus software is installed on your computer, operate according to the following instructions.
  • Page 33: Veriface

    It is a fast and accurate biometrics, facial recognition system that can be implemented with Lenovo computers and video- capture hardware. This software applies only to the computers equipped with Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera and is available only after the camera is installed. Note: Use the following guidelines to ensure the best performance during face registration and verification:...
  • Page 34: Earth Link

    United States. For detail information, please read the help document of the software. 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 29 Although the Lenovo VeriFace will already account Be sure to use the same video camera when you log User Guide 2008.8.27 6:05:03 PM...
  • Page 35 User Guide 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 30 2008.8.27 6:05:03 PM...
  • Page 36: Chapter 4 System Maintenance And Recovery

    System maintenance and Chapter recovery This chapter contains the following topics: Daily maintenance and Tools instruction ÿ 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 31 User Guide 2008.8.27 6:05:04 PM...
  • Page 37: Restoring The System

    4.1 Restoring the system The system can develop problems due to erroneous operation or the installation of additional software. If software problems develop in the originally installed software, you can restore the system by using system backup and restoration features. Note: The existing system settings will change after restoration.
  • Page 38: Checking For, And Correcting Disk Errors

    4.4 Checking for, and correcting disk errors To properly maintain your system, you should periodically check for and fix hard disk errors by doing the following: 1. Right-click the icon for the hard disk drive (HDD) that you want to reorganize, then select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Page 39 Do not do any of the following: • Allow water to enter the computer • Use a heavily dampened cloth • Spray water directly onto the surface of the monitor or inside of computer. Daily attention should be given to LCD monitors. Use a dry cloth daily to brush dust from the monitor and keyboard.
  • Page 40: Chapter 5 Troubleshooting And Confirming Setup

    Troubleshooting and Confirming Chapter Setup This chapter contains the following topics: Troubleshooting and problem resolution ÿ Note: The description of the TV card in this manual is only used for the machines which have the TV card. It is invalid for those machines which do not have TV card.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting Display Problems

    2. Move any interfering devices away from the computer. 3. If the problem persists, consult with Lenovo Service. 5.2 Troubleshooting audio problems Problem: When you connect the headphones to the front audio output connector, the speakers connected to the back audio output connector are silenced.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting Software Problems

    3. Check that the volume of each sound channel is set to an audible level; if not adjust the volume to the appropriate level. 4. If the problem persists, reinstall the driver for the audio card by clicking in succession Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Drivers and Software Installation. 5.3 Troubleshooting software problems Problem: You are unable exit a running program normally.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting Problems With Optical Drives And Hard Disks

    1. Check to determine if there is an optical drive icon in the resource manager of the operating system. If not, restart your computer. If there is still no icon, contact Lenovo Service. Otherwise, continue with the next step of this procedure.
  • Page 44: Special Considerations For Troubleshooting Windows

    The capacity of the hard disk as calculated using this method may be slightly different from the actual capacity due to the rounding of totals. 5.5 Special considerations for troubleshooting Windows Record the following information that may later be useful in troubleshooting system problems: 1.
  • Page 45 User Guide 31035089_3000 H_UG_EN.indd 40 2008.8.27 6:05:07 PM...

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