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Lenovo ThinkPad 44C9770 Specification Sheet

Lenovo notebook specification sheet.
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X200 Tablet Regulatory Notice
Read first — regulatory information
Please read this document before you use the ThinkPad computer. ThinkPad
computer complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any
country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use. You must
install and use your computer in strict accordance with the instructions as
described hereafter.
If your ThinkPad computer contains a Wireless WAN adapter, be sure to also
read ThinkPad Regulatory Notice for Wireless WAN adapter, included with your
Note: You cannot use the Wireless WAN adapter and the Wireless LAN
adapter (Models: AR5BHB63-L, 512AN_MMW, or 533AN_MMW)
simultaneously. If one of the adapters has established the connection to the
network, the other will be disconnected automatically. To confirm the status of
the network connection, check the power-status indicators of your computer.
For more information about the power-status indicators, see the "Power-status
indicators" section in Access Help.
Veuillez lire ce document avant d'utiliser l'ordinateur ThinkPad. L'ordinateur
ThinkPad est conforme aux normes de sécurité et de radiofréquence du pays
ou de la région où son utilisation sans fil est agréée. Vous devez installer et
utiliser votre ordinateur en respectant scrupuleusement les instructions
décrites ci-après.
Si votre ordinateur ThinkPad contient une carte de réseau étendu (WAN) sans
fil, veillez à lire également la consigne réglementaire ThinkPad Regulatory
Notice for Wireless WAN adapter, fournie avec votre ordinateur.
Remarque: Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser simultanément la carte de réseau
étendu sans fil et la carte de réseau local sans fil (Modéles: AR5BHB63-L,
512AN_MMW, ou 533AN_MMW). Si l'une de ces cartes a établi la connexion
avec le réseau, l'autre carte sera automatiquement déconnectée. Pour
confirmer l'état de la connexion réseau, contrôlez les voyants d'état
d'alimentation. Pour plus d'informations, reportez-vous à la section "Voyants
d'état de l'alimentation" dans l'aide Access.
© Copyright Lenovo 2008
Part Number: 44C9770


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    Pour confirmer l’état de la connexion réseau, contrôlez les voyants d’état d’alimentation. Pour plus d’informations, reportez-vous à la section “Voyants d’état de l’alimentation” dans l’aide Access. © Copyright Lenovo 2008 Part Number: 44C9770...

  • Page 2

    (12ch, 13ch). For information concerning the wireless cards announced after the publication of this notice, visit the Web site at i) The FCC RF Exposure compliance: The total radiated energy from the...

  • Page 3

    Installation of approved wireless module: If no integrated wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Card has been preinstalled in your ThinkPad computer, you can install one, provided by Lenovo as an option. Plug the wireless card option into the Mini PCI Express Card slot. For the installation procedure, see the ″Installing and replacing the PCI Express Mini Card for wireless...

  • Page 4

    For the location of the Bluetooth module “BCM92046MD_GEN” and its built-in antenna, see the ″About your computer″ section in Access Help. iii) Radio Frequency interference requirements: The device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for both a Class B digital device regarding FCC Part 15 Subpart B and an intentional radiator regarding FCC Part 15 Subpart C;...

  • Page 5

    4324A-BRCM1033” on the label at the bottom side of your computer, your computer integrates the Bluetooth transmitter module. The Bluetooth module is preinstalled by Lenovo, and is not removable by users. If your card requires replacement via the proper steps shown in ″Getting help and service″ of the Service and Troubleshooting Guide, Lenovo will request you to send your computer with the card to Lenovo so that Lenovo will repair it.

  • Page 6

    v High power radars are allocated as primary users (meaning they have priority) of 5250–5350 MHz and 5650–5850 MHz and these radars could cause interference and/or damage to LELAN (Licence-Exempt Local Area Network) devices. IV) Exposure of humans to RF fields (RSS-102): ThinkPad computers employ low gain integral antennas that do not emit RF field in excess of Health Canada limits for the general population;...

  • Page 7

    Bluetooth. Le module Bluetooth est préinstallé par Lenovo et ne peut pas être retiré par les utilisateurs. Si votre carte doit être remplacée conformément aux étapes du Chapitre relatif à l’aide et la maintenance dans le manuel Guide de maintenance et d’identification des...

  • Page 8

    imposées par le Ministére de la santé canadien pour la population. Consultez le Safety Code 6 sur le site Web du Ministére de la santé canadien à l’adresse “”. L’énergie émise par les antennes reliées aux adaptateurs sans fil respecte la limite d’exposition aux radiofréquences telle que définie par Industrie Canada dans la clause 4.1 du document CNR-102.

  • Page 9

    Consult an authorized dealer or service representative for help. Lenovo is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment. Unauthorized changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

  • Page 10

    FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE Industry Canada Class B Emission Compliance StatementThis Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Avis de conformité à la réglementation d’Industrie CanadaCet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. Telecommunication notices Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Telephone Company Requirements (Part 68 of the FCC Rules)

  • Page 11

    6. No customer repairs are possible to the modem. If you experience trouble with this built-in modem, contact your Lenovo Authorized Seller, or the Customer Support Center. For the most current phone numbers, go to and click Support phone list.

  • Page 12

    Repairs to certified equipment should be made by an authorized Canadian maintenance facility designated by the supplier. Any repairs of alterations made by the user to this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment.

  • Page 13

    à la seule condition que la somme d’indices d’équivalence de la sonnerie de tous les dispositifs n’excède pas 5. Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: ®...

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