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ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User


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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

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    Be sure to keep your proof of purchase, because it might be required for warranty services. (See Appendix A, “Service and Support,” on page A-1, Appendix B, “Lenovo Limited Warranty,” on page B-1 and Appendix D, “Notices,” on page D-1.) First edition (April 2008) ©...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Appendix B. Lenovo Limited Warranty . . B-1 Warranty information . . B-5 Suplemento de Garantía para México . . B-7 Appendix C. Lenovo Limited Warranty - Customer Notice . . C-1 Appendix D. Notices . D-1 Recycling information . D-2 Lenovo product substance disclosure table .

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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 7: Safety Information

    Vor der Installation dieses Produkts die Sicherheitshinweise lesen. Prima di installare questo prodotto, leggere le Informazioni sulla Sicurezza. Lees voordat u dit product installeert eerst de veiligheidsvoorschriften. Les sikkerhetsinformasjonen (Safety Information) før du installerer dette produktet. © Copyright Lenovo 2008...

  • Page 8

    Antes de instalar este produto, leia as Informações sobre Segurança. Antes de instalar este producto lea la información de seguridad. Läs säkerhetsinformationen innan du installerar den här produkten. ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 9: General Safety Guidelines

    Note: Some parts can be upgraded or replaced by the customer. These parts ® are referred to as Customer Replaceable Units, or CRUs. Lenovo expressly identifies CRUs as such, and provides documentation with instructions when it is appropriate for customers to replace those parts.

  • Page 10: Extension Cords And Related Devices

    Be sure that the power outlet you are using is properly wired, easily accessible, and located close to the equipment. Do not fully extend power cords in a way that will stress the cords. Connect and disconnect the equipment from the electrical outlet carefully viii ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 11: Batteries

    ThinkPad notebook PCs utilize a rechargeable battery pack to provide system power when in portable mode. Batteries supplied by Lenovo for use with your product have been tested for compatibility and should only be replaced with Lenovo approved parts.

  • Page 12: Cd And Dvd Drive Safety

    Remove CD/DVD discs from the computer when not in use v Do not bend or flex CD/DVD discs, or force them into the computer or their packaging v Check CD/DVD discs for cracks before each use. Do not use cracked or damaged discs ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 13: About The Thinkpad X200 Ultrabase

    X200 UltraBase Registering your option Thank you for purchasing this Lenovo product. Please take a few moments to register your product and provide us with information that will help Lenovo to better serve you in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us in developing products and services that are important to you, as well as in developing better ways to communicate with you.

  • Page 14: Installation

    UltraBase. Do not carry the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase with the battery attached to the charger. For details about setting up and using the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase, refer to Access Help or the Setup Instructions that came with this option. ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 15: Appendix A. Service And Support

    Telephone technical support Installation and configuration support through the Customer Support Center will be withdrawn or made available for a fee, at Lenovo’s discretion, 90 days after the option has been withdrawn from marketing. Additional support offerings, including step-by-step installation assistance, are available for a nominal fee.

  • Page 16

    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 17: Appendix B. Lenovo Limited Warranty

    Lenovo. What this Warranty Covers Lenovo warrants that each hardware product is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for the product starts on the original date of purchase specified on your invoice unless Lenovo informs you otherwise in writing.

  • Page 18

    If your Service Provider determines that it is unable to either repair or replace your product, your sole remedy is to return the product to your place of purchase or to Lenovo and your purchase price will be refunded. Exchange of a Product or Part When the warranty service involves the exchange of a product or part, the item your Service Provider replaces becomes Lenovo’s property and the...

  • Page 19

    Use of Personal Information If you obtain service under this warranty, Lenovo will store, use, and process information about your warranty issue and your contact information, including name, phone numbers, address, and e-mail address. Lenovo will use this...

  • Page 20

    Lenovo is responsible for loss of, or damage to, your product only while it is 1) in your Service Provider’s possession or 2) in transit in those cases in which the Service Provider is responsible for the transportation. Neither Lenovo nor your Service Provider is responsible for any of your data including confidential, proprietary, or personal data contained in a product.

  • Page 21: Warranty Information

    CANNOT BE WAIVED OR LIMITED BY CONTRACT. European Economic Area (EEA) Customers in the EEA may contact Lenovo at the following address: Lenovo Warranty & Service Quality Dept., PO Box 19547, Inverkip Road, Greenock, Scotland PA16 9WX. Service under this warranty for Lenovo hardware products purchased in EEA countries may be obtained in any EEA country in which the product has been announced and made available by Lenovo.

  • Page 22

    A warranty period of 3 years on parts and 3 years on labor means that Lenovo provides warranty service during the three years of the warranty period (or a longer period as required by law). Types of Warranty Service 1. Customer Replaceable Unit (″CRU″) Service Under CRU Service, your Service Provider will ship CRUs to you for you to install.

  • Page 23: Suplemento De Garantía Para México

    Failure to collect the product may result in your Service Provider disposing of the product as it sees fit. For Mail-in Service, the product will be returned to you at Lenovo’s expense, unless your Service Provider specifies otherwise.

  • Page 24

    Col. Cruz Manca Cuajimalpa, México, DF CP 05349 Tel: 55-5000-8500 ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 25: Appendix C. Lenovo Limited Warranty - Customer Notice

    Please read the Lenovo Limited Warranty (LLW) at warranty. The LLW is available in 30 languages and can be viewed at this Web site. If you cannot view the LLW, contact your local Lenovo office or reseller to obtain a printed version of the LLW.

  • Page 26

    Lenovo Limited Warranty - Avviso per il cliente Si prega di leggere la dichiarazione di garanzia limitata Lenovo (LLW) sul sito La dichiarazione di garanzia limitata (LLW) è disponibile in 30 lingue e può essere visualizzata su questo sito Web. Se non è...

  • Page 27

    30 idiomas y se puede consultar en este sitio web. Si no puede visualizar la Garantía Limitada de Lenovo, póngase en contacto con su distribuidor u oficina local de Lenovo para obtener una versión impresa de la misma.

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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

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    Appendix C. Lenovo Limited Warranty - Customer Notice...

  • Page 30

    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 31

    Bemærkning til kunden vedrørende Lenovo Begrænset garanti Læs Lenovo Begrænset garanti (LLW) på Lenovo Begrænset garanti er oversat til 30 sprog. Du kan læse den på dette websted. Kontakt Lenovo eller forhandleren for at få en trykt udgave, hvis du ikke kan få...

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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 33

    De Lenovo Beperkte Garantie is beschikbaar in 30 talen en kan op deze website worden gelezen. Als u de LLW niet kunt vinden, neemt u contact op met uw Lenovo-wederverkoper voor een gedrukte versie van de LLW. Garantie-informatie die van toepassing is op uw machine: 1.

  • Page 34

    Garantibetingelsene er tilgjengelige på 30 språk og kan vises på dette nettstedet. Hvis du ikke får frem garantibetingelsene, kan du kontakte ditt lokale Lenovo-kontor eller forhandleren og få en trykt utgave av betingelsene. Garantibetingelser som gjelder for din maskin: 1. Garantiperiode: 3 år 2.

  • Page 35

    Garantia Limitada da Lenovo encontra-se disponível em 30 línguas, podendo ser visualizada neste sítio da Web. Caso não consiga visualizar a Garantia Limitada da Lenovo, contacte o escritório local da Lenovo ou o seu revendedor para obter uma versão em formato papel da mesma.

  • Page 36

    C-12 ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 37

    Lenovogaranti - Information till kunden Läs Garantivillkoren (Lenovo Limited Warranty, LLW) på http:// Garantivillkoren finns på 30 språk och du kan läsa dokumentet på den här webbplatsen. Om du inte kan komma åt dokumentet med garantivillkoren kontaktar du ditt lokala Lenovokontor eller en återförsäljare så...

  • Page 38

    C-14 ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 39: Appendix D. Notices

    Consult your local Lenovo representative for information on the products and services currently available in your area. Any reference to a Lenovo product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that Lenovo product, program, or service may be used. Any functionally equivalent product, program, or service that does not infringe any Lenovo intellectual property right may be used instead.

  • Page 40: Recycling Information

    The result obtained in other operating environments may vary. Lenovo may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. Any references in this publication to non-Lenovo Web sites are provided for convenience only and do not in any manner serve as an endorsement of those Web sites.

  • Page 41: Lenovo Product Substance Disclosure Table

    WEEE and minimize any potential effects of EEE on the environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances. For additional WEEE information go to: environment. Ce marquage s’applique uniquement aux pays de l’Union européenne (EU) et à...

  • Page 42

    WEEE y minimizar los posibles efectos de los EEE en el medio ambiente y en la salud debidos a la presencia de substancias peligrosas. Para obtener información adicional acerca de WEEE consulte el sitio: environment. ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 43

    REEE, por forma a minimizar potenciais efeitos dos EEE sobre o ambiente e saúde pública resultantes da presença de substâncias perigosas. Para mais informações sobre REEE (Resíduos de Equipamento Eléctrico e Electrónico), visite: environment. Het WEEE-merkteken geldt alleen voor landen binnen de Europese Unie (EU) en Noorwegen.

  • Page 44

    (EEE) som er merket med WEEE-merket ifølge vedlegg IV i WEEE-direktivet, må ikke kaste utstyret som usortert husholdningsavfall, men må bruke de tilgjengelige innsamlingssystemene for retur, resirkulering og gjenvinning av kassert elektrisk og elektronisk utstyr for å redusere en ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 45

    Du finner mer informasjon om WEEE på denne adressen: WEEE-märkningen är tillämplig enbart i EU-länderna och Norge. Apparater märks i enlighet med EU-direktiv 2002/96/EG om avfall som utgörs av eller innehåller elektriska eller elektroniska produkter (WEEE).

  • Page 46

    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 47

    Appendix D. Notices...

  • Page 48

    D-10 ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 49: Appendix E. Electronic Emission Notices

    Consult an authorized dealer or service representative for help. Lenovo is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by using other than recommended cables or connectors or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment. Unauthorized changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

  • Page 50

    Um dieses sicherzustellen, sind die Geräte wie in den Handbüchern beschrieben zu installieren und zu betreiben. Des Weiteren dürfen auch nur von der Lenovo empfohlene Kabel angeschlossen werden. Lenovo übernimmt keine Verantwortung für die Einhaltung der Schutzanforderungen, wenn das Produkt ohne Zustimmung der Lenovo verändert bzw. wenn Erweiterungskomponenten von Fremdherstellern ohne Empfehlung der Lenovo gesteckt/eingebaut werden.

  • Page 51

    Le présent produit satisfait aux exigences de protection énoncées dans la directive 89/336/CEE du Conseil concernant le rapprochement des législations des Etats membres relatives à la compatibilité électromagnétique. Lenovo décline toute responsabilité en cas de non-respect de cette directive résultant d’une modification non recommandée du produit, y compris l’ajout de cartes...

  • Page 52

    Lenovo no puede aceptar responsabilidad alguna si este producto deja de satisfacer dichos requisitos de protección como resultado de una modificación no recomendada del producto, incluyendo el ajuste de tarjetas de opción que no sean Lenovo. Este producto ha sido probado y satisface los límites para Equipos Informáticos Clase B de conformidad con el Estándar Europeo EN 55022.

  • Page 53

    Appendix E. Electronic emission notices...

  • Page 54

    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

  • Page 55: Appendix F. Trademarks

    Appendix F. Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: Lenovo ThinkPad UltraBase UltraBay Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. © Copyright Lenovo 2008...

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    ThinkPad X200 UltraBase User Guide...

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    Part Number: 43R8785 Printed in XXX (1P) P/N: 43R8785...

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