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Sennheiser EM 550 G2 Instructions For Use Manual

Sennheiser em 550 g2 dual audio receiver
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EM 550
Instructions for use



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  Summary of Contents for Sennheiser EM 550 G2

  • Page 1 EM 550 Instructions for use...
  • Page 2 Over half a century of accumulated expertise in the design and manufacture of high-quality electro-acoustic equipment have made Sennheiser a world-leading company in this field. Please take a few moments to read these instructions carefully, as we want you to enjoy your new Sennheiser product quickly and to the fullest.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents The EM 550 G2 twin receiver ................40 The channel bank system ..................... 40 Safety instructions ....................41 Delivery includes ..................... 41 Areas of application ....................42 Overview of operating controls ................43 Indications and displays ..................44 Indications and displays of the receivers ..............44 Remote displays of an ew 500 G2 transmitter ............
  • Page 4: The Em 550 G2 Twin Receiver

    The EM 550 G2 has an integrated antenna splitter, enabling you to daisy-chain up to eight twin receivers. The EM 550 G2 can be combined with transmitters of the ew 500 G2 series to make high-quality state-of-the-art RF transmission systems for professional applications.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Attention! High Volume! This is a professional transmission system. Commercial use is subject to the rules and regulations of the trade association responsible. Sennheiser, as the manufacturer, is therefore obliged to expressly point out possible health risks arising from use.
  • Page 6: Areas Of Application

    Areas of application The EM 550 G2 twin receiver can be combined with transmitters of the ew 500 G2 series (SK 500 G2 bodypack transmitter, SKM 500 G2 radiomicrophone or SKP 500 G2 plug-on transmitter). The transmitters are available in the same five UHF frequency ranges and are equipped with the same channel bank system with factory-preset frequencies.
  • Page 7: Overview Of Operating Controls

    Overview of operating controls The EM 550 G2 consists of two complete receivers (RX A and RX B) in a 19” rack housing. The two receivers can be operated independently from each other, therefore all operating controls are available separately for each receiver.
  • Page 8: Indications And Displays

    Indications and displays Each receiver of the EM 550 G2 provides information on its own operating states and those of the received ew 500 G2 transmitter (remote displays). Indications and displays of the receivers “PILOT” display The “PILOT” display appears on the display panel when the pilot tone evaluation is activated (see “Activating/deactivating the pilot tone...
  • Page 9 “MUTE” display The “MUTE” display appears on the display panel and the backlighting of the standard display switches from green to red. In addition, the text “MUTE” flashes in alternation with the standard display when the RF signal of the received transmitter is too weak, the received transmitter has been muted (with the pilot tone transmission or evaluation activated).
  • Page 10: Preparing The Receiver For Use

    For connecting the antennas, use RG 58 co-axial cable. Ready made up antenna cables from Sennheiser are available as accessories with lengths of 1 m, 5 m and 10 m (see “Accessories” on page 69).
  • Page 11: Daisy-Chaining Up To Eight Twin Receivers

    Essential notes on mounting remote antennas: Position antennas in the same room in which the transmission takes place! Maintain a minimum distance of 50 cm from metal objects (including reinforced-concrete walls)! Maintain a minimum distance of 1 m between receiving antennas! Daisy-chaining up to eight twin receivers The twin receivers feature an integrated antenna splitter so that up to eight twin receivers can be daisy-chained without any additional antenna splitters...
  • Page 12: Connecting The Amplifier/Mixing Console

    Connecting the amplifier/mixing console The two audio outputs of the twin receiver are available as transformer balanced XLR-3M sockets. You can connect an amplifier or a mixing console to each audio output. Connect the amplifier/mixing console to the XLR-3M sockets AF OUT B (receiver RX B) or AF OUT A (receiver RX A).
  • Page 13 Guide the BNC cable with the BNC connector through the hole on the rack mount “ear”. Hook the two rack mount “ears” to the rear panel of the twin receiver. Secure the rack mount “ears” to the twin receiver using two of the supplied recessed head screws (M 3x6) respectively.
  • Page 14: Using The Twin Receiver

    Activating/deactivating the lock mode Each receiver of the EM 550 G2 has a lock mode that can be activated or deactivated via the operating menu (see “Activating/deactivating the lock mode” on page 61). The lock mode prevents that the receiver is accidentally...
  • Page 15: The Operating Menu

    The operating menu The operating menu is the same for both receivers of the EM 550 G2 and can be used almost intuitively. To ensure that adjustments to the settings can be made quickly and “without looking”, the necessary operating steps for the twin receiver and the ew 500 G2 transmitters are similar.
  • Page 16: Working With The Operating Menu

    By way of example of the “Tune” menu, this section describes how to use the operating menu. The operating steps for adjusting the settings via the menu are similar for both receivers of the EM 550 G2. After switching the receiver RX A or RX B on, the standard display is shown on the display panel.
  • Page 17: Operating Menu Of The Receiver Rx A Or Rx B Of The Twin Receiver

    Operating menu of the receiver RX A or RX B of the twin receiver Exit Bank Bank Menu 1.01 3.01 Exit 786.300 790.250 B.CH B.CH Bank Channel Current channel bank 1...8, U (User Bank) Changing the channel bank Stores the setting Stored Channel Channel...
  • Page 18 Scan AF Out AF Out Menu – 20 Scan AF Out +1 8 Squelch High +18 ...0... –22 dB Current audio output level (in steps of 2 dB) Setting the audio output Stores the setting level Stored Menu Squelch Squelch AF Out –...
  • Page 19 Name Menu Reset Reset Name GUITAR Reset? Reset? Reset Pilot Security check No, Yes Loading the factory-preset "reset"= Yes: default settings SET: Receiver loads factory- preset default settings (only pilot tone setting is kept), receiver is restarted, standard display appears "reset"= No: SET: Reset is cancelled Menu...
  • Page 20: Adjustment Tips For The Operating Menu

    Switching between channel banks Bank Each receiver of the EM 550 G2 has nine channel banks between which you can switch via the “Bank” menu. The channel banks “1” to “8” have up to 20 switchable channels that are factory-preset to a receiving frequency (see “The channel bank system”...
  • Page 21: Scanning The Channel Banks For Free Channels

    Scanning the channel banks for free channels Scan Before putting one or several transmission links into operation, you should scan the channel banks for free channels. Displaying a list of all free channels Via the “Channel list“ menu, you can display the number of free channels for Scan all channel banks.
  • Page 22: Multi-Channel Operation

    Out” menu, you can adjust the audio output level of the each receiver of the EM 550 G2. The level can be adjusted in 22 steps. Adapt the level of the audio output (receiver RX A: AF OUT A or receiver RX B: AF OUT B) to the input of the connected unit.
  • Page 23: Doing The Soundcheck

    Doing the soundcheck Soundcheck By doing a soundcheck, you can check the reception area for field strength gaps (“dropouts”) which cannot be compensated for by the receiver’s diversity circuitry. You can do the soundcheck without the help of another person. Switch the transmitter on.
  • Page 24: Selecting The Standard Display

    Selecting the standard display Display Via the “Display” menu, you can select the standard display: Selectable standard display Contents of the display “Main” (standard display) “Frequency” (display of the frequency) “Bank/Channel” (display of the channel bank and channel number) “Name” (display of the freely selectable name) “AF meter”...
  • Page 25: Loading The Factory-Preset Default Settings

    Transmitters of the ew 500 series (first generation) do not transmit a pilot tone and the receivers of the ew 500 series (first generation) cannot evaluate the pilot tone. Nevertheless, you can combine the EM 550 G2 receiver with a transmitter of the first generation. However, when combining...
  • Page 26: Using The Equalizer

    Using the equalizer Equalizer Via the “Equalizer” menu, you can change the treble and bass of the audio signal available at the audio output AF OUT A (receiver RX A) or AF OUT B (receiver RX B): Selectable setting Display “Flat”...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    (I or II) appears on connected correctly the display panel If problems occur that are not listed in the above table or if the problems cannot be solved with the proposed solutions, please contact your local Sennheiser agent for assistance.
  • Page 28: Recommendations And Tips

    Recommendations and tips ... for optimum reception Transmission range depends to a large extent on location and can vary from about 10 m to about 150 m. There should be a “free line of sight” between transmitting and receiving antennas. If, with the twin receiver, reception conditions are unfavourable, you should use two remote antennas which are connected via antenna cable.
  • Page 29: Additional Information

    Wireless transmission systems With the ew 500 G2 series, Sennheiser puts an end to cable tangles and enables complete freedom of movement. The systems operate exclusively in the UHF band. UHF transmission is extremely reliable and is far less prone to interference than the overcrowded VHF band –...
  • Page 30: Squelch

    Squelch Pilot tone squelch The ew 500 G2 transmitters add a pilot tone to the audio signal. The receiver checks incoming audio signals to see if the pilot tone is present. In the absence of the pilot tone, the receiver’s audio output will remain muted, even if a strong RF signal is present.
  • Page 31: Diversity Reception

    Diversity reception The two receivers of the EM 550 G2 operate on the “true diversity” principle: A receiving antenna receives not only the electromagnetic waves which reach it by a direct path, but also the reflections of these waves which are created in the room by walls, windows, ceilings and fittings.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    Antenna inputs 2 BNC sockets (50 Ω) Cascading outputs gain: 0 dB ±2 dB (related to antenna inputs) AF characteristics Noise reduction system Sennheiser EQ presets (switchable, effect the line and monitor outputs): Preset 1: “Flat“ AF frequency response 40–18,000 Hz Preset 2: “Low Cut“...
  • Page 33: Connector Assignment

    Connector assignment ¼ XLR-3F connector, ’’ (6.3 mm) stereo jack plug for transformer balanced headphone output Accessories GA 3030 AM Antenna mount A 1031-U UHF antenna, passive, omni-directional, can be mounted onto a stand A 12-AD UHF-antenna, active, directional AB 2-A UHF antenna booster, 10 dB gain powered via ASP 2/NT 1 518–554 MHz...
  • Page 34 FRANÇAIS La période de garantie pour ce produit Sennheiser est de 24 mois à compter de la date d'achat. Sont exclues, les bat- teries rechargeables ou jetables livrées avec le produit. En raison de leurs caractéristiques ces produits ont une durée de vie plus courte liée principalement a la fréquence d'utilisation.
  • Page 35 ITALIANO La Sennheiser garantisce il prodotto da voi acquistato per una durata di 24 mesi. Sono esclusi da questa garanzia gli accessori in dotazione con il prodotto, gli accumulatori e le batterie perché questi prodotti hanno un ciclo di vita più...
  • Page 36 SENNHEISER electronic GmbH & Co. KG erklären, dass dieses Gerät die anwendbaren CE-Normen und Vorschriften erfüllt. Approval SENNHEISER electronic GmbH & Co. KG declare that this device is in compliance with the applicable CE standards and regulations. Certification SENNHEISER electronic GmbH & Co. KG déclarons que cet appareil est en con- formité...
  • Page 37 Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG 30900 Wedemark, Germany Phone +49 (5130) 600 0 Fax +49 (5130) 600 300 Printed in Germany Publ. 12/03 90676/A01...