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Smart Air Suspension - Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

Tesla model s
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Note: If Model S is equipped with Smart Air
Suspension, you may hear the sound of the
compressor when Model S starts, as the
system's reservoir fills with air.
Smart Air Suspension has both manual and
automatic modes of operation.
Manual Height Adjustments
Caution: Before adjusting the suspension
height, ensure Model S is clear of all
obstacles, above and below.
Manually raising the height of Model S is
useful when you need extra ground clearance,
such as steep driveways or ramps, deep snow,
speed bumps, etc.
With Model S powered on, or the brake pedal
pressed, use the touchscreen to manually
change the ride height. Touch Controls >
Suspension, then choose from:
Very High. When set to Very High, the
suspension automatically lowers to High
when driving speed reaches 22 mph
(35 km/h).
High. When set to High, the suspension
automatically lowers to Standard when
driving speed reaches 34 mph (55 km/h).
Standard. The Standard setting ensures
optimum comfort and handling under all
loading conditions.
Low. Lowering the height can make it
easier to load or unload cargo and
Note: Available settings depend on your
driving speed and other conditions. For
Using the Touchscreen

Smart Air Suspension

example, the suspension does not lower if a
door is open.
Location-Based Suspension
Location-Based suspension saves you from
manually having to raise the suspension every
time you arrive at a frequently-used location
where a higher suspension is needed (steep
driveways or ramps, deep snow, speed
bumps, etc).
Whenever you raise the suspension to High or
Very High, Model S saves the location. A
status message displays to indicate that an
auto-raising location is being saved:
Then, when you return to the saved location,
Model S raises the suspension and the
instrument panel displays this message:
To raise the suspension to High, you must
be driving slower than 34 mph (55 km/h).
To raise it to Very High, you must be
driving slower than 22 mph (35 km/h). If
you are driving faster than these speeds
when returning to a saved location, the
suspension does not raise until Model S
slows down.
After leaving a saved location, the
suspension may not lower based on an
automatic lowering speed that you have
set (Controls > Suspension > Automatic

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Table of Contents

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