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Intelligent Hybrid System
Key Telephone
Quick Reference Guide


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  • Page 1 Intelligent Hybrid System Key Telephone Quick Reference Guide...
  • Page 2: Using Your Telephone

    Before using Your Telephone… Thank you for purchasing NEC Infrontia “Aspila Topaz” system. Due to the flexibility built into the system, your Dialing Codes and Feature Capacities may differ from those in this guide. Check with your Supplier / System Administrator and make a note of any differences.
  • Page 3: Program Function Keys

    For Your Convenience Program Function Keys Programmable Function Keys can be assigned as “Trunk” Key and/or other Function Keys. You can just press the function key to activate the assigned function without dialing the Service Code. Code + Additional Data CALL Function Key There are 2 levels of Function Keys.
  • Page 4: Entering Alphanumeric Characters

    For Your Convenience Register Abbreviated Dialing <Display Key Telephone> (Common ABB) Bin No. Telephone Number CALL (Group ABB) Name HOLD HOLD The digit of Bin No. depends on the system setting. (0-9 / 00-99 / 000-999) System setting is necessary for Group ABB function. Ask your Supplier for more details. Name can be entered by Dial Pad Keys.
  • Page 5: Placing Calls

    Placing Calls Place an Outside Call <Quick Access> Telephone Number Trunk Key Listen for Dial Tone before dialing a Telephone Number. You can have function keys for Trunks or Trunk Groups. Ask your Supplier. Place an Outside Call <Access by Code> Telephone Number CALL Trunk Group No.
  • Page 6: Placing Calls Quickly

    Placing Calls Quickly Abbreviated Dialing <for Outside> Common ABB Bin No. CALL Common Group ABB Bin No. CALL Group Group ABB Key (851+28) The digit of Bin No. depends on the system setting. (0-9 / 00-99 / 000-999) Telephone Numbers shall be pre-registered to the system. System setting is necessary for Group ABB function.
  • Page 7 If your call doesn’t go through… Set Camp On / Callback <Camp On> Wait without hanging up (Hear Busy Tone Camp On Key or No Answer) Wait for the <Callback> system to call you back (851+35) <Camp On> In case of Intercom Call, when you hear ringing, wait for the called party to answer. In case of Outside Call, when you hear Dial Tone, begin telephone number dialing.
  • Page 8: Repeat Dialing

    If your call doesn’t go through… Check & Answer a Message Waiting <Display Key Telephone> You can check who left a message to you, and then answer. CHECK (Check Name) (On-Hook) Cancel Message Waiting (Cancel Individually - at originated extension) Extension Number you want to cancel MW CALL...
  • Page 9: Answering An Outside Call

    Answering Calls Answering an Outside Call Trunk Key Ringing Non-Ringing Extension Extension (Flashing) (Ringing) Confirm the status of MIC Key if you want to answer by Handsfree. (MIC On : Light off, MIC Off : Light On) Answering an Intercom Call Voice Mode Ring Mode Extension...
  • Page 10: Hold / Transferring Calls

    Hold / Transferring Calls Holding a Call / Retrieving a Held Call Trunk Key Hold Retrieve HOLD (Flashing) CALL (Talking) (Flashing) In case of Intercom, the call shall be held as “Exclusive Hold” on your phone. This operation puts your outside call on System Hold. Other extension user can take the call off Hold. Holding a Call Exclusively Trunk Key Hold...
  • Page 11: Do Not Disturb (Dnd)

    For more convenient use… Do Not Disturb (DND) DND/CONF DND : Trunk Incoming Call (On-Hook) DND : Intercom Incoming Call DND : Trunk & Intercom Incoming Call DND : Transferred (CFW) Call DND : Cancel When you set DND function, DND/CONF Key’s lamp is lit and the Internal Dial Tone pattern is changed. Call Forwarding / Follow Me CFW Condition Extension Number...
  • Page 12 NEC Infrontia Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for any errors or omissions. In no event shall NEC Infrontia Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd be liable for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this manual.

Table of Contents