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Motorola REX4454A Instruction Manual

Multi-unit charger housing pocket replacement kit.
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The REX4454A Multi-Unit Charger Housing Pocket
Replacement Kit is a hardware conversion item. It pro-
vides a convenient means of converting existing multi-
unit battery chargers from "A" or "B" kits to "C" kits.
This replacement kit is approved only for use in con-
verting multi-unit battery chargers as listed in Table 1.
Table 1: Kit Conversion
From Kit
NTN1177A or B
120 Vac
NTN1178A or B
International 220 Vac
NTN1179A or B
International 240 Vac
When you receive your packaged charger housing
pocket replacement kit, inspect the shipping carton for
any signs of damage. Next, remove and check the con-
tents of the packing case to be certain that all items
have been included. The contents are as follows:
Pocket sub-assembly (Item 2, Figure 2)
Label (Item 11, Figure 2)
This Instruction Manual (68P81086C04)
Multi-Unit Charger Operating Instructions
Inspect the equipment thoroughly. If any part of the
equipment has been damaged in transit, report the
extent of the damage to the transportation company
Tools Required
1/4" and 5/16" nut drivers
awl (used for screw alignment)
torque driver
Charger Disassembly
Remove the power cord from the power source and
from the back of the charger.
Turn the charger upsidedown.
Using the 1/4" nut driver, remove the six #8 screws
(Item 10, Figure 2) from the perimeter of the bot-
tom plate (Item 9, Figure 2) that secures the outer
housing (Item 1, Figure 2).
Do not remove or loosen any of the phillips head
Housing Pocket Replacement Kit
To Kit
Charger Reassembly
It may be easier to unplug the power supply to main
circuit board connector before connecting P1.
and Motorola are trademarks of Motorola, Inc.
© 1996 by Motorola
Radio Products Group
8000 W. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322
Multi-Unit Charger
Instruction Manual
Using the 5/16" nut driver, remove the four #10
screws from the center area of the bottom plate that
secures the pocket assembly (Item 2, Figure 2).
While supporting the bottom plate (Item 9, Figure
2), so it doesn't fall out, return the charger to the
upright position, so that pockets face you.
Remove the housing (Item 1, Figure 2) and set it
Gently lift the old pocket assembly (Item 2, Figure
2), and note the positions of the connectors (see
Figure 1). Also, note the orientation of the two
metal brackets (under the pocket assembly) that
secure the pocket assembly to the baseplate assem-
Gently unplug all connectors (P1, P2, P4, P5, and
P6, Figure 1) from the main printed circuit board,
and remove the old pocket assembly.
The new housing pocket is for use
with batteries listed in applicable
operating instructions.
This kit is intended for the conversion
of chargers listed in Table 1 only. Do
not attempt to convert other chargers.
The electrical properties of the two
main printed circuit boards differ.
With the new pocket assembly oriented as noted in
step 7 above (with inside of pockets facing you, and
LEDs up), gently plug in all connectors, starting
with the center connectors (P1, P6, P5) and fol-
lowed by the outer connectors (P2 and P4) per Fig-
ures 1 and 2.
Inspect all connections to ensure that they are fully
mated, and if disconnected, reconnect the power
Turn the new housing pocket in a semi-circular
direction to clear all the wires and set it on the
charger base (Item 9, Figure 2).
Ensure that all wires are neatly in
place and that the cover does not
pinch any wires.


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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Using the 5/16” nut driver, remove the four #10 screws from the center area of the bottom plate that The REX4454A Multi-Unit Charger Housing Pocket secures the pocket assembly (Item 2, Figure 2). Replacement Kit is a hardware conversion item. It pro-...

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    Tighten, but do not over-tighten all screws. The 0300131632 SCREW, Tapping, 8-32 four #10 screws should be tightened to 6-8 in-lbs, and the six #8 screws should be tightened to 4-6 in- Part of REX4454A LABEL, Kit lbs. 0300129890 SCREW, Lock; #10 Remove the protective adhesive liner from the new label (Item 11, Figure 2), and affix the new label...

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