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Sony Docomo Xperia Z1 SO-01F Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Sony Docomo Xperia Z1 SO-01F

  • Page 2 Introduction "Instruction Manual" (PDF file) Operations and settings of each function are explained. It can be downloaded from NTT DOCOMO Thank you for your purchase of "SO-01F". website. For proper use of the SO-01F, read this manual carefully before and while you use the SO-01F. trouble/manual/download/index.html * You can download the latest information of "...
  • Page 3 Operation descriptions In this manual, each key (key icon) operation is described with . And selection operations of the icons or function items on the touch screen are described as follows. Description Operation From the Home screen, tap From the Home screen, (Apps button), and then tap [Settings]...
  • Page 4: Supplied Accessories

    (Quick Start Guide) (In Supplied accessories Japanese only) SO-01F (with warranty) SO-01F (Notes on usage Safety/Handling precautions) (In Japanese only) Desktop Holder SO18 (with warranty) TV/Mobacas antenna cable SO01 Optional devices (P.196)
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Supplied accessories....2 Phone ..... . 78 About using the terminal .
  • Page 6 Settings ....146 Appendix/Index ... .196 Viewing the setting menu..........146 Optional and related devices ........196 WIRELESS &...
  • Page 7: About Using The Terminal

    The terminal operates on radio frequencies by Contents/Precautions About using the terminal converting voice into digital signals. If the caller moves into an area of adverse radio The terminal supports LTE, W-CDMA, GSM/ wave condition, the digital signal may not be GPRS and Wireless LAN Systems.
  • Page 8 The terminal automatically performs If available memory in the microSD card or communication for synchronizing data, the terminal is low, running applications may checking the latest software version, maintain not operate correctly. In that case, delete the connection with the server, etc. If you saved data.
  • Page 9: Safety Precautions

    The terminal supports only sp-mode, mopera Safety Precautions (Always U and Business mopera Internet. Other follow these directions) providers are not supported. To use tethering, subscription of sp-mode is For safe and proper use of the terminal, please required. read the "Safety Precautions" prior to use. Packet communication charge when using Keep the Manual in a safe place for future tethering varies depending on the charging...
  • Page 10: Directions

    1. Handling the terminal, adapter, The following symbols indicate specific directions. desktop holder, docomo mini UIM card, TV/Mobacas antenna cable Indicates prohibited actions. (common) Don’t DANGER Indicates not to disassemble. No disassembly Do not use, store or leave the equipment in hot places (e.g.
  • Page 11 Do not allow liquid (water, drinking water, If you notice anything unusual about the urine of pet animals, perspiration, etc.) to equipment such as an unusual odor, No liquids come into the charging jack or microUSB overheating, discoloration or deformation jack.
  • Page 12: Handling The Terminal

    Be careful especially when using the WARNING terminal connected to the adapter continuously for a long time. Do not direct the infrared data port toward If you play a game, watch TV, etc. for a long your eye and transmit signals. time while charging, the temperature of the Don’t Doing so may cause harmful effect your eyes.
  • Page 13 Power off the terminal in a place where the If you are wearing any electronic medical use is prohibited such as in airplane or equipment, check with the relevant medical hospital. electronic equipment manufacturer or vendor whether the operation may be Failure to do so may affect electronic affected by radio waves.
  • Page 14 If the internal battery leaks or gives off a Do not discard the battery together with strange smell, immediately remove it from other garbage. Don’t the vicinity of open flames. Doing so may cause igniting or environmental The leaking liquid may ignite fire, catch fire, or destruction.
  • Page 15 3. Handling adapter or desktop When you insert and remove the AC adapter holder from power outlet, do not contact a metal Don’t strap or other metal objects with the jack. Doing so may cause fire, burns or electric WARNING shock.
  • Page 16 4. Handling the docomo mini UIM When you connect the AC adapter to the card power outlet, insert it firmly. Failure to do so may cause fire, burns or electric shock. CAUTION When you disconnect the power plug from Be careful of the cut surface when removing the outlet or cigarette lighter socket, do not docomo mini UIM card.
  • Page 17: Material List

    Surface When you get close to other people within Part Material treatment 15 cm just like not having enough space to turn around, set the radio wave of the Transparent plate PMMA resin terminal to OFF beforehand (Airplane mode, (camera) + PC resin treatment to turn OFF, etc.).
  • Page 18: Handling Precautions

    Clean the terminals occasionally with a Handling precautions dry cotton swab. If the jack is soiled, connection gets worse and it Common precautions may cause power to be turned off or insufficient SO-01F is waterproof/dustproof, battery charge, so clean the jack with a dry however, do not allow water or dust to cotton swab etc.
  • Page 19 The terminal precautions The terminal could become warm while Do not press touch screen surface in use and charging. This condition is forcibly, or not operate with a sharp- not abnormal. You can continue using pointed objects such as nail, ballpoint the terminal.
  • Page 20 The internal battery is a consumable Precautions on the adapter, desktop part. holder Charge the battery in an environment Replace the internal battery if the terminal has extremely short operation time on a full charge, with the proper ambient temperature though it may vary by operating conditions.
  • Page 21 Do not close magnetic card such as cash Note down the information saved in the card, commuter pass, etc. to the magnet docomo mini UIM card in a separate connector of the desktop holder. note and keep it safely. Magnetism for the card may be affected Under no condition will DOCOMO be held liable for any damaged or lost data saved in the and changed by magnetism of the...
  • Page 22 Bluetooth function precautions : The full band between 2400 MHz To secure the Bluetooth communication and 2483.5 MHz is used and the band of the mobile identification security, the terminal supports the device can be avoided. security function compliant with Available channels vary depending on the Bluetooth standards, but the security country.
  • Page 23 Wireless LAN (WLAN) precautions 2.4GHz device cautions Wireless LAN (WLAN) exchanges The operating frequency band of the WLAN device is used by industrial, scientific, consumer information using radio waves, and and medical equipment including home electric allows you to freely establish LAN appliances such as microwave ovens, premises connection if you are within an area radio stations for identifying mobile units used in...
  • Page 24 FeliCa reader/writer function Be careful when using the terminal precautions while driving. FeliCa reader/writer function of the Using a handheld mobile phone while driving will result in a penalty. terminal uses weak waves requiring no However, absolutely necessary cases such as licenses for radio stations.
  • Page 25: Waterproofness/Dustproofness

    What you can do with Waterproofness/ waterproofness/dustproofness Dustproofness of SO-01F SO-01F provides waterproofness property of You can talk without an umbrella in the rain IPX5 , IPX8 and dustproofness property of (for rainfall of 20 mm or less per hour). IP5X with docomo mini UIM card slot cover, - Do not open or close docomo mini UIM card...
  • Page 26 Opening the docomo mini UIM card To ensure waterproofness/ slot cover, microSD card slot cover and dustproofness microUSB jack cover Open the covers with your fingertip by the To avoid water ingress, be sure to observe the grooves. following points. Do not throw any liquid other than room temperature tap water on the terminal, or soak it in such liquid.
  • Page 27 Closing the docomo mini UIM card slot Important precautions cover, microSD card slot cover and microUSB jack cover Do not perform actions shown in the Press the covers in the directions of the illustrations below. arrows and ensure there are no gaps. <Example>...
  • Page 28 Do not put the terminal in hot water, use it in Do not connect TV/Mobacas antenna cable, a sauna or apply hot airflow (from a hair dryer earphones, etc. with the terminal wet with etc.) to it. water. Doing so may cause malfunction. Do not move the terminal in water or slam the DOCOMO does not guarantee actual operations terminal against the surface of water.
  • Page 29 Swing the terminal in about 10 times against dry, Notes on charging clean cloth etc. to wipe off water remaining in the earpiece/notification LED, microphone/speaker, Check the following before and after second microphone, headset jack, power key, charging. volume key, camera key, contacts for the desktop Check if the terminal is not wet.
  • Page 30: Before Using The Terminal

    Part names and functions a b c e f g Proximity sensor : Detect the face to get close FOMA/Xi antenna section during a call and turn on or off the touch screen to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna section prevent misoperation, or help auto brightness microSD card slot control.
  • Page 31: Docomo Mini Uim Card

    ❖ Note ❖ Information Do not put a sticker etc. on the proximity sensor. Please be careful not to touch or scratch a metal part The back cover cannot be removed. Attempting to (IC) when you handle the docomo mini UIM card. remove the back cover with excessive force may Doing so may cause malfunction or damage.
  • Page 32 Set docomo mini UIM card into the Close the docomo mini UIM card tray with IC (metal) part facing up cover, firmly press parts and ( ), then insert the tray with the make sure that there are no gaps card into the terminal and press between the terminal and cover.
  • Page 33: Charging

    Remove the docomo mini UIM card Charging from the tray ( ), then insert the tray into the terminal and press it The internal battery is not fully charged at the straight all the way. time of purchase. Be careful about the direction to insert Estimated charging time (P.215) of the tray.
  • Page 34 The AC Adapter 04 (optional) is compatible Life of the internal battery with AC 100 V to 240 V. For using the terminal overseas, a plug adapter that fits the electrical The internal battery is a consumable part. outlets in the country you stay is needed. Do Each time the internal battery is recharged, not use an electrical transformer for overseas the battery usage time per one charge...
  • Page 35 Unfold the power plug of the AC Charging with Desktop Holder adapter and insert it into an outlet. When using supplied Desktop Holder SO18 Install the terminal to the Desktop and AC Adapter 04 (optional) for charging, do Holder and move it left or right the following procedures.
  • Page 36: Charging With Ac Adapter

    Attaching/Removing Attachment Check the connecting direction to connect correctly. Wrong connection may cause damage. Attachment 34A is attached to the Desktop Holder Attachment 34A by default. Attachment 34B only supports terminal covers with " (Compatible with genuine desktop holders)" mark and the terminal can be charged on the Desktop Holder with a compatible cover attached.
  • Page 37: Charging With A Pc

    Unfold the power plug of the AC Charging with a PC adapter and insert it into an outlet. Notification LED of the terminal turns When using Micro USB Cable 01 (optional) for charging, do the following procedures. Notification LED while charging (P.43) Opening/closing microUSB jack cover (P.24) When charging is complete, Notification LED...
  • Page 38: Turning Power On/Off

    When a screen for new hardware Turning power on/off detection etc. appears on the PC, select " (Cancel)". Turning power on When the charging is complete, remove the USB plug of the Press and hold for over a microUSB cable from the USB port second.
  • Page 39: Setting Sleep Mode

    ❖ Information Turning power off Alternatively, press and volume up key simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds and Press and hold for over a release them when the terminal vibrates 3 times to second. force stop. [Power off] [OK]. Setting sleep mode ❖...
  • Page 40: Initial Settings

    On the unlock screen, drag settings, and tap or [Finish]. right. - Connect to a Wi-Fi network - Connecting to Sony Entertainment Tap a widget to add. Network Flick the screen to the right in a - Set accounts and auto-sync to set up to 5 widgets.
  • Page 41: Basic Operations

    [OK]. Basic operations The instruction guide for the Home screen is displayed and tap [Do not show again]/[OK] to display the Home Using the touch screen screen. Precautions on using touch screen ❖ Information Touch screen is designed for being touched Some settings can be changed later (P.161, P.166).
  • Page 42 Operations on the touch screen Pinch Touch the screen with two fingers and widen (pinch-out) or narrow (pinch-in) the Touch an item such as icon or menu with fingers' distance. On some screens, pinch- your finger lightly and release it. out to zoom in and pinch-in to zoom out.
  • Page 43 Basic key icon operation Switching portrait or landscape view automatically You can set the screen orientation to switch between landscape and portrait view x y r automatically according to the terminal Back Go back to the previous screen. Or orientation. close a dialog box, an option Drag the status bar downwards.
  • Page 44 Setting silent mode Capturing screenshot Drag the status bar downwards. You can save the current displayed screen as an image (screenshot). [Sound]. On the screen you want to capture, to activate silent mode (vibration) and tap to activate silent press and hold and volume mode (mute).
  • Page 45: Notification Led

    Notification LED Status bar Notification LED provides information on the A status bar appears at the top of the screen. terminal status, incoming calls, mail In the status bar, the terminal status and reception, etc. notification are displayed. Notification icons appear on the left side, and status icons Status Indication...
  • Page 46 Connecting to Bluetooth device Notification icon Airplane mode activated The main notification icons displayed on the Silent mode (vibration) ON status bar are as follows. Silent mode (mute) ON Speaker phone turned on New email message Microphone set to mute New Gmail message Alarm is set New message (SMS)
  • Page 47 NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock set to the terminal and The terminal set as media server/connection docomo mini UIM card request notification received NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock set to the terminal or Error message docomo mini UIM card Warning message Omakase Lock set to the terminal and docomo Problem with sync mini UIM card Setup guide unchecked...
  • Page 48: Notification Panel

    Hotspot Enable/disable Wi-Fi tethering Notification panel function. Enable/disable GPS function. When notification icons appear on the status Airplane Enable/disable Airplane mode. bar, you can open the Notification panel to Auto rotate Set whether to switch portrait/ check the notifications, activate landscape view automatically corresponding application, etc.
  • Page 49: Home Screen

    ❖ Information Home screen To change the initial home screen for operations, switch the home screen you want to change to, You can switch the Home screen of the touch and hold the area of the screen where no terminal to "docomo LIVE UX", "Xperia "...
  • Page 50 Adding a home screen Adding a shortcut to the Home screen Widget is an application which can be added to the Home screen to use. Use a widget to You can add shortcuts of application, start an application easily. bookmark, etc. Touch and hold an area of the Touch and hold an area of the Home screen where no icons are...
  • Page 51: Changing Wallpaper

    Adding folders on the Home screen Any of [Album]/[Live Wallpapers]/ an image. You can put applications, shortcuts, etc. When you tap [Album], select an image added to the Home screen into a folder to Set range of the image by dragging, manage them.
  • Page 52 Media WALKMAN P.53 Simple Home screen Album P.133 Set Simple Home to use Home screen and Movies P.54 setting menu limited to basic functions. P.114 FM radio P.120 From the Home screen, [Settings] [Personalization] YouTube P.135 [Simple Home] [OK]. NOTTV P.109 dmarket P.103...
  • Page 53: Using Settings

    Using Settings Saving contacts Save phone numbers and mail addresses to On the Simple Home screen, "Contacts" beforehand. [Settings]. On the Simple home screen, tap My profile Check your own phone any of [Speed dial 1]/[Speed dial number and mail address, 2]/[Speed dial 3].
  • Page 54 Saving applications in My Select Changing applications on the Simple Home screen If frequently used applications, etc are saved in the "My Select" folder, the applications can On the Simple home screen, easily be activated [Settings] [Display] [Customize On the Simple home screen, [My Home].
  • Page 55: Xperia ™ Application Screen

    ❖ Information Xperia Application ™ On the leftmost application screen, flick to the right screen the screen (except for the left edge) to open the optional menu. While sorting application icons, drag an icon to the Application screen displayed when the Home right edge of the application screen to add an screen is set to "Xperia "...
  • Page 56 The folder contains "Navigation", "Local" transferring to the terminal by TV transfer. applications. Sony Select docomo mail Connect Sony Select to obtain applications, Send/receive mails using DOCOMO mail games, etc. address ( Sent/received mails Camera are saved in cloud. You can view the same mail on the multiple devices or transfer mail data Take still pictures and record video clips.
  • Page 57 TrackID™ TV Messenger Use a service providing information about Chat with friends using Google+ instant played TV program. messaging. TrackID™ Hangouts Use a service that checks the information of Chat using photos, pictograms, and videos. playing music. Play Games Google Download games, from Google Play and play Search information in the terminal and web them.
  • Page 58 dmarket NOTTV An application for activating dmarket. Contents Watch Mobacas. You can enjoy programs/ such as songs, videos and books can be contents broadcasted by "NOTTV" etc. P.109 purchased in dmarket. Also Google Play (Photo collection) An application for using Photo collection. applications are introduced.
  • Page 59: Uninstalling An Application

    Adding an application to the Home Disaster kit An application which helps you check received screen Early Warning "Area Mail", make settings, and On the application screen, touch record and check messages on the docomo and hold an icon you want to add Disaster Message Board.
  • Page 60: Task Manager

    Adding a folder to the application Task manager screen When the order of application icons (P.53) is You can check the recently-used applications set to "Own order", application icons can be and end them. You can activate a small app saved in folders and managed.
  • Page 61: Switching Home Application

    Using small apps Switching Home application The set favorites of small apps appear at the bottom of the screen. In the terminal, you can switch the Home screen between "docomo" or "Xperia ". ™ Select a small app to use. From the Home screen, ❖...
  • Page 62: Searching Information In The Terminal And Web

    Search settings Searching information in You can set to use for search box or set search the terminal and web objectives in the terminal. pages From the Home screen, tap the Google search widget. Enter a word in the search box to browse the information in the terminal or on the on the software Internet.
  • Page 63: Character Entry

    From the Home screen, Character entry [Settings]. [Language & input] [Default]. Enter characters using the software keyboard which appears when you tap the character Tap any of [Xperia Chinese ™ input box in a mail, phonebook, etc. keyboard]/[Xperia Japanese ™ keyboard]/[International ❖...
  • Page 64: Software Keyboard

    Changing software keyboard and Software keyboard settings For Japanese keyboard, you can use On a character entry screen, touch switching the following types of software and hold or flick it up. keyboards. For Kanji handwriting input, tap Phonepad Keyboard with multiple-character- Tap any of icons.
  • Page 65 Entering characters with software keyboard Kanji handwriting input Enter characters by voice input with "docomo voice Phonepad keyboard input" or "Google voice typing". Tap a character string from the candidates list. Touch and hold or flick up Plug-in application appears. For Kana handwriting input, the Kana handwriting input guide in the POBox Touch User Guide (Japanese) activates and you can view the detailed...
  • Page 66 Move the cursor to the left. Enter a line feed. Appears before fixing character and fixes the The character mode switches "Hiragana/Kanji/ character. Alphabets" "Number" in order. QWERTY keyboard, Japanese syllabary keyboard: The * In some screens, , " (Next)", " character mode switches "Hiragana/Kanji/ (Done)", "...
  • Page 67 ❖ Information Entering characters on the phonepad keyboard Displayed icons vary by keyboard. For Kana handwriting input, you can enter the next Flick input character on the entered character. Note the following when you use Kana handwriting Flick up/down/left/right to enter characters input.
  • Page 68: Editing Text

    Editing text Setting character entry In the character entry screen such as For each input method, you can make phonebook and note, double-tap character settings related to character entry. you want to edit so that text edit menu From the Home screen, appears at the top of the screen.
  • Page 69: Setting Xperia ™ Japanese Keyboard

    Dictionaries My words P.72 Setting Xperia Japanese ™ Japanese keyboard My words English From the Home screen, Learn Learn words selected from [Settings] [Language & words the conversion candidates to display as the preferred input]. candidate when entering of "Xperia Japanese ™...
  • Page 70 PHONEPAD Flick input Set whether to use On-screen keyboard settings SETTINGS flick input. Sensitivity of Change sensitivity Keep keyboard type Set whether to flick input when Flick input is keep the last status used. of keyboard Multitap text Set whether to use (phonepad/ input Multitap text input.
  • Page 71 Selecting an assistant keyboard COMMON ON- Full screen Set whether to SCREEN mode display text display When you enter in Hiragana/Kanji input KEYBOARD area in the full mode using the QWERTY keyboard, you can SETTINGS screen mode in change the assistant keyboard to make the landscape screen.
  • Page 72 Customizing keyboard Input support You can change symbols which are displayed You can set support functions for character in QWERTY keyboard when entering number input such as Word suggestion function, to desired characters/symbols. Setting voice input. On a character entry screen, touch Word suggestions Set whether to use Word and hold...
  • Page 73 ❖ Information Managing extensions Flick or drag down the word suggestion area to widen the displaying area. Tap [ (Previous You can use or add extensions when entering suggestion)]/[ (Next suggestion)]/[ (Fix)] characters. to select/fix characters. To show the software keyboard, tap [ (Back)] or Using Contact Picker 2.3...
  • Page 74 Dictionaries To display the word as the preferred candidate when entering characters, set the user dictionary beforehand. Registering words in user dictionaries There are 2 types of user dictionaries: "My words Japanese" and "My words English". On a character entry screen, touch and hold or flick it up.
  • Page 75: Docomo Live Ux

    docomo LIVE UX Home screen Managing the Home screen Tapping displays Home screen which consists of up to 7 screens you can use flicking left and right. Adding/Moving applications etc. to the Home screen Move application icons or add widgets or folders to the Home screen.
  • Page 76 ❖ Information Moving an icon on the Home You can disable some applications or widget which screen cannot be uninstalled by dragging to "Disable app" in Step 2 (P.161). From the Home screen, touch an icon you want to move. Changing Kisekae Drag it anywhere.
  • Page 77 Changing wallpaper Adding a home screen Touch and hold an area of the Touch and hold an area of the Home screen where no icons are Home screen where no icons are displayed. displayed. [Change wallpaper]. [Home screens]. Tap a wallpaper you want to change.
  • Page 78: Application Screen

    ❖ Information Application screen To close the application screen, tap , or flick up the Home screen display area at the bottom From the Home screen, of the screen. Flick the Home screen downwards to display the application screen. Customizing the application screen Moving/Adding an application or widget to the Home screen...
  • Page 79 ❖ Information Setting a location for installing You can disable some applications or widget which applications cannot be uninstalled by dragging to "Disable app" in Step 2 (P.161). Set a location of application installed in the terminal. Moving application in the application icon list On the application screen, [Apps layout setting].
  • Page 80: Phone

    ❖ Note Phone Making/Receiving a call This terminal supports "Emergency call location information". If you use the terminal to place a call to emergency numbers such as 110, 119, or 118, the Making a call information of a location where you are calling from (location information) is automatically notified to the From the Home screen, "Dial"...
  • Page 81 ❖ Information Using a wait (;) Sending is automatically on standby when If docomo mini UIM card is not inserted to the the call is made and a confirmation screen terminal, emergency calls (110, 119, 118) cannot be made in Japan. asking if you send the additional number You can make an emergency call by tapping appears.
  • Page 82: Receiving A Call

    Declining a call When the call is finished, [End call]. ❖ Information While receiving a call, drag If the area code begins with "0", omit "0". However, "0" (right) to (left). may be required to dial to some countries or areas ❖...
  • Page 83: Operations During A Call

    Tap [Write new message] to create and Speaker : Set speakerphone on/off. Other party's voice can be heard from the speaker send a message. and handsfree call can be made. ❖ Information When you switch to the other screen such as the Home screen with the speakerphone on, While Voice Mail service is in use, a call is rejected and appears in the status bar.
  • Page 84: Call History

    Using optional menu Call history On the calling screen, Incoming call and outgoing call are displayed Hold Tap [Retrieve call] during Hold to by chronological order in the Recent calls cancel Hold. screen. To set a call on hold, "Call waiting" Up to 500 items can be displayed.
  • Page 85: Displaying Missed Calls

    Deleting a call history For details on Koe-no-Takuhaibin, refer to "Koe- no-Takuhaibin" (P.84) or NTT DOCOMO website. : Caller ID notified From the Home screen, : Caller ID hidden "Recent calls" tab Touch and It appears when prefix "186" (Notify)/"184" (Not hold a incoming/outgoing history notify) is entered to a phone number to make a you want to delete.
  • Page 86: Call Settings

    Network Caller ID Request number Call settings Service display notification for calls request without phone number You can set the network services, register call service with guidance. rejection or edit Reject call with message. Second call Set action for a second settings call.
  • Page 87 Advanced call Set whether " " in Speaker voice Make a voice clear to understand settings address phone number is enhancement during a call. settings identified as a sub Slow talk Slow the caller's talking speed to address separator. make the call to be heard easily. Prefix Register a prefix Accounts...
  • Page 88: Phonebook

    Phonebook list screen Phonebook On the phonebook list screen, you can view details of your contacts. You can add a On the phonebook, you can enter various photo to a phonebook entry, and display information for contacts, for example, phone phonebook entries by group.
  • Page 89: Managing Phonebook

    ❖ Information SNS messages are displayed only when using "My SNS" function after using Cloud is started. To check the number of registered data in the Timeline tab phonebook, on the phonebook list screen, tap Tweets or messages for SNS Blog by "Friend [Others] [About].
  • Page 90 Setting phonebook entries to Groups ❖ Information You can edit/delete newly created groups and From the Home screen, "Family"/"Friends"/"Company", which are saved by [docomo default. To edit/delete a group, touch and hold a phonebook] "Contacts" group Tap [Edit group]/[Delete group]. [Groups].
  • Page 91 On the Profile screen, tap Others Import/ P.90 Export ❖ Information Sync with Sync with backup data in Phonebook entries saved to the docomo account/ Data Center Data Center. Google account can be added to Favorites. Send via Send a phonebook entry/all To display phonebook entries added to Favorites, on Infrared phonebook entries via...
  • Page 92 Checking My profile and editing Importing/Exporting information phonebook entries From the Home screen, You can export/import phonebook entries [docomo phonebook] "My from/to a microSD card or docomo mini UIM profile" tab [Edit]. card. This is useful, for example, when you On the My profile screen, enter want to move the contact information to necessary information such as...
  • Page 93: Mail/Web Browser

    Mail/Web browser docomo mail Message (SMS) Send/receive mails using DOCOMO mail You can send and receive text messages up address ( to 70 two-byte characters (up to 160 one- Sent/received mails are saved in cloud. You byte characters) with a mobile phone can view the same mail on the multiple number as the destination.
  • Page 94 ❖ Information ❖ Information You can also send/receive text messages to/from When you receive a message (SMS), appears on customers of overseas network operators. For details, the status bar. Drag the status bar downwards to see "Mobile Phone User's Guide [International read the received message (SMS).
  • Page 95 Deleting a message (SMS) Changing settings for Messaging (SMS) From the Home screen, [Messaging]. From the Home screen, [Messaging]. Tap a sender/recipient whose messages (SMS) to delete. [Settings]. Touch and hold a message (SMS) to Notification Set ringtone when receiving. delete.
  • Page 96: Email

    Set Inbox check frequency Mark Email required items [Next]. If a screen for selecting type of account You can create a POP3 or IMAP compatible appears, tap an email account type and email account provided by general ISP follow the onscreen instructions to set. (provider), or an Exchange ActiveSync Enter account name and name account to send or receive email.
  • Page 97 ❖ Information To enter multiple email addresses directly, separate with a comma (,) and The sender name of a received email is the name set then enter the next email address. on sender's terminal. If you set "Email notifications" in Account settings To add Cc or Bcc recipients, tap (P.96) and set "Inbox check frequency"...
  • Page 98: Deleting Email

    Saving attachment file of email Deleting email From the Home screen, From the Home screen, [Email]. [Email]. Tap an email with attached files. Tap an email to delete. When attached file is not loaded, tap [Delete]. [Load]. ❖ Information Tap [Save] of file you want to save. The attached file is saved on the To delete several or all emails, in Step 2, mark several emails or tap [X selected]...
  • Page 99: Gmail

    Default account Set whether the SERVER SETTINGS Set incoming/ account is the outgoing server. default account for SECURITY Select certifications, creating emails. set digital signature DATA USAGE Inbox check Set whether to or encryption. frequency check new Delete account Delete Email messages account.
  • Page 100: Early Warning "Area Mail

    Sending Gmail Early Warning "Area Mail" From the Home screen, It is a service with which you can receive [Gmail]. earthquake early warning, etc. delivered by the Meteorological Agency. (Compose). Area Mail is a free service for which Enter the email address of subscription is not required.
  • Page 101 ❖ Information Receiving Early Warning "Area If savable amount of Area Mail exceeds the limit of Mail" maximum, the oldest one is deleted in order. A notification content screen appears and Deleting Area Mail you are notified by buzzer sound or dedicated ringtone and vibration.
  • Page 102: Google Chrome

    To zoom-in/-out web pages, pinch-out/ Other Set receiving/deleting Area Mail other -in or double-tap the screen. settings than earthquake early warning, tsunami warning and disaster/ To go back to the previous page, tap evacuation information. ❖ Information Google Chrome To copy text on web page, touch and hold a text you wan to to copy Drag to select a range of...
  • Page 103 Changing tabs Changing Google Chrome From the Home screen, settings Tap a tab you want to Set search engine, privacy, etc. display. From the Home screen, Closing a tab [Settings]. From the Home screen, Select an item to change. of the tab you want to close.
  • Page 104 Checking history Managing bookmarks and history From the Home screen, [Bookmarks] " " You can check history, save bookmarks, etc. tab. Bookmarking a web page ❖ Information To delete history, touch and hold a history From the Home screen, [Remove]. Display a web page To delete all history, from the Home screen, tap [Settings]...
  • Page 105: Apps

    Apps dmenu Play Store In dmenu, you can easily access sites With Google Play, you can directly access recommended by DOCOMO or convenient useful applications or fun games and you can applications. download and install them on the terminal. To use Google Play, you need to set a Google From the Home screen, [dmenu].
  • Page 106: Osaifu-Keitai

    NTT DOCOMO is not liable for malfunctions, if any, Osaifu-Keitai caused by the application you installed. In such case, the repair is charged even during the warranty period. This function allows you to use " NTT DOCOMO is not liable for any disadvantage (Osaifu-Keitai compatible brought to you or any third party due to an service)"...
  • Page 107 The data in the IC card or the docomo mini Using "Osaifu-Keitai UIM card may be lost or altered because of compatible service" the malfunction of the terminal (when we repair your terminal etc., as we cannot repair it From the Home screen, with data remained, you are required to erase [Osaifu-Keitai].
  • Page 108 Notes on holding over the Using " device (Kazashite-Link compatible service)" Please note the following when holding the terminal over an IC card reader or NFC From the Home screen, module equipped device. [Settings] [More...]. [NFC/Osaifu-Keitai settings] [Reader/Writer, P2P] [OK]. NFC Reader/Writer, P2P function is mark enabled, and...
  • Page 109 ❖ Information Locking Osaifu-Keitai function Note that you cannot cancel "NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock", if the battery runs out while "NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock" Use "NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock" settings to is set. Be careful about remaining battery level. If you restrict the use of Osaifu-Keitai function and cancel "NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock", charge the terminal related services.
  • Page 110 ToruCa (iD application) "iD" is a convenient electronic money by ToruCa is an electronic card that can be credit clearance scheme. You can enjoy obtained to mobile terminals. It can be shopping simply and conveniently only by obtained from an IC card reader or site as holding Osaifu-Keitai with credit information store information, coupon ticket, etc.
  • Page 111: Mobacas

    Using Mobacas Depending on email application, ToruCa received via the emails may not be saved. A separate pay-TV subscription to the Depending on browser, ToruCa cannot be obtained. Mobacas broadcast station (NOTTV) is When ToruCa is moved/copied to the microSD card, it is moved/copied in the condition before obtaining required to use Mobacas.
  • Page 112 ❖ Information Mountain-ringed regions or a place between buildings where airwaves are interrupted by To output voice sound from commercially available geography or buildings earphone or headphone, connect the earphone or headphone to TV/Mobacas antenna cable SO01. Tunnel, underground or far back from a building where airwaves are weak or do not reach Watching Mobacas...
  • Page 113 Tap [ (Info)] to display program details (only Reserving a program/content in portrait screen). While watching, press the volume key to adjust Reserving Shift Time reception sound volume. To set subtitle or audio, from the Home screen, From the Home screen, [NOTTV]. [NOTTV] (Setting)] Tap [...
  • Page 114 ❖ Information Programs/contents may be automatically reserved even when you do not reserve ( (Automatic Programs may not be received/recorded in the reservation)). following cases : when the power is off while a You can disable the automatic reservation. program is broadcasted, when the battery is low, Data may be complemented automatically using when the terminal is in a poor reception area such as packet communication when contents are not...
  • Page 115 Set whether to Set whether to block (Auto reservation) automatically reserve (Age age restricted programs. (Shift time) recommended shift restriction for time programs. (Parental watching) control) Set whether to Set age to restrict. (Auto (Age complement) automatically setting) complement data Change password.
  • Page 116 Delete received (Advanced) broadcast data in the (Delete saved saving area. TV is an application with which you can broadcast switch between Full seg and 1Seg and watch data) according to the air wave reception Enable/disable display condition. (Display data of data broadcasting.
  • Page 117 Using Full seg/1Seg Airwaves Full seg and 1Seg are services provided by TV Full seg and 1Seg are broadcast services and broadcasting enterprises (stations), etc. A a different type of radio waves (airwaves) communication fee for receiving video from that of FOMA service is received. picture and sound is not required.
  • Page 118 Remote control button Watching TV Option menu Record icon From the Home screen, [TV]. Channel selection key For the first activation, make channel Touch and hold to search available settings according to the onscreen channels. Data broadcasting instructions (P.118). For 1Seg programs, data broadcasting can be [TV].
  • Page 119 If the terminal receives a call while watching TV, TV is Setting TV interrupted and resumes after the call ends. To watch data broadcasting, call charge or packet You can set TV watching screen, data communication charge is not required. If you use broadcasting and channel settings.
  • Page 120 [Area info setting] Select region, Settings 1seg/Fullseg Set for switch of Full seg/ prefecture and locality. switching 1Seg. Superimpose Set whether to display [OK]. setting superimpose for Full seg or ❖ Information select a superimpose language. By touching and holding the area registered in Step Data Set whether to use the 3, you can display details, set area information,...
  • Page 121: Using Tv Link

    ❖ Information Recording TV To delete set broadcasting stations, touch and hold a broadcasting station to delete in Step 3 [Delete Record images, sound, captions or data channel] Tap [YES]. broadcasting while displaying. From the Home screen, [TV]. Using TV link [TV] For some data broadcasting programs, link To quit recording, tap...
  • Page 122: Fm Radio

    Reservation of recording/ FM radio watching TV program You can listen to the FM radio with the Reserve recording/viewing TV program. terminal. To use FM radio, use a commercially available earphone set or headphone. They From the Home screen, [TV]. work as antenna.
  • Page 123: Camera

    FM radio screen Camera Take still pictures and record video clips. Shooting still pictures is available in the portrait and landscape screen. Landscape screen is good for shooting videos. For shooting with Sweep Panorama, always hold the camera horizontally. Before using the camera Hear from a handsfree device/speaker All still pictures or videos that you capture on Save/edit Favorites...
  • Page 124 ❖ Information About the Copyright and Portrait rights Alternatively, from the Home screen, [Camera] Movies, still images, and sounds recorded on the to activate the camera. terminal are prohibited by the copyright law from use without consent of the copyright holders, unless intended for personal use or any other Shooting screen and key purpose permitted by law.
  • Page 125 Scene selection icons Changing capturing mode When the capturing mode is set to "Superior auto", an icon for scene detected by the camera is Press and hold for over a displayed. second. Capturing mode icon (P.123) Tap the capturing mode Key operation icon Select capturing mode.
  • Page 126 Press and hold for over a second Tap a shoot properly since brightness or color capturing mode icon [Apps] to download camera application from Sony Select and add to capturing balance of joined image may be unstable. mode. Apps...
  • Page 127: Shooting Still Pictures

    If brightness, color balance, focus point of Shooting with "Touch capture" whole image, etc. to be shot with Sweep Set "Touch capture" to ON, then shoot. Panorama are extremely different from those Press and hold for over a of the focused image, image may not be shot second.
  • Page 128: Recording Videos

    When you connect a commercially available Shooting with the camera key earphone set or other Bluetooth device, shutter Set the capturing mode to "Manual" and sound may be softer. display the video shooting screen to start When capturing mode is set to "Timeshift burst", "AR shooting.
  • Page 129 Self-timer Changing settings when Shoot after set period of time (seconds) shooting elapses. You can also use the Self-timer to avoid Changing settings from the option camera shake when shooting still pictures. menu Smile Shutter/Smile Shutter (video) The items displayed vary depending on the Set smile level for the smile shutter (P.132).
  • Page 130 ISO (only for still picture) Soft skin effect (only for shooting with Set ISO sensitivity. front camera) With ISO sensitivity up, you can shoot Set whether to shoot a picture making clear picture reducing blur even in a place human skin look smoother. where lightning is poor.
  • Page 131 Changing settings from the icon on Geotagging Set whether to tag still pictures/videos the screen location information (geotag) for the Tap the icon displayed on the shooting shooting spot. screen to change the setting. When enabled, location information is The displayed icons vary depending on the added when appears on the shooting capturing mode.
  • Page 132 Scene selection Hand-held twilight Select a shooting scene. Suitable shooting Shoot a crisp and clear night scene condition for the selected scene is set. reducing noise. High sensitivity Shoot without the scene set. Shoot brightly without flash even when Soft skin shooting under poor lighting condition.
  • Page 133 Fireworks Using Quick launch Shoot a crisp and clear images of fireworks. Due to long exposure time, be careful not to Activate camera to shoot while using other shake camera. application, or from the the unlock screen, the Home screen, etc. Exposure value (EV)/White balance Tap or drag the bar to adjust the exposure Press and hold...
  • Page 134 Shooting with Face detection Shooting with Smile Shutter Focus on a face located away from the center. Shoot smile face. Press and hold for over a Press and hold for over a second. second. Tap the capturing mode icon " "...
  • Page 135: Album

    ❖ Information Album Depending on the number of saved images, it may take some times to load images. View/play photos or videos. To zoom in/out images, pinch out/in on the image list screen. Displaying photos/videos Viewing a photo/video From the Home screen, [Album]. From the Home screen, Image list screen [Album]...
  • Page 136: From The Home Screen

    Select an image file Return to the image list to operate. Sharing menu (P.134) For some DRM protected contents or transfer Connecting to Sony Entertainment Network applications, sharing may be limited. Option menu (P.134) Add to/remove from Favorites Operate photos...
  • Page 137: Youtube

    YouTube Media Player YouTube is a free online video streaming Play back music and videos stored on the service. You can play, search for and upload internal storage or a microSD card using videos. Media Player. A packet communication charge is applied File formats of playable data (P.218) when downloading or uploading video ❖...
  • Page 138 ❖ Information Music playback screen You can return to the Home screen to perform another operation while listening to music in the background. To return to the music playback screen, from the Home screen, tap [Media Player], or drag the status bar downwards Tap the name of song that is being played.
  • Page 139: Location Services

    Volume control Location services Alternatively, on the playback screen, press the volume key to adjust the volume. Your current location can be positioned using ❖ Information GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile network. While in landscape view, tap the screen to display option menu icons etc.
  • Page 140 You cannot use the terminal as a navigation Where radio waves are difficult to device for an aircraft, vehicle, and person. receive Note that DOCOMO shall have no liabilities Note that radio waves may not be received whatsoever even if you suffer damage or loss or it may be difficult to receive radio waves while performing a navigation using the in the following conditions, since GPS uses...
  • Page 141: Using Google Maps

    Activating GPS/Location services Using Google Maps You can position current location using GPS, The Google Maps application allows you to Wi-Fi or information sent from base stations view your current location, find other of mobile network. locations and search routes. From the Home screen, To use Google Maps, enable data traffic (LTE/ [Settings].
  • Page 142 Displaying information Current location is shown by blue mark. Display information such as traffic If you tap , the icon changes to information etc. on the map. and then the terminal's geomagnetic From the Home screen, compass links the direction displayed [Maps].
  • Page 143: Calendar

    Displaying events in Calendar Calendar From the Home screen, [Calendar] Display Displaying Calendar scheduled date/time. From the Home screen, From the Home screen, [Calendar] Tap any of [Day]/ [Calendar]. [Week]/[Month] Tap [Agenda] to Tap any of [Day]/[Week]/[Month]. display the schedule list. Flick the calendar left or right to display Tap an event to view description.
  • Page 144: Alarm & Clock

    ❖ Information Alarm & clock Mark "Sync Calendar" in "Xperia with Facebook" to ™ display Facebook events. Use alarm, world clock, stop watch and timer. Searching events in Calendar Setting alarm From the Home screen, [Calendar]. From the Home screen, [Alarm &...
  • Page 145: Using World Clock

    Using World clock Using Timer From the Home screen, Display the date and time etc. in cities around [Alarm & clock] " " tab. the world. From the Home screen, [Set time]. [Alarm & clock] " " tab. Drag the number up or down to set Select a city.
  • Page 146: (Docomo Backup)

    Backing up (docomo backup) If microSD card is not installed, data such as images and movies are saved to the internal Move or back up data such as phonebook storage. You can back up only data such as entries, docomo mails, images/videos, etc. images and movies stored in the internal using external memory such as microSD card.
  • Page 147: Copying Phonebook Entries

    Restoring Copying phonebook entries registered in Google account to From the Home screen, docomo account (docomo backup)]. You can copy contacts data registered in [microSD (save to Google account and in the terminal to microSD card)]. docomo account. [Restore]. From the Home screen, Tap [Select] on data type to (docomo backup)].
  • Page 148: Settings

    Settings Wi-Fi Viewing the setting menu Using the Wi-Fi function, you can connect to From the Home screen, an access point for your home, company [Settings]. network or public wireless LAN services to WIRELESS & NETWORKS P.146 use mail and Internet. DEVICE P.155 Even when Wi-Fi is on, packet communication...
  • Page 149: Bluetooth Devices

    Connecting to a Wi-Fi network Reception interference caused by Bluetooth devices From the Home screen, Bluetooth devices and wireless LAN [Settings] [Wi-Fi]. (IEEE802.11b/g/n) devices use the same frequency band (2.4GHz). If you use Select a Wi-Fi network to connect. Bluetooth devices near a wireless LAN To connect to a protected Wi-Fi device, reception interference may occur or network, enter the...
  • Page 150: Adding A Wi-Fi Network Manually

    Disconnecting a Wi-Fi network Scan P.147 WPS Pin Entry P.147 From the Home screen, Wi-Fi Direct P.149 [Settings] [Wi-Fi]. Advanced Network Set whether to notify Tap the Wi-Fi network that is notification when Wi-Fi open currently connected. network is detected. Turn Wi-Fi on [Forget].
  • Page 151: Data Usage

    Using Wi-Fi Direct compatible device Data usage You can connect among the devices Enable/disable mobile data communication compatible with Wi-Fi Direct via Wi-Fi even or set data usage limit. without configuring access point. Turn Wi-Fi on beforehand (P.147). Enabling mobile data From the Home screen, communication [Settings]...
  • Page 152 Setting Data usage cycle * You need to set your online service account (Google account, Facebook account, etc.) in the terminal to synchronize in advance. From the Home screen, To change online service items for synchronizing, [Settings] [Data usage]. from the Home screen, [Settings] Select an account type...
  • Page 153: Airplane Mode

    * Compatible with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast ™ Setting an access point Depending on usage environment, image or sound may be interrupted or stopped. An access point for connecting to the Covering around the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna with Internet (sp-mode) is already registered. You your hand may affect the quality of communications.
  • Page 154 Setting an access point additionally Initializing an access point From the Home screen, From the Home screen, [Settings] [More...] [Mobile [Settings] [More...] [Mobile networks] [Access Point Names]. networks] [Access Point Names]. [New APN]. [Reset to default]. [Name] Enter a name [OK].
  • Page 155 When the docomo mini UIM card is not inserted, * For Microsoft Windows XP, installation of PC mobile data communication is disabled, or the Companion is required. terminal is out of service area, USB tethering or Wi-Fi During USB tethering, the terminal storage cannot tethering, and Bluetooth tethering using mobile be mounted with a PC.
  • Page 156 Setting up a portable Wi-Fi hotspot Setting Bluetooth tethering You can use the terminal as a Wi-Fi access Up to 5 Bluetooth devices can be connected point to connect up to 10 wireless LAN to the Internet. devices to the Internet simultaneously. From the Home screen, From the Home screen, [Settings]...
  • Page 157: Device

    Adding a VPN Disconnecting a VPN From the Home screen, Drag the status bar downwards. [Settings] [More...] [VPN]. Tap a notification that indicates When the note appears, follow the VPN connected. onscreen instructions to set unlocking [Disconnect]. method of screen lock (P.165). DEVICE When an editing screen is displayed, follow the instruction of...
  • Page 158 Preferred apps settings Set applications (Home Sound app, unlock screen, phonebook app, Sound effects ClearAudio+ The sound setting application for play back for music videos or music) used in recommended by the terminal all at once Sonny. It helps or individually. optimize the Simple Home P.50...
  • Page 159: Notification Sound

    Setting a ringtone/notification sound Touch sounds Set whether to emit sound when From the Home screen, selecting menu. [Settings] [Sound] [Phone Screen lock sound Set whether to emit ringtone]/[Notification sound]. sound for canceling the screen lock. Select Phone ringtone or Vibrate on touch Set whether to Notification sound...
  • Page 160: Adjusting The Screen Brightness

    Adjusting the screen brightness Display From the Home screen, X-Reality for Adjust pattern, outline and color [Settings] [Display] mobile component by analyzing [Brightness]. elements according to scenes of Drag the slider to the right or left. movie. In pattern, hightlighten delicate pattern of the subject [OK].
  • Page 161: Power Management

    MISCELLANEOUS Transfer data Transfer data in Storage to SD card the device memory (internal Check or format memory volume of device storage) to the memory (internal storage), microSD card, and microSD card. USB storage. * Displayed items vary depending on condition of DEVICE MEMORY Total space Check available microSD card or USB storage recognition.
  • Page 162 Deleting application data or Apps application Manage and delete installed applications, Before deleting application data, back up display memory usage condition, etc. or contents that you want to save including data change the settings. saved in the application. Verify apps information From the Home screen, [Settings] [Apps].
  • Page 163: Personal

    Disabling application PERSONAL You can disable some applications which cannot be uninstalled or services. Disabled docomo service/cloud P.161 applications are not displayed on the Home P.162 Location services screen or application screen and you cannot Security P.162 execute them, but they are not uninstalled. Language &...
  • Page 164 Data usage check Set totaling cycle or starting/ Security stopping measuring for (Check data Screen lock P.165 volume application). Improve face Improve face lock accuracy. SD card backup P.144 matching Send device error Set for sending error Liveness check Set whether to require blinking for information information to the server unlocking by Face Unlock.
  • Page 165 Security codes for the terminal Unknown sources Set wether to permit installing before downloading unknown Some functions provided for convenient use sources application. Some of the terminal require the security code to applications may be of unknown use them. Besides the security code for origin.
  • Page 166 The PUK code is written on the PIN code subscription form (copy for customer) You can set security code which named PIN handed at the subscription in the code to docomo mini UIM card. It is set docomo Shop. If you subscribed other "0000"...
  • Page 167 Enabling SIM card lock Unlocking PIN lock By entering PIN code when powered on, you Enter a PUK code can protect from improper use. Enter a new PIN code From the Home screen, Enter a new PIN code again [Settings] [Security] [Set up SIM card lock]...
  • Page 168: Locking The Screen

    Locking the screen Language & input When is pressed to turn on the sleep mode or the screen backlight automatically Language Change phone language. goes off after screen unlock method (P.165) is Spell checker Set whether to run the set, the screen is locked. spell checker.
  • Page 169: Resetting The Terminal

    Setting Voice Search Backup & reset Language Select language used for Google Back up my Set whether to back up settings for voice search. data applications, data, etc. to Google Speech Set voice output. server. output Backup Set an account for backup to Google Block Set whether to display recognized account...
  • Page 170: Accounts

    Tap set Google account and synchronize each data ACCOUNTS manually. Setting other account Setting an account From the Home screen, Manage (add or delete) online service [Settings] [Add account]. accounts or synchronize contacts, calendar, Tap an account type. etc. saved in online services with the After this step, follow the onscreen terminal.
  • Page 171: System

    Accessibility SYSTEM TalkBack Set user support service Date & time P.169 (TalkBack). Accessibility P.169 Magnification gestures Set whether to zoom in/ About phone P.170 out by tapping the screen 3 times. Large text Set whether to use large Date & time text.
  • Page 172: About Phone

    ❖ Information About phone When TalkBack is turned on for the first time, a message asking if touch exploration function feature Software Update P.208 is enabled appears. Upgrade Android P.212 Touch exploration is a function that reads or displays an explanation for the item you tapped. software When touch exploration feature is enabled, you can Application update...
  • Page 173: File Management

    File management microSD card (external storage) Storage structure You can save data in the terminal to microSD card or import data from the microSD card to Phone (internal storage) the terminal. You can use microSD card for Folders in the internal storage by default are any other compatible devices.
  • Page 174 Inserting microSD card Close microSD card slot cover and press part firmly to check that Opening/closing microSD card slot cover no gap exists between the (P.24) terminal and the cover. Open microSD card slot cover and check the orientation of the microSD card, then slowly insert it straight until it clicks.
  • Page 175: File Operation

    Removing microSD card File operation Make sure to unmount microSD card (make reading/writing unavailable) before Use "File Commander" application to display removing. or manage various data such as still images, Opening/closing microSD card slot cover videos, music, etc. saved to the terminal or (P.24) the microSD card.
  • Page 176 Creating new folder Deleting folder or file From the Home screen, [File From the Home screen, [File Commander]. Commander]. Select an item Tap a folder as Select an item Tap a folder as required. required. [Folder]. Mark a folder or file you want to delete.
  • Page 177: Data Communication

    Data communication Within 20 cm Infrared communication You can send/receive data to/from a device Within ±15° from with infrared communication function such the center as a mobile phone. The communication range for infrared communication is 20 cm or less. Keep the devices pointing at the infrared data port each other, and do not move them until data exchange completes.
  • Page 178 You can send and receive Phonebook entries, My Enter the same authentication profile, name card, docomo/sp-mode mail, Schedule password as that of the recipient & memo, still images (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp), videos Tap [OK] [OK] [OK]. (.mp4, .3gp) and ToruCa. It may take a time to exchange data depending on the data amount or Sending with sharing menu of device of other party.
  • Page 179: Bluetooth Function

    Receiving all items Bluetooth function From the Home screen, [Infrared]. Bluetooth function is a technology which enables to connect with Bluetooth device [Send all]. such as PC, handsfree headset wirelessly. Enter docomo apps The terminal does not communicate password [OK]. wirelessly with all types of Bluetooth devices.
  • Page 180: Bluetooth Device

    For make pair setting, entering passcode (PIN) Making the terminal detectable may be required. Passcode (PIN) of the terminal is "0000". If you cannot make pair From the Home screen, setting when you enter "0000", see the [Settings]. documentation of your Bluetooth device. in Bluetooth or drag it From the Home screen, right.
  • Page 181: Sending Data Via Bluetooth

    Connecting the terminal with Sending data via Bluetooth Bluetooth device function From the Home screen, "Bluetooth" from the sharing [Settings] [Bluetooth] menu of each application. [Search for devices]. Tap the other party's Bluetooth Tap the name of Bluetooth device device. you want to connect.
  • Page 182: Nfc Communication

    NFC such as a mobile phone. If you use sending/receiving may fail. In such case, the one-touch function with a Sony product operate again to send/receive. with NFC, simple operations allow you to The terminal does not communicate with all send or receive images, music, photos or NFC devices.
  • Page 183 Sending data Make sure that the NFC Reader/ Writer, P2P function is enabled. Display data to send on the screen. Face the marks on the terminal and the receiver’s terminal each other. "Touch to beam" appears. Tap the screen that has become small.
  • Page 184: External Device Connection

    Connecting the terminal and a PC External device connection Connecting to PC using a microUSB cable For using Mass storage mode (MSC) etc., Connecting to a PC with attach a microSD card to the terminal (P.172). microUSB cable Connect the terminal to a PC using a microUSB cable (P.35).
  • Page 185 Disconnecting the microUSB cable You can also download Media Go from the following safely website. Do not disconnect the microUSB cable during data transferring. Data may be damaged. Media transfer mode (MTP) Confirm that it is not transferring data, disconnect the microUSB cable.
  • Page 186 Open " (Computer)" Connecting the terminal to a PC window on the PC Right-click the on a Wi-Fi network terminal icon displayed as a portable device " You can access the internal storage and a (Network composition)" " microSD card in the terminal from the PC (Next)".
  • Page 187: Connecting Dlna Device

    To cancel the connection setting, tap Access request for media server is [Forget]. Until the connection setting is notified to the terminal. canceled, the connection setting Tap the waiting DLNA device on retains even if you connect/disconnect the Media server settings repeatedly by coming in and out of a screen Set access level.
  • Page 188: Connecting To Other Devices

    Playing a media file in the Connecting to other terminal with a DLNA device devices You can play a media file in the terminal with a DLNA device using Throw function. Connecting a TV From the Home screen, tap any of This terminal supports MHL connection.
  • Page 189 ❖ Information Removing the MHL cable from the terminal severs connection, however, TV may remain to MHL input mode or HDMI input mode. Follow the instructions on the TV to switch to digital terrestrial television mode, etc. When MHL is connected, radio wave condition may be affected according to your environment for the usage.
  • Page 190: International Roaming

    International roaming Overview of International Available overseas service roaming (WORLD WING) Main communication 3G850 With the international roaming (WORLD services (GPRS) WING), you can use the terminal without Phone changing phone number or mail address in Message (SMS) the service area of the overseas network Email operator affiliated with DOCOMO.
  • Page 191: Checking Before Overseas Use

    Advance preparation Checking before overseas Network service settings If you subscribe to network services, you can Before leaving Japan use network services such as Voice Mail Service, Call Forwarding Service, Caller ID To use the terminal overseas, check the Display Request Service, etc., even overseas. following in Japan.
  • Page 192 Date & time settings After arriving overseas When "Automatic date & time", "Automatic When you arrive overseas and turn on the time zone" in "Date & time" are marked, the terminal, an available network is date, time and time differences of the automatically set.
  • Page 193: Settings For Overseas Use

    ❖ Information Settings for overseas use If you cannot search networks, disable mobile data communication (P.149) and then search again. By default, the terminal automatically If you set a network manually, the terminal is not searches available network and connect to it. reconnected to another network automatically even To switch network manually, set as follows.
  • Page 194: Making/Receiving A Call In The Country You Stay

    Dial + (touch and hold [0]) Enter Making/Receiving a call in Country code, Area code (City the country you stay code), a phone number in the order. When you arrive overseas and turn on the If the area code begins with "0", omit "0". terminal, an available network is However, "0"...
  • Page 195: You Stay

    ❖ Information Enter a phone number. To make a call to land-line phone, enter When you received a call during the international the area code (city code) + other party's roaming, regardless of which country the call is from, it is forwarded internationally from Japan. A caller is phone number.
  • Page 196: International Roaming Settings

    Setting International dialing International roaming assist settings From the Home screen, Make settings for using international [Call settings] [Roaming roaming or international calls. settings]. For some overseas network operators, settings may not be made. [International dial assist]. From the Home, Auto International prefix or country code is conversion...
  • Page 197: After Returning To Japan

    [Call settings] [Roaming After returning to Japan settings]. [Network service] Select a target When you return to Japan, the terminal is service. connected to DOCOMO network automatically. If connection is failed, perform Voicemail Set whether to start Voice mail the following operations. (charged) service.
  • Page 198: Appendix/Index

    *2 Only supported as a charger to feed the Appendix/Index Optional and related terminal battery. devices Troubleshooting A variety of optional devices allows you to expand the terminal's capabilities by supporting a wide range of purpose, Troubleshooting including personal and business uses. Some accessories are only available in some First, check if the software update is necessary areas.
  • Page 199 Screen is frozen, the power cannot be In case of using the desktop holder, are turned off. the terminal's contacts for the desktop If the screen is frozen or the power cannot holder dirty? Clean the contacts with a dry be turned off, open the docomo mini UIM cotton swab etc.
  • Page 200 Terminal operation Operations are not possible when tapping Become hot while operating/charging. or pressing keys. While calling, depending on the radio Check if the power is turned off. P.36 wave condition or call duration time, the Check if you activate the screen lock. terminal may become hot.
  • Page 201 The terminal operation is unstable. Applications cannot be operated properly Instability may be caused by applications (applications cannot be activated, or that you installed after purchasing the errors occur frequently). terminal. If the symptom is improved Are there any applications being when you boot the terminal in safe mode disabled? Enable disabled applications, (near default state), uninstalling the...
  • Page 202 Cannot call (Even when moving, does Check if you cover the Proximity sensor not disappear, or although radio waves with a sticker etc. P.28 are enough, making/receiving calls is When the temperature of the terminal unavailable.) becomes high while using, the display Turn the power OFF and ON, or remove may become darker.
  • Page 203 Set Image stabilizer/SteadyShot Cannot use the terminal overseas (when ™ is displayed) shoot. P.128 To shoot a portrait image, use the face Check if you are out of the international roaming service area or in an area with detection function. P.132 poor signal strength.
  • Page 204 Cannot receive calls overseas. Bluetooth function Is "Restricting incoming calls" set to The terminal cannot be connected to a Bluetooth communication device/A "Activate restriction"? P.194 No caller ID is notified/a notified caller ID Bluetooth communication device cannot is different from that of the caller/ be found from the terminal.
  • Page 205: Error Messages

    Map/GPS Error messages Cannot set AUTO-GPS service information. No service Check if the battery level is low and AUTO- The terminal is out of service area, or the GPS function stops. received signal is too weak. Move to a If AUTO-GPS stops due to "Low-power location where radio signal can be operation settings", AUTO-GPS service reached.
  • Page 206: Anshin Remote Support)

    Calls are restricted by access control Appears when normal/emergency voice call service is hard to receive because (Smartphone Anshin communication lines are busy. Remote Support) SIM card is locked Enter your PIN code (P.164) correctly. By sharing screens of your terminal with NTT SIM card is PUK-locked DOCOMO, you can receive technical support Enter your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key)
  • Page 207: Warranty And After Sales Services

    From the Home screen, Warranty and After Sales (Remote support)]. Services When you use for the first time, agree to " (License Agreement)". Warranty (Go to Make sure that the warranty is received with Remote support connection the terminal upon purchase. Check to be sure screen)] (Agree)].
  • Page 208 Malfunction due to use of devices and After Sales Services consumable parts other than those specified by DOCOMO will only be If you have problems with the repaired at the owner's expense, even if terminal the warranty period is still effective. Before asking repair, see "Troubleshooting"...
  • Page 209 Parts stock period Malfunction and damage due to The functional parts necessary to repair the modifications will be repaired at the terminal will be basically available for a owner's expense, even if the warranty minimum of 4 years after the manufacture is period is still effective.
  • Page 210: Software Update

    The terminal is waterproof. If inside of the Software update terminal gets wet or moist, however, turn the power off, then bring the terminal to a It is a function to connect to a network and repair office as soon as possible. Note that check if software update for SO-01F is repair may not be possible depending on required, then update software if required.
  • Page 211 Using software update If software update is not needed, "No update is needed. " appears. Software update should be done with battery During international roaming or when the fully charged. You are recommended to terminal is out of service area, "When docomo connect charging cable when updating network is not available, or during roaming, software.
  • Page 212: Updating Software

    "OK" : Return to the Home screen. Updating software Updating starts when the preset time automatically reaches. "Set Time" : Reserved update Update file is automatically downloaded and "Reserving software update" (P.211) software is updated at the specified time. "Start update" : Update immediately "Updating software immediately"...
  • Page 213 For activating from Software update When the reserved time is reached notice screen, display the Software When the reserved time is reached, "Ready update notice screen [Start update]. for update. Please refrain from starting other "Ready for update. Please refrain from application."...
  • Page 214: Upgrade Android Software

    Using Upgrade Android software Upgrade Android software When Upgrade Android software is performed, restoring the previous Android Upgrade Android software software is not possible Upgrade Android software with the battery This function allows you to connect the fully charged. network, check if Android software in the For Upgrade Android software, docomo mini terminal needs to be upgraded, and UIM card is needed.
  • Page 215 During international roaming or when the "Download later (via Wi-Fi or Xi)" : terminal is out of service area, "When docomo Download the update file via Wi-Fi network is not available, or during roaming, connection or packet communication install cannot be started even if Wi-Fi is at specified time.
  • Page 216: Connecting To A Pc And Updating

    Installing update file Connecting to a PC and updating When downloading the update files is complete, installing to the terminal is You can update software by using PC available. Companion that can be installed into a PC "Install now" : Immediately install the update from the terminal.
  • Page 217: Main Specification

    PC Companion is already Main specification installed The terminal Check if PC Companion is activated Product name SO-01F on the PC. If not, activate PC Size Approx. 144 mm (H) Companion from the Start menu. approx. 74 mm (W) Connect the terminal to a PC using approx.
  • Page 218 Charging time AC Adapter 03 : (alone) Image Type Camera : Backside- Approx. 235 min., (for pickup illuminated CMOS Desktop Holder SO18 device Front camera : combination use) Backside-illuminated Approx. 235 min. CMOS AC Adapter 04 : (alone) Size Camera : 1/2.3 inches Approx.
  • Page 219 *3 It is confirmed that the terminal and all Bluetooth Video recording size Video camera : devices are compliant with Bluetooth standards 1920 1080 (Full HD designated by Bluetooth SIG, and they are 16:9) authenticated. However, procedures may differ or 1280 720 (HD 16:9) data transfer may not be possible depending on the Front video camera :...
  • Page 220 Charging time is an estimate of the time File format (document) required to charge a completely empty Files of the following versions/extensions internal battery. Under low temperature, can be viewed on the terminal. charging may require longer time. Type Version/Extension Internal battery Microsoft Microsoft Word 97 - 2010/.doc, .docx,...
  • Page 221 Time length of shooting video (Honduras)/Spanish (Mexico)/Spanish (Estimation) (Nicaragua)/Spanish (Panama)/Spanish (Paraguay)/Spanish (Peru)/Spanish (Puerto Savable time of recording to Per video : Up to Rico)/Spanish (Dominican Republic)/ the internal storage approx. 279 min. Spanish (Uruguay )/Spanish (Venezuela)/ In total : Up to approx. 279 min.
  • Page 222: Certificate And Compliance

    Text language (Character entry) Galician/isiZulu/Italian/Latin/Hungarian/ Icelandic/Arabic/Albanian/Italian/ Dutch/Norwegian/Polish/Portuguese Indonesian/Anglo-Indian/Ukrainian/ (Brazil)/Portuguese (Portugal)/Romanian/ Esthonian/Dutch/Kazakh/Catalan/Galician/ Slovak/Finnish/Swedish/Turkish/Icelandic/ Greek/Croatian/Javanese/Swedish/ Czech/Bulgarian/Russian/Serbian/Hebrew Spanish/Slovak/Slovene/Sundanese/ word (Israel)/Arabic (United Arab Emirates)/ Serbian/Thai/Tagalog/Tamil/Czech/ Arabic (Israel)/Arabic (Egypt)/Arabic (Qatar)/ Danish/German/Turkish/Norwegian/ Arabic (Kuwait)/Arabic (Saudi Arabia)/ Basque/Hungarian/Hindu/Finnish/French/ Arabic (Jordan)/Arabic (Lebanon)/Arabic Bulgarian/Vietnamese/Hebrew word/ (Bahrain)/Arabic (Oman)/Arabic (Palestine)/ Persian/Polish/Bosnian/Portuguese/ Chinese, standard (Taiwan, Traditional)/ Macedonian/Malay/Latvian/Lithuanian/ Chinese, standard (China, Simplified)/...
  • Page 223: Specific Absorption Rate Of Mobile Phone, Etc

    The technical regulations and international Specific Absorption Rate of guidelines set out limits for radio waves as Mobile Phone, etc. the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, which is the value of absorbed energy in any 10 grams Mobile phone: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/ of tissue over a 6-minute period.
  • Page 224 Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed to not exceed the product/sar/ limits* of exposure to radio frequency (RF) Sony Mobile Communications, Inc. Website: energy set by governmental authorities. These limits establish permitted levels of RF (in Japanese only) energy for the general population.
  • Page 225 The standards include a safety margin Use of third-party accessories may result in designed to assure the safety of all different SAR levels than those reported. individuals, regardless of age and health. The ** Before a phone model is available for sale radio wave exposure guidelines employ a to the public in the US, it must be tested and unit of measurement known as the Specific...
  • Page 226 The highest SAR value for this model phone requirements for exposure to radio waves. tested by Sony Mobile Communications AB These requirements are based on scientific for use at the ear is 0.623 W/kg (10g).
  • Page 227: Guidelines For Safe And Efficient Use

    Do not paint or attempt to Guidelines for Safe and disassemble or modify the Efficient Use product. Only Sony Mobile Communications AB authorised Please follow these guidelines. Failure personnel should perform service. to do so might entail a potential health Consult with authorised medical staff and risk or product malfunction.
  • Page 228 To avoid this small energy waste, Replace the battery only with another Sony disconnect the power supply when the Mobile Communications AB battery that product is fully charged. Use of charging...
  • Page 229 "As is" and "With all distance of 15 cm (6 inches) between the faults". Sony Mobile Communications AB phone and the device. Use the phone at does not make any representation or your right ear.
  • Page 230 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is used to Use of antenna devices not marketed by measure radio frequency energy absorbed Sony Mobile Communications AB could by the body when using a mobile phone. damage the phone, reduce performance, The SAR value is determined at the highest...
  • Page 231: Electronic Equipment

    While the device does employ security should be left at an appropriate collection measures to resist such efforts, Sony Mobile point for recycling. This helps prevent Communications AB does not warrant or potential negative consequences for the represent that the device will be impervious environment and human health.
  • Page 232 Warning! Disposing of the battery Check local regulations or call a Sony If the device requires an adapter for insertion Mobile Communications AB Contact Center into the handset or another device, do not for information. Never use municipal waste. insert the card directly without the required adapter.
  • Page 233: Fcc Statement For The Usa

    Any change or modification not expressly while formatting, reading or writing data, approved by Sony Mobile Communications or use the memory card in locations AB may void the user's authority to operate subject to static electricity or high the equipment.
  • Page 234 If this equipment does cause harmful Declaration of Conformity for interference to radio or television reception, SO-01F which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Page 235: End User Licence Agreement

    End User Licence conditions will terminate the licence Agreement immediately. Sony Mobile and its third party suppliers and licensors retain all rights, title and interest in End User Licence Agreement and to the Software. To the extent that the Software contains material or code of a third...
  • Page 236: About Open Source Software

    Sony Mobile offers to provide source code of software licensed under the GPL or LGPL or some other open source licenses allowing source code distribution to you on a CD-ROM...
  • Page 237: Intellectual Property Right

    "Bluetooth" is a registered trademark of consent of the copyright holders, unless Bluetooth SIG. Inc., and Sony Mobile intended for personal use or any other Communications is licensed to use them. purpose permitted by law.
  • Page 238 Sony Corporation. "Google" and "Google" logo, "Android", SmartAR is an augmented reality technology "Google Play", "Google+", "Gmail", "Google developed by Sony Corporation and it is a Maps", "Hangouts", "Google Calendar", registered trademark or trademark in Japan "YouTube", "Picasa", "Google Chrome" are and other countries.
  • Page 239 MHL, Mobile High-Definition Content owners use Microsoft PlayReady Link and MHL logo are content access technology to protect their trademarks or registered trademarks of MHL, intellectual property, including copyrighted LLC. content. This device uses PlayReady HDMI, HDMI logo and High- technology to access PlayReady-protected Definition Multimedia Interface are content and/or WMDRM-protected content.
  • Page 240: Sim Unlock

    This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 SIM unlock visual and AVC patent portfolio license for the personal and non-commercial use of a This terminal supports SIM unlock. If you consumer for (i) encoding video in release SIM lock, you can use SIM by a carrier compliance with the MPEG-4 visual standard other than NTT DOCOMO.
  • Page 241: Index

    Index Applications Managing About phone Moving Access point Resetting Initializing Uninstalling (docomo LIVE UX) Setting Uninstalling (Home screen) Accessibility Uninstalling (Play Store) Account Apps Removing Settings Setting Apps button ACCOUNTS docomo LIVE UX Adjusting sound volume Xperia Home Advanced call settings Apps layout setting Airplane mode AUTO-GPS...
  • Page 242 Shooting still pictures Smile Shutter Calendar Social live by Bambuser Creating schedule Superior auto Call Sweep Panorama Calling screen Timeshift burst Declining Changing theme Ending Character entry Making Edit Mute Input method Receiving Settings Speaker Charging Call Blocking Desktop Holder Call forwarding service Using a PC Call history...
  • Page 243 Disaster kit Display Facebook dmarket File Commander dmenu FM radio docomo apps password Force stop docomo backup Full seg docomo mail docomo mini UIM card Precautions Gmail docomo service/cloud Google docomo voice input Google Chrome docomo Wi-Fi Easy Connection Adding tab Bookmark History Early Warning "Area Mail"...
  • Page 244 Home application International roaming service docomo LIVE UX IrDA (Infrared communication) Switching Xperia Home Home screen Japanese syllabary keyboard Adding (docomo LIVE UX) 47 48 Adding (Xperia Home) Deleting (docomo LIVE UX) Kana handwriting input Deleting (Xperia Home) Kanji handwriting input docomo LIVE UX Key icons Folder (docomo LIVE UX)
  • Page 245 Messenger NFC/Osaifu-Keitai Lock Settings Osaifu-Keitai compatible service microSD card Own number Settings About phone Structure Phonebook Missed call Mobacas Reserving PC Companion Searching PERSONAL Settings Personal Unblocking Key (PUK code) TV/Mobacas antenna cable Personalization Watching Phone Moji-Henshu Hold Movies Phonebook My profile Adding a new entry Editing...
  • Page 246 Small apps Recording videos Smart Connect Reject call with message Remote operation settings Software keyboard Remote support Software update Reset Sony Select Ringtone setting Sound Ringtone volume Specific Absorption Rate of Mobile Phone Roaming settings Specification sp-mode Status bar Schedule...
  • Page 247 Storage TV Link Settings TV/Mobacas antenna cable Structure Watching reservation sugotoku contents Watching TV SYSTEM TV SideView Twitter Task manager Tethering Upgrade Android software Bluetooth tethering USB connection USB tethering USB Storage Wi-Fi tethering Text editing Theme Vibration Home screen Email Timer Silent mode...
  • Page 248 Xperia Chinese keyboard Xperia Connectivity Xperia Japanese keyboard Setting Xperia keyboard Xperia Lounge X-Reality for mobile YouTube Numerics 1Seg Appendix/Index...
  • Page 249 Make various applications or charge your billing plan, check your charges and points, and more online. sp-mode: dmenu " (Customer support)" " (Various applications/procedures)" (Packet communication free) (In Japanese only) PC: My docomo ( (Various applications/procedures) (In Japanese only) * When using with sp-mode, "Network security code" is required. * When using with sp-mode, you may be charged.
  • Page 250 *Items to be collected: mobile phones, PHS, battery packs, chargers, desktop holders (regardless of brands and Li-ion 00 manufacturers) Sales: NTT DOCOMO, INC. Manufacturer: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc. 13.10 (1st Edition) 1277-2348.1...