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Sony XPERIA Z1 Setup Manual

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Setting Guide
Thank you for buying the "Xperia
Z1" (simply called the "product" from here
In this guide, settings and precautions for using the product are described.
Basic operation
Importing contacts
Describes the basic operations.
Import contacts from microSD
memory card etc.
Initial settings
Exporting contacts
Make initial settings when you turn
the power on for the first time.
Export contacts to microSD memory
card etc.
Setting au ID
Sending or receiving contacts
Set up au ID.
via infrared communication
E-mail setting
Send or receive contacts via infrared
Make initial settings for @ezweb.
communication. etc.
Backing up to microSD
Making a call
memory card
Describes how to make a call.
Use a file management application to
Receiving a call
back up data.
Describes how to receive a call.
Saving battery power
Save battery power using widget.
Company names and product names referred to in this manual are trademarks or
registered trademarks of respective companies.
The TM, ® marks may be omitted in this manual.
Screen illustrations shown in this manual may look different from the actual screens.
In some cases, upper or lower part of a screen may be omitted.
Using Wi-Fi
network selection settings
Select from detected Wi-Fi
network to set.
To select a protected Wi-Fi
network, you need to enter a security key.
Select Wi-Fi
Input a password
Connect Wi-Fi
(security key)
Setting Wi-Fi
network manually
Add Wi-Fi
network manually.
Check network SSID, authentication type, etc. in advance.
If security is set, you need to enter a security key.
[Other network...]
Set network SSID and
Connect Wi-Fi
STEP 3: Setting Sony Entertainment Network
Sony Entertainment Network provides you with online services such
as online music store "Music Unlimited" or online video store "Video
Unlimited", and you can use these services with a single account.
Tap "Get started" to create and save a user account when using Sony
Entertainment Network.
Basic operation
For detailed descriptions of operations, refer to the "Instruction Manual"
(Japanese) application installed on the product or "
Instruction Manual)" (Japanese) available on the au homepage.
P Power key
Status bar
Current status and
Power ON
notification icons
Press and holdPfor over a second.
are displayed.
Screen Lock
PressPwhile the screen displayed, then the
backlight turns off and screen lock is activated
(avoiding the keys or touch screen from false
Unlocking Screen Lock
The unlock screen appears when turning the
power on or the backlight on by pressingP.
Swipe (flick) the screen up or down to unlock
the screen lock.
Application key
Tap to display the applications screen.
r Recently used applications
Tap to display a list of recently used
applications by a thumbnail or small apps. Tap
[Close all] at the top right of the screen to end
all applications and delete all list items in the
y Home key
Tap to display the Home screen.
x Back key
Tap to return to the previous screen.
Display (Touch panel)
Operate directly touching with your finger.
STEP 4: Accounts & sync <Setting Google account>
If you set up a Google account, you can use Google applications such as "Gmail", "Google Play", "Hangouts" or "Google+".
And, Gmail's mail address "(user name)" is automatically created from the user name set with a Google account.
To create an account, you are required to register "First" name, "Last" name and "Security question and Answer". In "Recovery email address", set a different
mail address used for contact from Google in case you forget your password etc. If you have no another mail, remain as blank.
Enter "First" name,
Enter a user name
* If you have Google account,
"Last" name
tap "Existing".
* After step 4, checking registration of username starts. If the entered user name is unavailable, an entry
screen for prompting another user name appears.
* In step 9, "Terms & Conditions" screen may appear first. In some cases, "Terms & Conditions" screen may
not appear.
You can use the product even if you do not set up a Google account.
STEP 4: Accounts & sync
Tap "Facebook"/"Twitter"/"Exchange ActiveSync" and follow onscreen instruction to set up an
account and synchronize.
Tap "
" of Automatic Synchronization to activate so that you can synchronize with
contacts, calendar, etc. of Gmail or online service.
Confirm contents
Confirm the
Confirm contents
To set online service, make sure that data communication is enabled. Check that
back up
appears on the status bar or the product is connected to a Wi-Fi
displayed texts
* If you select "Decline",
When you finish setting Accounts and Synchronization, tap "
confirm contents
STEP 5: Completion of setup
When the setup completion screen appears, tap "Finish".
Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen, tap [
Opening Notification panel
If any notification icons are displayed on
settings tool
the left side of the status bar, slide down the
status bar to open the Notification panel. You
can check details of notification icons or start
corresponding applications.
Open the Notification panel to enable/disable
functions with the Quick settings tool.
Touch panel operations
Tap: Gently touch
Keep touching an item
a screen and then
with your finger.
immediately release your
finger. Double tap: Tap
the same position twice.
Flick (swipe)
While your finger is
Operate the screen
gently touching the
by quickly moving
screen, trace it to the
(flicking) your finger
desired direction to move
up, down, right, or left.
Touch the screen with
Keep touching an item
two fingers and widen
or icon, trace it to the
(pinch-out) or narrow
desired direction to
(pinch-in) the fingers'
Displaying menu
There are two types for displaying the screen menu; tapping "
" and long-
touching an input field or item.
Enter a security
Select a question in
[Not now]
case you forget the
* If you select "Join Google+",
follow the onscreen instructions.
Enter an
[Setup guide], you can set each function and service.
Character entry
Use software keyboard to enter characters.
The software keyboard appears when you tap the entry field for registering
a contact, composing a mail, etc.
Software keyboard
To input Japanese, use "Xperia™ Japanese keyboard" switching five input
types of "Phonepad", "QWERTY keyboard", "Japanese syllabary", "Kana
handwriting", "Kanji handwriting".
Tap "
" to switch the character mode "Hiragana/Kanji"
"Alphanumeric" (except Kanji handwriting input).
Long-touch or Flick up "
" (tap "
" for Kanji handwriting input) to
switch software keyboard or check/change Xperia™ Japanese keyboard
QWERTY keyboard
Japanese syllabary
*1 You can enter the next
character over the entered
*2 You can enter kanji and
Kana handwriting
Kanji handwriting
katakana without switching
input mode.
Flick input
Touch a key in the phonepad to display input candidates for flick input as
follows. Flick in the direction of a desired character to enter.
Flick up
Flick left
Flick right
Flick down
Flick input screen
au Easy Setting
Set au convenient functions or services.
Confirm contents
Set au ID
Select a service to use
the contents
[Agree, and next]
Confirm contents
Confirm contents
Select a service to use
Select a service to use
[Agree, and next]
[Agree, and next]
* For setting au ID in the step 2, see "Setting au ID".
* If you select service in the step 3, you can back up contacts or photos etc. to au Cloud.
* If you select service in the step 4, information based on the location data is displayed
in the widget and receive the latest music information.
* If you select service in the step 5, you can set support service in case of loss, theft or
malfunction of the product. If you select "3LM", activate device administrator on next
Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen,
tap [
[au Easy Setting], you can set au service.
Initial settings
When you turn on the product for the first time, swipe (flick) the screen
up or down to unlock screen lock and follow the onscreen instructions
to set the language, functions, services, etc.
STEP START: Setting language
Select "English (United States)" and tap "Done".
Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home
screen, tap [
(Language &
(Language)] to set the language.
STEP 1: Starting basic settings
When "Welcome" appears, tap "
STEP 2: Setting Wi-Fi
Use home wireless LAN (Wi-Fi
) or public wireless LAN to connect
Internet service.
setting method as follows. Operate in a place where signal of
network can be received.
Tap "Search for networks" to detect available Wi-Fi
networks and
display the list.
network with
is open network.
network with
is protected by security. To connect, enter
password (security key).
To detect Wi-Fi
network manually or make Wi-Fi
advanced settings,
after the initial setting is complete, tap [
Using auto-setting (WPS)
WPS is a function enabling simple wireless LAN (Wi-Fi
) connection for advanced
security settings. You can use the WPS function of the product to connect to the
network through a WPS compatible wireless LAN (Wi-Fi
) device as an
access point. Make the WPS compatible device settings as required.
Tap [
[Automatic setup (WPS)] and follow the onscreen instructions.
Setting au ID
By setting au ID, you can use various services provided by au such as
(au Smart Pass) or "au Kantan Kessai", which allows
you to purchase applications from Google Play.
au ID which is already used by another user cannot be set.
From the Home
[au ID Setting]
[au ID
screen, [
Check the contents
au ID)]
Enter a security
Set password
(Go to setting screen)]
* Default value is
(Agree Terms of
Enter necessary
four-digit security
Use and register)]
Tap [
code written at
* If you already have au ID,
set from [au ID
(Register your
au ID)].


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  • Page 1 STEP 5: Completion of setup code written at * If you already have au ID, (Done)] screen. Tap "Get started" to create and save a user account when using Sony subscription. set from [au ID (Set)] When the setup completion screen appears, tap "Finish".
  • Page 2 E-mail setting Making a call Receiving a call Changing E-mail address Backing up Email To use E-mail (, subscription to LTE NET is required. If you Direct input calling Receiving a call did not subscribe it when you purchased the product, contact an au shop or Customer Service Center.