Miele Heat pump dryer Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Heat pump dryer
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 10 000 750


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Heat pump dryer To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-GB M.-Nr. 10 000 750...
  • Page 2: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Energy saving tips material To avoid unnecessarily long drying times and high consumption of energy: The packaging is designed to protect the appliance from damage during – Make sure that your laundry is transportation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment .................. 2 Warning and Safety instructions ................. 6 Operating the tumble dryer................. 18 Control panel......................18 Display ........................19 Before using for the first time................20 1. Notes on correct laundry care ................ 21 Points to note regarding washed laundry .............. 21 Preparing the laundry before drying ..............
  • Page 4 Contents Cleaning the plinth filter panel ................38 Checking the condenser unit................38 Replacing the plinth filter .................. 39 Fragrance flacon ....................41 Inserting a fragrance flacon ................... 41 Replacing the fragrance flacon ................43 Problem solving guide ..................45 Check indicators and fault messages..............
  • Page 5 Contents  Extended cool down..................67  Buzzer volume ....................67  Keypad tone....................67  Code........................ 68  Conductivity....................68  Additional drying levels................... 69  Standby ......................70  Automatic switch-off ..................71  Memory ......................71  Anti-crease....................... 71...
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    If using dry cleaning kits, do so at your own risk, and follow the instructions provided on the packaging. Any other applications may be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use or operation.
  • Page 7 Warning and Safety instructions  This tumble dryer can only be used by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, if they are supervised whilst using it or have been shown how to use it in a safe way and understand and recognise the consequences of incorrect operation.
  • Page 8 It is essential that this standard safety requirement is met. If in any doubt, please have the household wiring system tested by a qualified electrician. Miele cannot be held liable for the consequences of an inadequate earthing system (e.g.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions  This tumble dryer must not be used in a non-stationary location (e.g. on a ship).  Do not make any alterations to the tumble dryer, unless authorised to do so by Miele.
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions  Heat pump technology and refrigerant: The heat pump in this tumble dryer uses a refrigerant which is condensed by the compressor and led in a closed circuit through the heat exchanger unit where heat exchange with the circulating drying air takes place.
  • Page 11: Correct Use

    Warning and Safety instructions  Please observe the instructions in "Installation and connection" and the "Technical data".  The accessibility of the plug must always be ensured, in order to disconnect the tumble dryer from the mains.  Do not block the gap between the bottom of the tumble dryer and the floor with plinth facings, deep pile carpet etc.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions  To prevent the risk of fire, the following textiles must not be dried in this tumble dryer: – Items which have not been washed. – Items, such as workwear, which have not been thoroughly cleaned and which are still soiled with grease, oil or other deposits (such as cosmetics, lotions etc).
  • Page 13 Warning and Safety instructions  Remove all items from pockets (e.g. lighters, matches).  Warning: Do not switch the dryer off before the drying programme has finished. If this is done, the laundry must be hung up or spread out to cool it down. ...
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions  In many programmes, the heating phase is followed by a cooling down phase to ensure that the items are not too hot to handle when you remove them (this also avoids the danger of the laundry self- igniting).
  • Page 15 Warning and Safety instructions  Condensed water is not drinking water. It can cause health problems in both people and animals if consumed.  Always keep the area around the tumble dryer free of dust and fluff. Dust drawn into the tumble dryer can cause blockages in the heat exchanger over time.
  • Page 16 Warning and Safety instructions Using a fragrance flacon (optional accessory)  Only use genuine Miele original fragrance flacons.  The fragrance flacon must be stored in its packaging so please make sure you retain this.  Caution. The fragrance can leak out of the flacon. Make sure that...
  • Page 17 (available to order) to match your tumble dryer and washing machine is required.  If you order a plinth for this tumble dryer (available from Miele as an optional accessory - depending on country), make sure it is the correct one.
  • Page 18: Operating The Tumble Dryer

    Operating the tumble dryer Control panel d Programme selector a Display with  and  sensors See the following page for more For selecting the programme. information. e Optical interface For service technicians. b Start/Stop button For starting the programme selected f ...
  • Page 19: Display

    Operating the tumble dryer Display i Drying level display For selecting the drying level for programmes with a selectable drying level. See "  sensor". j  sensor This sensor has two functions. Touching the symbol will ..
  • Page 20: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Removing the protective foil and stickers  Remove – the protective foil from the door. – any stickers from the front and the lid.  Please do not remove any labels (e.g. the data plate), visible when you open the door.
  • Page 21: Notes On Correct Laundry Care

    1. Notes on correct laundry care Points to note regarding  See "Warning and Safety" washed laundry instructions for further information. Loading or using the tumble dryer – When washing very heavily soiled incorrectly could cause a fire. items ensure that you use sufficient detergent and select a high –...
  • Page 22: Garment Care Label Symbols

    1. Notes on correct laundry care Garment care label symbols – Down-filled garments have linings which have a tendency to shrink, Drying depending on the quality of the item. They can be partially dried using the  Normal/higher temperature Gentle smoothing programme. ...
  • Page 23: Load The Tumble Dryer

    2. Load the tumble dryer When closing the door make sure  It is essential to read "1. Notes that laundry does not get trapped in on correct laundry care" first of the door opening. all. This could damage the laundry. ...
  • Page 24: Select A Programme And Start It

    3. Select a programme and start it Select a programme Any drying level can be selected for the Cottons and Express programmes. A more limited range is available when using the other programmes. Additional drying levels Tip: Using the programmable functions you can activate/deactivate additional drying levels.
  • Page 25 3. Select a programme and start it Other programmes and the timed drying programmes – Cottons , Woollens handcare, Silks handcare The drying level is preset and cannot be altered. – Warm air You can select the duration in ten- minute stages.
  • Page 26: Select Any Options Or Delay Start (If Required)

    3. Select a programme and start it Select any options or delay Delay start start (if required) You can delay the start of the programme. Please see "Options" for further However: delay start cannot be used information. with the Warm air programme. To select options ...
  • Page 27: Remove The Laundry

    4. Remove the laundry End of programme/Anti-crease Check that all items have been removed from the drum. At the end of the programme:  will If items are left in the dryer, they light up in the display and the Start/ could be damaged by overdrying Stop button will go out.
  • Page 28: Options

    Options Buzzer A buzzer (four beeps at intervals for a maximum of 1 hour) will sound to let you know that the programme has finished. The continuous buzzer which sounds when there is a fault is not dependent on the setting for the buzzer at the end of the programme.
  • Page 29: Delay Start

    Delay start To select delay start – The drum will turn briefly every hour until the start of the programme to With delay start you can delay the start reduce creasing. of the programme by up to a maximum of 24 hours. To change delay start after it has started counting down However: delay start cannot be used...
  • Page 30: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Cottons  ** Max. load 8.0 kg* Use for Cotton items such as those described under Cottons Normal with normal residual moisture. Note – Items are dried to a Normal level only. – The Cottons  programme is the most energy-efficient for drying cotton items with normal residual moisture levels.
  • Page 31 Programme chart Woollens handcare Max. load 2.0 kg* Use for Woollen garments and fabric containing wool blends, e.g. pullovers, jackets and socks. Note – Wool and wool blend items are only fluffed up; they are not dried completely. – Remove garments as soon as the programme has finished. Silks handcare Max.
  • Page 32 Programme chart Gentle smoothing Max. load 1.0 kg* Normal, Hand iron Use for – Cotton and linen fabric – Minimum iron items made of cotton, synthetic or mixed fibre, e.g. trousers, jackets, shirts. Note – Suitable for dry and damp laundry. –...
  • Page 33: Changing The Programme Sequence

    Changing the programme sequence You cannot change to another Adding or removing laundry programme once a programme has after a programme has started started (this prevents unintentional  Press the Start/Stop button. alterations). The items will be cooled down, If you move the programme selector, depending on the temperature reached ...
  • Page 34: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Emptying the condensed water container The condensed water is collected in the condensed water container. Empty the condensed water container after every drying programme. The  indicator will light up if the maximum level of the condensed water container is reached.
  • Page 35: Fluff Filters

    Cleaning and care Fluff filters This tumble dryer has 2 fluff filters in the door opening: the upper and lower fluff filters trap fluff produced during the drying process. Removing visible fluff Remove any fluff after every drying cycle. Tip: You can also use a vacuum cleaner so that you can remove the fluff without ...
  • Page 36: Cleaning The Fluff Filters And Air Flow Openings Thoroughly

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the fluff filters and air flow  Hold the dial and pull the fluff filter openings thoroughly forwards to remove it. If the drying duration has become longer or the surface of the filters is visibly compacted with fluff, you should carry out the following cleaning procedure.
  • Page 37: Plinth Filter

    Cleaning and care Plinth filter Removing the plinth filter will cause the right hand guide pin in the dryer to Only clean the plinth filter when the come out. This pin ensures that the  indicator lights up. heat exchanger access panel can only be closed if the plinth filter is inserted To delete the ...
  • Page 38: Cleaning The Plinth Filter Panel

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the plinth filter panel Checking the condenser unit  Danger of injury. Do not touch the cooling fins. You could cut yourself.  Look to see if fluff has accumulated. If there is visible soiling:  Clean using a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush attached.
  • Page 39: Replacing The Plinth Filter

     First insert the handle with the plinth filter attached over the two guide pins. – The word Miele on the handle must be the correct way up.  Push the plinth filter in completely. The act of pushing in the plinth filter will...
  • Page 40: Tumble Dryer

    Cleaning and care Tumble dryer  Disconnect the tumble dryer from the mains electricity supply.  Do not use solvents, abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners or all- purpose cleaners. These could damage plastic surfaces and other parts.  Clean the tumble dryer with a slightly damp cloth and a mild non-abrasive cleaning agent or a solution of washing-up liquid and water.
  • Page 41: Fragrance Flacon

    Fragrance flacon Using a fragrance flacon (optional accessory) will add a pleasant fragrance to your laundry.  Before using a fragrance flacon, please read "Warning and safety instructions - Using a fragrance flacon (optional accessory)". Inserting a fragrance flacon Only hold the fragrance flacon as illustrated.
  • Page 42: Before Drying

    Fragrance flacon – You will feel a slight resistance and Markers  and  must line up with hear a soft click. one another. Marker  must be in position : this is the position at which you can feel a resistance.
  • Page 43: Replacing The Fragrance Flacon

    See the following section.  Replace the fragrance flacon with a new one. Fragrance flacons are available to order from Miele or online at www.miele-shop.com.
  • Page 44 Fragrance flacon – when purchasing new fragrance flacons: only remove the protective seal just before use Cleaning the fluff filters The intensity of the fragrance will be diminished if the fluff filters and the plinth filter are not cleaned.  The fragrance filter must be removed before cleaning the fluff filter.
  • Page 45: Problem Solving Guide

     Switch the dryer off and then on again. programme has been  Start a programme. cancelled If the programme is cancelled again and an error message appears, there is a fault. Contact the Miele Service Department.
  • Page 46 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy  lights up at the end There is a build-up of fluff in the airways. of a programme  Clean the fluff filters.  Clean the plinth filter. See "Cleaning and care". To switch  off: ...
  • Page 47: Unsatisfactory Drying Results

    Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory drying results Problem Cause and remedy The laundry is not The load consisted of different types of fabric. sufficiently dry  Finish drying using the Warm air timed drying programme.  Select a different programme next time. Tip: You can alter the drying levels for some programmes (see "Programmable functions").
  • Page 48: Other Problems

    Problem solving guide Other problems Problem Cause and remedy The drying process The room in which the dryer is located is too warm. goes on too long or  Ventilate the room thoroughly. even switches off * Detergent residues, hair and fine fluff can clog the filters.
  • Page 49 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy A programme does not No obvious cause. start  Connect the tumble dryer to the mains  Turn on the tumble dryer  Close the door  Check whether the mains fuse has tripped Has there been a power cut? When power is restored any previously running programme will restart automatically.
  • Page 50: Bottom Right Grille

    Problem solving guide Bottom right grille  Danger of injury. Do not touch the cooling fins. You could cut  In general, the cooling fins yourself. behind the grille on the bottom right do not need cleaning. They should  Use a vacuum cleaner with a only be cleaned if the drying process dusting brush attached to clean the...
  • Page 51: After Sales Service

    In the event of any faults which you Optional accessories for this tumble cannot remedy yourself, please contact dryer are available from Miele, your your Miele Dealer or the Miele Service Miele dealer or via the internet at: Department. Contact details for Miele are given at the end of this booklet.
  • Page 52: Installation And Connection

    Installation and connection Front view a Mains connection cable e Heat exchanger access panel – do not open during drying b Control panel f Four height adjustable screw feet c Condensed water container g Cool air intake grille – empty after every drying cycle –...
  • Page 53: Rear View

    Installation and connection Rear view  If transporting the dryer at an angle, only tip towards the left side. a Protruding lid for holding when moving the dryer (see arrows) b Accessories for external drainage of condensed water: hose clip, adapter and hose holder c Hose for external drainage of condensed water...
  • Page 54: Installation

    Installation and connection Installation Ventilation  The cool air intake at the front of Levelling the dryer the dryer must not be blocked or  Make sure the dryer door can be covered. This would hinder a opened without hindrance after sufficient intake of cool air for the installation.
  • Page 55: Additional Installation Requirements

    – Washer-dryer stack – Drying durations may increase The tumble dryer can be combined with slightly. a Miele washing machine in a washer- dryer stack. The appropriate Miele A build-up of heat can be avoided by: washer-dryer stacking kit is required.
  • Page 56: External Condensed Water Outlet

    Installation and connection External condensed water Installation conditions requiring a non-return valve outlet  There is a risk of back-flow into Notes the dryer if a non-return valve is not When drying is in progress, fitted. condensed water is pumped into the Back-flow could damage the dryer condensed water container through and also the room in which it is...
  • Page 57: Arranging The Drain Hose

    Installation and connection Arranging the drain hose  Do not pull on the drain hose and do not stretch it or allow it to become kinked. This could damage the hose. There will be a small amount of residual water left in the drain hose. Have a container ready to collect this.
  • Page 58: Examples

    Installation and connection Examples Direct connection to a sink drain outlet – Drainage into a sink or floor gully Use the hose holder to prevent the drain hose from becoming kinked.  Remove the following from the back of the dryer at the top: Adapter 1 and hose clip 3 behind it.
  • Page 59 Installation and connection  Fit adapter 1 to the sink drain outlet using nut 2. The nut is usually fitted with a washer which must be removed.  Attach the end of the hose 4 to adapter 1.  Use the hose holder. ...
  • Page 60: Electrical Connection U.k

    Installation and connection Electrical connection U.K. Non-rewireable plugs BS 1363 All electrical work should be carried out The fuse cover must be refitted when by a suitably qualified and competent changing the fuse, and if the fuse cover person, in strict accordance with is lost, the plug must not be used until current national and local safety a suitable replacement is obtained.
  • Page 61: Consumption Data

    Consumption data Final spin speed in Residual Energy Duration Load a domestic moisture washing machine 1000 2.14 Cottons  1000 1.28 Cottons Normal 1200 1.90 1400 1.80 1600 1.60 Cottons Normal + Gentle tumble 1000 2.19 Cottons Hand iron 1000 1.52 1200 1.35...
  • Page 62: Technical Data

    Technical data Height 850 mm Width 596 mm Depth 636 mm Depth with door open 1054 mm Height for building under 820 mm (+8/-2 mm) Width for building under 600 mm Depth for building under 600 mm Suitable for pushing under a worktop Suitable for stacking Weight Approx.
  • Page 63 Programmable functions Various settings can be reprogrammed to alter the dryer's electronics to suit different requirements. They can be altered at any time.
  • Page 64: Programmable Functions

    Programmable functions Programming II) To select a programmable function You can use the programmable functions to alter the dryer's The number of the programmable electronics to suit your requirements. function will appear in the display as  and a number: Please read the following pages e.g.
  • Page 65 Programmable functions III) To select a different option  Confirm your selection of the option selected by pressing the Start/Stop The options allow you to alter the button. features of the particular programmable The number of the programmable function. function: e.g.  will light up again. The option will appear in the time display as ...
  • Page 66: Example

    Programmable functions Example III) To select a different option  will light up in the time display. The example describes how to call up These numbers mean that the keypad the " Keypad tone" programmable tone is switched off. function. When the Keypad tone To switch on the keypad tone: programmable function is switched on, a tone will sound every time a...
  • Page 67: Cottons Programme - Drier Or Damper

    Programmable functions  Cottons programme - drier  Extended cool down or damper The automatic cooling down phase which takes place before the end of a programme can be extended for all  Minimum iron programme programmes with selectable drying - drier or damper levels.
  • Page 68: Code

    Programmable functions  Code  Conductivity The code prevents your dryer being  This programmable function used without your knowledge. should only be set if the residual moisture reading in your laundry is When the code has been activated, you incorrect due to extremely soft water.
  • Page 69: Additional Drying Levels

    Programmable functions  Additional drying levels You can activate additional drying levels for many of the programmes: Normal+ (drier than the Normal drying level); Slightly dry (damper than Normal drying level); Hand iron  (damper than the Hand iron drying level). This programmable function is only available for programmes with a selectable drying level.
  • Page 70: Standby

    Programmable functions  Standby To switch the display and buttons back on again To save energy the display and – Turn the programme selector or press buttons will go out after 10 minutes a button. Neither will have any effect and only the Start/Stop button will if a programme is running.
  • Page 71: Automatic Switch-Off

    Programmable functions  Automatic switch-off  Memory To save energy the dryer will switch The electronics will store in memory a off automatically after 15 minutes. You drying level or options for a selected can lengthen or shorten the time. programme.
  • Page 75 Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24 Dubai Tel: (01) 461 07 10, Fax: (01) 461 07 97 Tel: +971-4-341 84 44 E-Mail: info@miele.ie, Internet: www.miele.ie Fax: +971-4-341 88 52 Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG E-Mail: info@miele.ae Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany Internet: www.miele.ae...
  • Page 76 TKB 340 WP  en-GB M.-Nr. 10 000 750 / 01...

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