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Korg The iS40 Manual

Korg the is40 guide.
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   Summary of Contents for Korg The iS40

  • Page 1

    iS40 Guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Korg iS40 Guide Product Overview Features and Benefits Arrangements and Styles The Backing Sequencer Programs and Effects Song Play / Edit modes Disk/Global mode The Display Tutorial: Listening to the Demo Songs About the Accessory Disk The JukeBox Function Loading the Factory Data...

  • Page 3: Product Overview

    It’s a Korg Synthesizer With 14 Mbyte of PCM memory and 384 sounds onboard, as well as 2 independent effect processors with 47 selectable effects available, the iS40 stands on its own as a very sophisticated programmable synthesizer and performance keyboard.

  • Page 4: Features And Benefits

    Series and SGproX. Each processor offers 47 different effects types with real-time modulation control. The iS40 offers up to 4 effects at the same time with a number of routing configurations, perfect for mixing the group of instruments used within each Arrangement or sequence.

  • Page 5

    Allows you to select the order that SMF’s will play from disk for custom setlists. This allows you to connect the iS40 up directly to your Mac or PC without the need for a MIDI interface. This allows you to plug a microphone or CD player through the iS40’s excellent...

  • Page 6: Arrangements And Styles

    Arrangements and Styles This is the main operative mode in the i-series. As soon as you power-up the iS40, it is in Arrangement mode. There are 192 arrangements available, and you’ll find them organized into 3 banks of 64 arrangements each.

  • Page 7: The Backing Sequencer

    Standard MIDI file. Both formats 1(16 separate tracks) and 0 (1 multi-channel track) are supported, and the iS40 converts format 1 files to format 0, which is accessed faster in Song Play mode. Song Edit mode also gives you 16 tracks to record a new song, with all...

  • Page 8: Disk/global Mode

    (see manual page 19) Listening to the Demo Songs There are 16 ROM demos in the iS40. Here’s how to access them: Press the ARR.PLAY and B.SEQ (DEMO) buttons together. The “Demo” page will appear in the display.

  • Page 9: About The Accessory Disk

    20 for a listing of the individual demo songs) About the Accessory Disk The disk that comes with the iS40 contains all of the Factory preset data, as well as additional files, including demonstration Backing Sequence and Standard MIDI file data.

  • Page 10: Working With Arrangements

    Press the ENTER/YES button again to load all the Factory data from disk. When all data has been loaded, the display will prompt “Completed”. Press any other MODE button to exit from DISK/GLOBAL mode. Working With Arrangements Press ARR.PLAY to enter Arrangement Play mode. The LED will light. Press ARRANGEMENT BANK [A], then press ARRANGEMENT NUMBER [2] twice to select Arrangement A22 Windy Beat.

  • Page 11: The Synchro Button

    When the arrangement is stopped, you can use the DIAL or the TEMPO/VALUE buttons to change the tempo of the current arrangement. On the iS40, you can also “tap” the tempo you want with the TAP TEMPO button. The time between taps is calculated and the resulting tempo is changed and shown in the Display.

  • Page 12: The Single Touch Button

    Lower ranges. These programs can be layered or split, and used for live playing over the backing tracks of an arrangement. In the iS40, there are 15 Keyboard Sets available as well (more on that later). The SINGLE TOUCH button allows you to distinguish which Keyboard sounds will be used when going from one arrangement to another.

  • Page 13: The Volume Section

    Korg iS40 Guide The VOLUME section Below the Display, you’ll find a set of buttons which determine the volume and muting status of each of the tracks in an arrangement. (Note that in Song Play mode, these buttons become Track/MIDI channel buttons 1-16, and that in Program mode, these...

  • Page 14: Getting The Original Arrangement Back

    Press PROGRAM NUMBER buttons [17] to select “Dr17 Dance Kit”. Listen to the arrangement - the drum track is now using Dr17 as the drum kit. Press the BASS button in the VOLUME section. Korg iS40 Guide...

  • Page 15: More On The Keyboard Tracks- Splits, Layers Etc

    Korg iS40 Guide Press PROGRAM NUMBER buttons [51] to change the bass track to an acoustic bass sound. Re-select Arrangement A31 again, to recall the original setup. * Remember that you can write edited arrangements to the USER bank, and retain the original arrangement in the A and B banks.

  • Page 16

    Press and Hold the SPLIT POINT button, located to the left of the display in the MODE section. Look in the Display as you do this, and in the upper-right area, you’ll see “SPLIT” and “C4” below it. This is the current split point for Arrangement B66. While Holding the SPLIT POINT button, press any key on the keyboard, and the Display will indicate the new selected split point.

  • Page 17: The Keyboard Mode Section

    Korg iS40 Guide The KEYBOARD MODE section: The KEYBOARD MODE section is used to choose the way the Upper 1,2 and Lower tracks are placed on the keyboard, and these settings are written as part of an arrangement. Also, in this section you can play manual drum sounds on the keyboard by pressing the M.DRUMS button.

  • Page 18: Chord Scanning And Recognition

    Press both TRANSPOSE buttons to cancel the transposition. Chord Scanning and Recognition Whenever an arrangement or backing sequence is selected, this section of the iS40 specifies which area of the keyboard will be used to detect the chords you play. Almost...

  • Page 19

    Korg iS40 Guide chord. However, this can be changed on page 11 of Global mode. For more information on chord scanning and recognition, consult the owner’s manual. The number of notes you have to play for the backing tracks to detect a chord depends on the settings in the Chord Recognition mode (page 11 of Global mode).

  • Page 20: Warp-speed Tour Of Arrangements

    Warp-Speed Tour of an Arrangement Now that you’re getting to be an “expert” on the iS40, let’s work with Chord Scanning, backing tracks, styles, etc., at an accelerated pace, and completely change the way an arrangement can work: Select Arrangement “A52 Underground”.

  • Page 21: Keyboard Sets

    Disk that ships with the iS40. Keyboard Sets On the iS40 there are 15 Keyboard sets available. These allow you to recall a setup of control panel memories, simply by selecting a desired Keyboard set! Splits or layers of specific programs, effects, octaves, scanning, keyboard assign and keyboard mode - all of these settings can be stored as Keyboard sets.

  • Page 22

    11. Release the REC/WRITE button, then press the ENTER/YES button twice, to WRITE your new Keyboard Set into memory. 12. Now re-select Arrangement “A13 L.A. R&B”. Note that the original track assignments are recalled, but when playing this arrangement, or any other Korg iS40 Guide...

  • Page 23: Working With The Backing Sequencer

    Standard MIDI file and attach it to the email you send daily to your friends. The Accessory Disk that is included with the iS40 contains a Backing Sequence Demo. When you turn off the iS40, you will lose any Backing Sequence data, so it’s important that you backup ALL your data! The Backing Sequencer Demo Before you learn how to record your own Backing Sequence, let’s take a quick “tour”...

  • Page 24

    Press START/STOP to listen to your new Backing Sequence! What’s that? You don’t like what you’ve done? Not a problem - just hit the RESET button and begin recording again - you’ll overwrite everything in the current Backing Sequence. Korg iS40 Guide...

  • Page 25: Working With Standard Midi Files

    - by recording the keyboard, control, and chord tracks all at once. This is a great way to check out the iS40, but just so you know, there are other ways to record Backing Sequences, and many more features like quantizing and event editing of recorded data - even Step Recording! For more information on the Backing Sequencer, consult the owner’s manual.

  • Page 26: Working With The Jukebox Function

    Editing Standard MIDI files - Song Edit mode: The iS40 will automatically convert a Format 0 SMF file to Format 1, so that you can freely edit any of the tracks available. Once the song has been edited, you can save it as a SMF in either Format 0 or 1.

  • Page 27: Program Mode, Performance Editing, Program Editing

    Korg iS40 Guide Program Mode There are 384 onboard sounds in the iS40. They are located in the PROGRAM section, and are organized into six banks (A-F) plus a drum bank. Banks A-E include 320 ROM programs (A&B are GM). Bank F/USER contains 64 RAM programs. Pressing Bank button F repeatedly toggles between the F and DRUM bank.

  • Page 28: Additional Features

    More detailed information on program editing is available in the owner’s manual pgs. 143-169. Additional Features This tutorial has provided you with a basic understanding of the iS40. There are some additional and important features that haven’t been discussed yet: MEMORY-CHORD / button: When this button is ON in Arrangement Play and Backing Sequencer modes, the accompaniment and bass track continue to play, even when you release the keyboard.

  • Page 29

    9 of Global mode. About the Owner’s Manual: “Owner’s Manuals”...those two words can send chills up the spines of just about anybody, right? Well, not in the case of the iS40! You’ll be pleased to know that the...

  • Page 30

    Take a look at it...go on...get it out and read it! We think you will agree - this is one of the best-written product manuals available! What are the main differences between the iS40 and iS50? iS40 ($1695) Aftertouch...

  • Page 31: Arrangement, Program Listings

    World Music 1 Light Rock Pop Rock Open Rock Heavy Rock Rock Ballad Half Time Rock & Roll Rock Hip Hop Korg iS40 Guide Ballroom Dance 1 Pop 6/8 Back to 60’s Rock 6/8 Flipper 6/8 Flipper 4/4 Twist Hully Gully...

  • Page 32

    Korg iS40 Guide Programs You can select the programs via MIDI, sending Bank Select MSB, Bank Select LSB (shown in table as BS) and Program Change (shown in table as PC) messages, through the MIDI channel you wish to change the program to.

  • Page 33

    Strings N-Strings Ravel Pad Dark Pad Yoshi Pad Swell Pad Light Pizz DblStrings 040-047 048-055 064, 067-071 057-063 Korg iS40 Guide AirVoxDbl Glassglide Synth lead Synth pad Soft Solo Big Lead PurePanLd. Rubby Dist.Lead Vox Lead Big Fives Big & Raw...

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