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Sony CDX-GT360MP Operating Instructions Manual

Sony CDX-GT360MP Operating Instructions Manual

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Compact Disc
Owner's Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the unit.
Record the serial number in the space provided below.
Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer
regarding this product.
Model No.
To cancel the demonstration (DEMO) display, see page 5.
Pour annuler l'affichage de démonstration (DEMO), reportez-
vous à la page 4.
Serial No.
Operating Instructions US
Mode d'emploi


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sony CDX-GT360MP

  • Page 1: Compact Disc Player

    Owner’s Record The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No.
  • Page 2 ÉTATS-UNIS. NON APPLICABLE AU contains perchlorate CANADA, Y COMPRIS LA PROVINCE DE QUÉBEC. CDX-GT360MP only This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 3 MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. Note on the lithium battery Do not expose the battery to excessive heat such as direct sunlight, fire or the like. Warning if your car’s ignition has no ACC position Be sure to set the Auto Off function (page 12).
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    SiriusXM tuner (CDX-GT360MP only) ........
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Detaching the front panel Getting Started You can detach the front panel of this unit to prevent theft. Canceling the DEMO Press and hold mode The unit is turned off. You can cancel the demonstration display Press the front panel release button which appears during turning off.
  • Page 6: Location Of Controls

    Location of controls Main unit RM-X201 Remote This section contains instructions on the location of controls and basic operations. commander (BACK) button To return to the previous display. SOURCE/OFF button* Press to turn on the power/change the source (Radio/CD/AUX). Press and hold for 1 second to turn off the power.
  • Page 7 To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press again. Front panel release button page 5 SOUND/MENU button PTY/CAT* button (CDX-GT360MP) To enter sound setting (press); enter page 9, 13 menu (press and hold). To select PTY in RDS. PTY button (CDX-GT260MP) page 9 DSPL (display) button To select PTY in RDS.
  • Page 8: Radio

    Note If the unit is turned off and the display Radio disappears, it cannot be operated with the remote commander unless on the unit is pressed, or a disc is inserted to activate the unit Storing and receiving first. stations Caution When tuning in stations while driving, use Best Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an...
  • Page 9: Rds

    Type of programs Tuning automatically NEWS (News), INFORM (Information), Select the band, then press +/– SPORTS (Sports), TALK (Talk), ROCK to search for the station. (Rock), CLS ROCK (Classic Rock), ADLT Scanning stops when the unit receives a HIT (Adult Hits), SOFT RCK (Soft Rock), station.
  • Page 10: Playing A Disc

    Playing tracks in various modes You can listen to tracks repeatedly (repeat Playing a disc play) or in random order (shuffle play). This unit can play CD-DA (also containing During playback, press (REP) or CD TEXT) and CD-R/CD-RW (MP3/ (SHUF) repeatedly until the WMA files (page 15)).
  • Page 11: Sound Settings And Setup Menu

    (R15)” – “CENTER (0)” – “LEFT-15 The volume level is adjustable in 1 dB (L15).” steps, from –10 dB to +10 dB. FADER Example: CDX-GT360MP Adjusts the relative level: “FRONT-15 (F15)” – “CENTER (0)” – “REAR-15 (R15).” SW LEVEL* (Subwoofer Level)
  • Page 12: Adjusting Setup Items

    Changes the display brightness: “ON,” “OFF.” Press and hold the select button. The setup display appears. M.DISPLAY (Motion Display) CDX-GT360MP Rotate the control dial until the desired – “SA”: to show moving patterns and item appears, then press it. spectrum analyzer.
  • Page 13: Using Optional Equipment

    SiriusXM tuner (CDX- Using optional GT360MP only) equipment By connecting an optional SiriusXM tuner, you can use the features and functions of Auxiliary audio the SiriusXM satellite radio (Sirius and XM equipment subscriptions sold separately). For more details on the services, visit the following web site: By connecting an optional portable audio
  • Page 14: Additional Information

    To change the passcode On the set up menu (page 12), rotate the Additional control dial to select “PARENTAL,” then Information press it. Rotate the control dial to select “CODEEDIT,” then press it. Precautions On the current passcode input display, enter the current passcode, then press the control •...
  • Page 15: About Mp3 Files

    Note MP3/WMA file Playback of the following WMA files is not (track) supported. – lossless compression – copyright-protected If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    Notes Maintenance • For safety, turn off the ignition before cleaning the connectors, and remove the key from the Replacing the lithium battery of the ignition switch. remote commander • Never touch the connectors directly with your fingers or with any metal device. When the battery becomes weak, the range of the remote commander becomes shorter.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Remote commander: RM-X201 Parts for installation and connections (1 set) No sound. Optional accessories/equipment: for CDX-GT360MP The ATT function is activated. SiriusXM tuner: SXV100 The position of the fader control “FAD” is not set for a 2-speaker system.
  • Page 18: Radio Reception

    During playback or reception, demonstration mode starts. PTY displays “- - - - - - - -.” If no operation is performed for 5 minutes The current station is not an RDS station. with “DEMO-ON” set, demonstration mode RDS data has not been received. starts.
  • Page 19: Error Displays/Messages

    The unit is reading all track and album If these solutions do not help improve the information on the disc. situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer. – Wait until reading is complete and playback If you take the unit to be repaired because of starts automatically.
  • Page 20 If you have any questions/problems regarding this product, try the following: Read Troubleshooting in these Operating Instructions. Please contact (U.S.A. only); 1-800-222-7669 Call ©2011 Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand...
  • Page 21: Connection Diagram

    4-284-521-11(2) FM/AM Compact Disc Player REAR / SUB AUDIO OUT Installation/Connections Installation/Connexions CDX-GT360MP Satellite radio tuner (SiriusXM)* Syntoniseur radio satellite (SiriusXM)* * not supplied SIRIUSXM IN non fourni CDX-GT360MP/CDX-GT260MP Cautions Connection example  This unit is designed for negative ground (earth) 12 V Notes (-A)
  • Page 22 RCA pin cord (not supplied) AUDIO OUT can be switched SUB or REAR. For CDX-GT360MP details, see the supplied Operating Instructions. CDX-GT360MP only Separate adaptor may be required. not supplied. Cordon à broche RCA (non fourni) AUDIO OUT peut être commuté sur SUB ou from car antenna (aerial) REAR.
  • Page 23 Montage de l’appareil dans You may not be able to install this unit in some makes of remplacez le fusible. Si le nouveau Japanese cars. In such a case, consult your Sony dealer. une voiture japonaise fusible grille également, il est Note possible que l’appareil soit...
  • Page 24 TOYOTA NISSAN   size size 5 × max. 8 mm 5 × max. 8 mm × max. × max. dimension dimension 5 × max. 8 mm to dashboard/center console 5 × max. 8 mm to dashboard/center console × po max.) vers le tableau de bord/la console centrale ×...

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