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Mitsubishi Electric Apricot HP DDS DRIVES User Manual page 5

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cassette again. If the warning persists, copy the data onto a new
cassette and discard the old one. The media caution signal will
clear when a new cassette is loaded or when the drive is switched
off and then back on.
A media caution signal can also indicate that a prerecorded audio
DAT cassette has been inserted by mistake.
Hardware error or high humidity
If the Drive Busy (amber) LED flashes rapidly, this indicates
either a hardware error or dew (high humidity). If this happens
soon after powering-up the computer, the drive's diagnostic test
may have failed, in which case the drive will not operate. Request
help from your supplier or an authorized maintainer.
If the drive detects high humidity, the tape is automatically
ejected. As soon as the drive detects that the humidity is at an
acceptable level, it will return to normal operation. When high
humidity is detected, you should allow approximately 1 hour for
the drive to acclimatize before trying again.
Automatic drive operation
To prolong the life of the tape and the drive mechanism, the
drive "relaxes" during periods of inactivity (no read or write
Inserting a cassette
Insert the cassette into the slot with the triangular arrowhead
on the cassette uppermost, and pointing towards the drive. As
the tape is inserted, the drive takes it and automatically loads it
After 30 seconds, the capstan and pinch roller are released
and tape tension is removed.
After 90 seconds, the tape is pulled away from the head
cylinder, and the cylinder stops rotating.



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