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Sanyo VCC-6585P Instruction Manual

Color ccd camera.
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COLOR CCD camera
About this manual
Before installing and using the camera, please read this manual
carefully. Be sure to keep it handy for later reference.
Depending on the conditions of use, installation and
environment, please be sure to make the appropriate settings
and adjustments. If you need help with installation and/or
settings, please consult your dealer.
GND terminal, AC24V / DC12V terminal
Ground terminal and power input terminal.
VIDEO OUT terminal (BNC connector)
Output terminal for connecting to the video input terminal on the monitor,
digital video recorder or time-lapse VCR.
POWER indicator
Lights when the camera power is on.
Camera adjustment/setting section
See "
LENS terminal
Lens iris output terminal which is used to connect the lens plug when the
auto-iris lens is attached.
Brake coil (-)
Brake coil (+)
Drive coil (+)
Drive coil (-)
Backlight compensation:
Multi-spot metering (normal and high) and center-
weighted metering
1/3-inch CCD solid-state image device
Number of total pixels: 470,000 pixels
Horizontal resolution of 520 TV lines, Image S/N ratio
of 48 dB min.
Minimum required illumination of 0.5 lx (F1.2 lens)
Power supply: AC 24 V and DC 12 V
Dimensions: mm
1/4"-20 UNC
LOCK screw
Locking screw for the flange-back adjustment dial.
Flange-back adjustment dial
Camera attachment bracket
Used to attach the camera.
Lens mount cap
Protects internal parts of the camera, such as the CCD, from damage.
Attaching the lens
Use a DC type auto-iris lens (sold separately).
Do not use a lens if length "L" is more than 5 mm.
Otherwise, it may damage the camera and prevent
proper installation.
Depending on the type of lens, the shape of the lens plug
may differ. In this case, consult your dealer or an
Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
When attaching a C mount lens, attach the lens to the
camera after inserting the C mount ring (sold
Remove the lens mount
cap from the camera.
Install the auto-iris lens.
Connect the lens plug to
the LENS terminal on
the side of the camera.
CS mount type lens
In case of problem
Do not use the unit if smoke or a strange odor comes from the unit,
or if it seems not to function correctly. Turn off the power
immediately and disconnect the power cord, and then consult your
dealer or an Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
Do not open or modify
Do not open the cabinet, as it may be dangerous and cause
damage to the unit. For repairs, consult your dealer or an
Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
Do not put objects inside the unit
Make sure that no metal objects or flammable substance get inside
the unit. If used with a foreign object inside, it could cause a fire, a
short-circuit or damage. Be careful to protect the unit from rain, sea
water, etc. If water or liquid gets inside the unit, turn off the power
immediately and disconnect the power cord, and then consult your
dealer or an Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
Be careful when handling the unit
To prevent damage, do not drop the unit or subject it to strong
shock or vibration.
Do not install this unit close to magnetic fields
The magnetic fields may result in unstable operation.
Protect from humidity and dust
To prevent damage, do not install the unit where there is greasy
smoke or steam, where the humidity may get too high, or where
there is a lot of dust.
Before sending the camera out for repair, check the items below.
If the problem persists after checking these items, consult your
dealer or an Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
If no image appears
Is the coaxial cable attached securely?
Are the power and voltage normal?
Has the iris of the lens been adjusted correctly (with the LEVEL
Is there adequate illumination?
If the image is unclear
Is the monitor adjusted correctly?
Is the flange-back position correctly set?
Is the lens in focus?
Is the lens clean?
Dirt or fingerprints on the lens can adversely affect the image.
Gently wipe any dirt or fingerprints off the lens with a soft cloth or
lens cleaning paper and cleaning fluid (commercially available).
The camera is a precision instrument. Handle it carefully and
always follow the safety precautions. If the camera requires service,
never try to repair it yourself or open the casing.
For servicing, maintenance, or repairs, consult your dealer or an
Authorized Sanyo Service Center.
Protect from high temperatures
Do not install close to stoves, or other heat sources, such as
spotlights, etc., or where it could be subject to direct sunlight, as this
could cause deformation, discoloration or other damages.
Be careful when installing close to the ceiling, in a kitchen or boiler
room, as the temperature may rise to high levels.
Dirt can be removed from the cabinet by wiping it with a soft cloth.
To remove stains, wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a soft
detergent solution and wrung dry, then dry by wiping with a soft
Do not use benzine, thinner or other chemical products on the
cabinet, as this may cause deformation and paint peeling. Before
using a chemical cloth, make sure to read all accompanying
instructions. Make sure that no plastic or rubber material comes
into contact with the cabinet for a long period of time, as this may
cause damage or paint peeling.
Printed on recycled paper
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
L5AX2/XE (0704TR-SY)
Printed in Japan
Scanning system
: PAL standard TV system
(625 TV lines, 25 frames/s)
: 2:1 interlace
Image device
: Interline transfer method, 1/3-inch solid-state
image device CCD
Number of
: 752 (H) x 582 (V)
effective pixels
Sync system
: Internal sync/Line lock (only when using an AC 24 V
: 520 TV lines horizontally, 400 TV lines vertically
Video output terminal : 1.0 V(p-p)/75 Ω, BNC, composite
Image S/N ratio
: More than 48 dB (More than 50 dB for AGC OFF)
Minimum required
: GAIN HI: Approx. 0.5 lx (F 1.2 lens)
GAIN NORM: Approx. 1.0 lx (F 1.2 lens)
(incandescent lighting)
: OFF/Multi-spot metering (2 modes)/Center-
weighted metering
Iris function
: Auto-iris/Electronic-iris
Lens iris output
: 4-pin
: 12.5 mm ±0.5 mm
White balance
: Auto-tracing white balance/Manual
Gain control
: Normal/High
Lens mount
: CS mount
: Temperature: -10°C – +50°C (14°F – 122°F)
Humidity: less than 90%RH (no condensation)
Power supply
: AC 24 V ±10%, 50 Hz/DC 12 – 15 V
Power consumption
: 3.6 W (with auto-iris lens)
: Approx. 280 g (without lens)
Appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or


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    Be careful when installing close to the ceiling, in a kitchen or boiler 1/3-inch CCD solid-state image device dealer or an Authorized Sanyo Service Center. room, as the temperature may rise to high levels. COLOR CCD camera...

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