Konftel 200/NI User Manual

Konftel conference phone user guide konftel 200/ni.
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Conference phone Konftel 200/NI
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Intelligent communications


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User guide Conference phone Konftel 200/NI Deutsch I English I Français I Italiano Intelligent communications...

  • Page 2

    2 pcs Extra microphone cable 2.5 m (8.2 ft) 1 pc Remote control 4 pcs Batteries for the remote control Please check that the package contains all items listed. If any items are missing, please contact your dealer. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Adjust the Ring Signal Volume Change Time and Date Select Language Keypad tone Accessories Remote control Remote control functions Extra microphones Accessories and spare parts Troubleshooting and maintenance Technical data Display and keyset Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Contents Settings Calls Menu...

  • Page 4: Arrangements

    Arrangements For optimum sound reproduction, position the units as shown in the illustrations Use Konftel 200/NI for room size up to 30 m (323 sq ft) Use Konftel 200/NI with extra microphones for room size up to 70 m (753 sq ft)

  • Page 5: Description

    Green/red mic indicators Loudspeakers Bottom Analogue telephone line input (POTS) Microphone inputs An overview of the Konftel 200/NI’s keypad is shown on page 27. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Description Microphone Remote control receiver Display Keypad Digital line input (ISDN)

  • Page 6: Connections

    Connectors underneath Konftel 200/NI Only a mains transformer of the FRIWO type FW7237/12 or the Perfekt 2042 and 2043 type may be connected. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Digital (ISDN S 240 V mains outlet Digital telephone line (ISDN S...

  • Page 7: Settings, Network Setup After Power On, Manual Network Selection

    Isdn Pots Auto Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Settings (default: Auto) Connect Konftel 200/NI to the power socket outlet. Choose Auto for automatic search. Konftel 200/NI searches automatically for an ISDN S line. Certain ISDN S lines will not be found auto- matically by the telephone, even though it is connected to such a line.

  • Page 8: Video Line Sharing, Connection

    Mains trans- former Note: Konftel cannot guarantee full functionality of the equipment which shares an ISDN line with the Konftel 200/NI. Please contact your reseller if you have any questions on this subject. 240 V mains outlet...

  • Page 9: Own Msn Number

    Note: The own MSN number feature only works when connected to an ISDN line. If an own number has been programmed in, the Konftel 200/NI will only respond to in- coming calls to that number. If no own number has been programmed in, the Konftel 200/NI will respond to all in- coming calls, regardless of the number.

  • Page 10: Volume Control, Mute Function

    The mic indicators change back to green. The sound is adjusted automatically for the room and the telephone line when Konftel 200/NI is switched on. Konftel 200/NI senses the acoustics of the room and adapts continu- ously during the call. For manual tuning, press the Up/Down key at the same time.

  • Page 11: Calls

    1234567 Outgoing calls 12345... 0-9... 0-9... 12345... Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Calling (POTS) A ring signal is heard and the green mic indicators light to indicate the incoming call. (ISDN) A ring signal is heard and the green mic indicators light to indicate the incoming call.

  • Page 12: Three-party Calls

    If your call is not answered Note: The availability and function of the three-party feature can vary from country to country but also depend on the PBX to which the Konftel 200/NI is connected. If you want to connect multiple participants we recommend you use a telephone meeting service.

  • Page 13: Programming The R Key

    If the R key does not work (POTS) The requirements for the operation of the R key vary between PBXs and from country to country. Konftel 200/NI therefore lets you program the R- pulse time so that it works with most PBXs on the market.

  • Page 14: Speed Dialling, Redial

    To end the call, press OK. Press the Up key. The last number dialled will appear in the display. Press OK to dial the number. The number is dialled within 3 sec. To end the call, press OK. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 15: Menu, Add A New Number In Phonebook

    Add a new number in Phonebook Add entry 0-9... NUMBER: NAME: A-Z... Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Menu Press Menu. Select Phonebook menu. Press OK. Select Add entry. Press OK. The last number dialled will appear automatically. Enter a telephone number with the keypad.

  • Page 16: Edit Phonebook

    Edit the number with the keypad and press NUMBER: Edit the name with the keypad and press OK. NAME: A-Z... The number/name is now stored. Press the C key to delete a number or letter. Press the Menu key to cancel. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 17: Delete Name And Number, Adjust The Ring Signal Volume

    Delete Name and Number Erase PHONE BOOK Company Ltd Erase? Adjust the Ring Signal Volume Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Menu Press Menu. Select Phonebook menu. Press OK. Select Erase. Press OK. Select the name that you wish to delete from the list.

  • Page 18: Change Time And Date, Select Language

    Select Year. Press OK. Select Hour. Press OK. Select Minutes. Press OK. Time and date are now stored. Go back with C key Press Menu. Select Language menu. Press OK. Select language with the Up/Down key. Press OK. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 19: Keypad Tone

    Keypad Tone (default on) Keypad tone Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Menu Press Menu. Select Special Settings menu. Press OK. Select Keypad tone. Press OK. Select Keypad tone On/Off using the Up/Down key. Press OK. Note! When dialling, the touch tones will always...

  • Page 20: Accessories, Remote Control

    Accessories Remote control Item No. 900102038 Konftel 200/NI can be supplemented with a remote control. All functions can then be operated from your position, regard- less of where you are standing or sitting. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 21: Remote Control Functions

    Accessories Remote control functions Lifts and replaces the ”handset” regardless of whether Konftel 200/NI is in menu mode. If the Phonebook is displayed, the number shown will be called. Enter the number or write the name. #/ shifts – between capitals and small letters.

  • Page 22: Extra Microphones

    Extra microphones 0.8–2.5 m Konftel 200/NI For larger rooms, Konftel 200/NI can be supplemented quickly and simply with two extra microphones. It is then able to provide coverage of up to 70 m Advantages: stronger sound from the speakers, higher microphone sensitivity.

  • Page 23: Accessories And Spare Parts

    578102012 724102012 752102012 756102012 Spare parts Item No. 900103334 900103349 900102026 826102026 Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Accessories and spare parts Description Extra microphones Remote control Wall mounting bracket Tape recorder cable Extension cable, power supply 10 m Extension cable, analogue network, 10 m...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    4. Disconnect the extra microphones and see if the system works without them. If not, return all units for service. 5. If Konftel 200/NI must wait for a second dial tone, you should insert a pause with the Mute/ Pause key when entering telephone numbers in the Phonebook.

  • Page 25: Technical Data

    Telecom approval ISDN: EUROPEAN CTR3. Keyboard: 19 keys. Compatibility: Konftel 200/NI can be connected to any PBX equipped with ISDN S Ericsson: MD110, Fenix. Siemens: Hicom. Nortel: Meridan. Philips: Sopho. Alcatel: 4200, 4400. Ascom: Ascotel. Tenovis: Intergral 3, 33. Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Technical data , RJ-45.

  • Page 26

    5 – 40 C in operation 3 keys (accessories) 4 x R03, 1.5 V 5 – 40 C Up to 5 m 205 x 55 x 21 mm (L x B x H) 140 g 26 keys Konftel 200/NI • User Guide...

  • Page 27: Display And Keyset

    4, G, H, I, g, h, i 5, J, K, L, j, k, l 6, M, N, O, Ö, Ø, Ñ, m, n, o, ö, ø, ñ Konftel 200/NI • User Guide Display and keyset Time Call meter Up/Down key Mute/Pause key...

  • Page 28

    Konftel Technology was one of the first companies in the world to develop advanced conference phones with Full Duplex-technology. Today we are the world leaders in loudspeaking commu- nications and we also develop the technology for implementation in both our own and other companies’...

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