NEC NEAX 2000 IVS2 User Manual

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  • Page 2: Liability Disclaimer

    Specifications functions or features at any time without notice. NEC (UK) Ltd. has prepared this document for use by Its employees and customers. The information contained Herein is the property of NEC (UK) Ltd. and shall not Be reproduced without prior written approval from NEC (UK) Ltd.
  • Page 3: Keys And Lamps

    KEYS AND LAMPS FUNCTION KEYS Answer When LED on this key is lit, press key to answer a waiting call. Conf (Conference) Press key to establish a three- way conversation. LED on key lights when key Is active. Feature Used to activate terminal setup functions and to program One- Touch Speed Dial/ Feature Keys.
  • Page 4: Programmable Keys

    PROGRAMMABLE KEYS These are examples of D features available by pressing the programmable term ® Keys. A PBX system administrator must program keys. AICM (Automatic Intercom) Press key to activate Automatic Intercom. CB (Call Back) Press key to activate. DICM (Dial Intercom) Press key to activate Dial Intercom.
  • Page 5 - SOFT KEYS (FACTORY FEATURES) Mic (Microphone) Press the Soft Key below “Mic” to activate or deactivate the Microphone. The Mic LED will illuminate when Mic is on. Help Press the Help Key. Press desired Soft Key for helpful information about that Key.
  • Page 6: To Use The Soft Keys

    - SOFT KEYS TO USE THE SOFT KEYS Four soft keys are indicated in the LCD according to the status of the Terminal. Press the SCROLL (>>>>) key to scroll the display to show the desired Key if there are other functions available. Press a desired key under the indicated 4 Soft Keys on the LCD.
  • Page 7: Feature Key

    - FEATURE KEY MICROPHONE ON/ OFF The MIC lamp shows the status of the built- in microphone. To change microphone status Press Feature and 1 to turn the microphone from on to off, or from off to on. TO SELECT RINGER TONE The D 75 has 3 kinds of ringer tones that you can select.
  • Page 8: Phone Functions

    - PHONE FUNCTIONS TO PRESET RINGER VOLUME NOTE: Access to feature is based on data assignment. Press Feature and 0. Ringer activates. Press UP/DOWN Key. Ringer volume decreases or increases. Press Feature Key to stop ringing. TO ADJUST TRANSMISSION/ RECEIVING VOLUME (DURING VALID CALL) Press Feature and 4.
  • Page 9: One- Touch Buttons

    ONE- TOUCH BUTTONS NOTE: With DTP- 32D Press desired Speed Call button, or press Speaker and Speed Call. TO PROGRAM NOTE: Available only on stations with speed calling keys. term Press Conf button. Conf flashes. Press desired One- Touch button, Speaker button LED lights steady. Enter desired station number, feature code or outside access code and telephone number.
  • Page 10: Forced Account Code

    - ACCOUNT CODES TO ENTER Lift handset or press Speaker, receive dial tone. Enter feature access code *20 receive service set tone. Enter Account Code (up to 10 digits). Receive dial tone and dial-desired number. TO ENTER ACCOUNT CODE AFTER AUTHORISATION CODE Lift handset or press Speaker receives dial tone.
  • Page 11: Voice First/ Tone First

    - VOICE & TONE OPTIONS VOICE FIRST/ TONE FIRST Allows incoming station calls to your D to either ring or go to voice announcement. term ® Press Speaker. Receive dial tone. Dial Voice/ Tone access code *78, LED Display shows the current mode you should receive a feature dial tone. Press *, LED display shows mode Change receives feature set tone.
  • Page 12: Intercom Options

    - INTERCOM OPTIONS AUTOMATIC INTERCOM NOTE: Access to feature is based on data assignment. TO INITIATE Lift handset or press Speaker key. Press AICM key. Tone burst is sent. TO ANSWER AICM key lights green indicating On receiving an incoming intercom call. Voice Call alert tone is heard.
  • Page 13: Call Options

    - CALL OPTIONS TO PLACE A CALL ON EXCLUSIVE HOLD Press Hold twice. Line appearance indicates interrupted wink. NOTE: If held line appears on other D stations, LED remains steadily lit red. term TO RETRIEVE Lift handset or press Speaker. Press held line.
  • Page 14: Call Back (Station)

    NOTE: The display indicates connected station or outside line at any given time. CALL BACK (STATION) Lift handset or press Speaker. Dial desired station number and receive busy tone or ring back tone. Press Call Back or dial 2 and receive service set tone. Restore handset.
  • Page 15: To Answer A Camped- On Call

    - CALL OPTIONS TO ANSWER A CAMPED- ON CALL While engaged in a call, receive the camp- on indication (one short tone burst). Answer LED flashes. Press Answer. Call in progress is placed on hold. Connection to camped- on call is established. Press Answer to return to original call.
  • Page 16: Call Waiting

    - CALL WAITING TO ACTIVATE CALL WAITING (STATION 2001) Station 2001 press Speaker. Receive dial tone. Dial 2000 and receive busy. Press Transfer receive feature dial tone. Dial Camp-on (call waiting) access code *13. TO ANSWER CALL WAITING (STATION 2000) Hear burst of tone.
  • Page 17: To Retrieve A Parked Call

    TO RETRIEVE A PARKED CALL Dial Call Park local retrieval access code #08 and parked call location number (00- 19). Station user is connected to parked call. CALL PICK- UP (GROUP) NOTE: Access to feature is based on data assignment. WHEN EXTENSION WITHIN YOUR PICK- UP GROUP RINGS Lift handset.
  • Page 18 - QUEUING OPTIONS OUTSIDE LINE QUEUING (FROM EXTENSION DIAL TONE) IF OUTSIDE LINE IS BUSY Press Speaker or lift handset dial outgoing access code (e. g. 9). Receive Busy indication. Press Call Back key. Call is placed in queue for next available Outside Line. Replace handset. When Outside Line is available.
  • Page 19: Call Forwarding - All Calls

    - MISCELLANEOUS REDIAL (LAST NUMBER REDIAL) TO REDIAL THE LAST NUMBER DIALED Press Redial key. Receive special dial tone. Press */#. The last number dialed will be redialed and displayed. NOTE: Each time the Redial key is pressed the numbers dialed for the last five calls are displayed sequentially. CALL FORWARDING –...
  • Page 20: Call Forwarding - No Answer

    Press FD- B or dial Call Forwarding - Busy access code *03. Display indicates destination number of call forward. TO CANCEL Press Speaker. Receive dial tone. Press FD- B plus * or dial Call Forwarding – Busy cancel code #03. Receive service set tone.
  • Page 21 Dial desired telephone number. Press S & R key. Dialed number is now stored. S & R LED lights. TO REPEAT Press Speaker. Press S & R key, D automatically redials the programmed number. term S & R automatically cancelled. LED goes out. NOTE: If saved number is busy or no answer is received, to save it again, press S &...
  • Page 22: Internal Zone Paging With Meet- Me Page

    - PAGING e Display) INTERNAL ZONE PAGING WITH MEET- ME PAGE This allows a system user to page over built- in speaker of D terminal within the assigned term ® zone or all zones. Example: Station A can page Station B. When Station B dials answer code, they are connected.
  • Page 23 Lift handset to answer an outside line, ask caller to hold. Press Boss’ line. Outside line is placed on hold. The Boss hears burst of tone and Boss’ Answer key flashes. BOSS Hear burst of tone. Answer key flashes. LCD display indicates: Option 1 Boss presses Answer and converses with Secretary.
  • Page 24: Do Not Disturb

    - CALL OPTIONS DO NOT DISTURB Press Speaker. Receive dial tone. Press DND or dial DND access code *960. LED lights. TO CANCEL Press Speaker. Receive dial tone. Press DND or dial DND cancel access code #960. LED goes out. TIMED REMINDER Example: Station 2000 wants to be reminded of a 9.00 a.
  • Page 25: Return Message Schedule

    RETURN MESSAGE SCHEDULE NOTE: With Display D term Allows station user to register a return schedule when leaving the office and have the schedule display on the calling D LCD. term TO SET Station Speaker. Receive dial tone. Dial Return Schedule access code *09. Dial the number corresponding to desired message: Dial Message IN: BACK HH: MM...
  • Page 26: Name Display

    - PHONE FUNCTIONS NAME DISPLAY NOTE: Display D term ® A name with up to 8 characters can be entered to display the name on other telephones when making a call. term ® Press Speaker button, you will receive dial tone. Dial the Name Assignment access code *11 and receive special dial tone.

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