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Caring For Your Hot Water Dispenser; Of Nonuse; Cleaning The Spout Screen - KitchenAid Instant Hot Hot Water Dispenser Installation And User Manual

Kitchenaid instant hot hot water dispenser installation instructions and use and care guide
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base plate

Caring For Your Hot Water Dispenser

Energy-saving tips and preparation for periods of
On average, you will use your hot
water dispenser to heat 7 to 8 cups
(1.7 to 1.9 liters) of water per day.
This uses only 19 kilowatt-hours of
energy per month. So it is Not
necessary to turn off the hot water
For short periods (2-30 days of nonuse):
Set the Temperature Control to the
"Off" position to conserve energy.
For long periods of
nonuse (winterizing,
seasonal storage or
protection from freezing):
1. Turn Temperature Control to the
"Off" position.
2. Unplug hot water dispenser power
supply cord.
3. Turn On/Off Cap, hold and run
water until water is cold.
4. Turn saddle valve handle
clockwise to turn off water supply.
5. Place a 3-quart (2.8 liter)
minimum container under the
drain plug at the bottom of the tank.
6. Use a screwdriver to remove the
screw and O-ring from the drain
7. Replace the screw and O-ring in
the drain tube opening. Tighten
the screw to reseal the drain.

Cleaning the spout screen

If you have very hard water, and you
notice that the water flow is reduced,
1. Turn Temperature Control to
the "Off" position. Push down and
turn On/Off Cap clockwise and
run water until it is cold to avoid
possibility of burn.
2. Remove the two spout screws.
3. Remove spout base plate.
4. Pull the screen assembly out of
the hot water tube.
dispenser each night to conserve
However, if the hot water dispenser
will not be used for an extended
period of time, follow these
When ready to use the dispenser
again, follow Installation
Instruction steps 14-16, page 9.
Do Not Turn Unit On If Tank Is
Empty. Damage to the unit will
result and is not covered by the
it may be necessary to clean the
spout screen.
5. Use a small brush and vinegar to
remove hard-water deposit.
If deposit has hardened, soak in
vinegar for an hour or two. Then
use a brush to clean.
6. Replace screen assembly in tube.
Reattach plate back onto spout.
7. Turn Temperature Control to the
"Max" setting. The dispenser will
be ready in about 15 minutes.

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Table of Contents

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