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Using Your Hot Water Dispenser; Before Using The First Time; Temperature Control; Dispensing Hot Water - KitchenAid Instant Hot Hot Water Dispenser Installation And User Manual

Kitchenaid instant hot hot water dispenser installation instructions and use and care guide
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Using Your Hot Water Dispenser

Before using the first time

Check that installation steps 14-16
were completed.
The hot water dispenser can be
permanently damaged if these steps
are not followed.

Temperature control

The water temperature is
thermostatically controlled. It can be
adjusted from "Off" to approximately
190°F (88°C).
To raise or lower the temperature,
turn the Temperature Control. The
"Max" setting is recommended for

Dispensing hot water

Push down and turn the On/Off Cap
clockwise and hold until desired
amount of hot water is obtained. You
can control the flow of water by how

Hot water dispenser uses

Regardless of what food you are
preparing, you'll appreciate the
convenience and time saved by your
hot water dispenser. The dispenser
allows you to draw the amount of hot
Preparing instant foods and drinks
Instant foods that require only 190°F (88°C) water for complete preparation
hot chocolate
Cooking shortcuts
190°F (88°C) water will give you a fast start for any food you cook that requires
boiling water such as:
packaged dinners
fresh or frozen
Other uses
loosening jar lids
peeling tomatoes or
best performance. However, under
certain conditions, it is possible for
the water to boil when the
Temperature Control is set at "Max."
If you see any vapor or hear boiling,
turn Temperature Control to lower
temperature as necessary.
far you turn the cap. For maximum
flow, turn cap until it stops. Release
the On/Off Cap to turn off water.
water you require [up to 2 quarts
(1.9 liters) at one time]. It eliminates
the need to heat a full teakettle for a
cup of hot water.
soup or bouillon
mashed potatoes
instant cereal
dried soup
meat cooked in
dissolving gelatin
thawing frozen foods
preparing vegetables
for canning
frosting mix
hot cereals
pasta and rice
boiling eggs

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Table of Contents

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