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Double Insulation; Electrical Safety - Black & Decker GT249 User Manual

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Use the right tool. Never force small
tools or attachments to do the job of a
heavy duty tool. Do not use tools for
purposes not intended: e.g, do not use
the hedgetrimmer as a chain saw.
Do not overreach. Keep proper footing
and balance at all times, especially while
working on a slope.
Stay alert. Watch what you are doing.
Use common sense. Do not operate
when you are tired.
Use the correct electrical supply.
Your machine is designed for use on
AC (mains) electrical supplies only - do
not attempt to use on any other supply.
Be sure to plug the machine into a power
point, never a lighting socket.
Always turn off and unplug the
machine. Whenever you leave the
machine unattended. Before checking,
cleaning, adjusting, unjamming
the blades or carrying out work on
the machine. If the machine starts to
vibrate abnormally, check immediately.
After striking a foreign object- inspect for
damage and make repairs as necessary.
Always keep the power supply cable
away from the blades. Be aware of its
position at all times.
Do not put your hands or feet near the
blades and never attempt to stop the
blades - they will stop on their own.
Never operate your machine with a
broken or missing guard.
Remember that the operator/user is
responsible for accidents or hazards
occurring to other people or their
property. A first time user should get
some practical instruction on how to
use a hedgetrimmer as well as reading
this manual.
Maintenance and storage
Always disconnect the machine
before carrying out any adjustment,
servicing or maintenance.
Always lubricate the blades with
light machine oil after use to prevent
corrosion damage.
Maintain tools with care. Always keep
tools sharp and clean for better and safer
performance. Follow instructions for
lubricating and changing accessories.
Inspect tool cords periodically and if
damaged have repaired by an authorised
service facility. Inspect extension cords
periodically and replace if damaged.
Keep handles dry, clean and free from oil
and grease.
Check damaged parts. Before further use
of the tool, a guard or other part that is
damaged should be carefully checked to
determine whether it will operate properly
and perform its intended function. Check
for alignment of moving parts, binding of
moving parts, breakage of parts, mounting
and any other conditions that may affect its
operation. A guard or other part that is
damaged should be properly repaired or
replaced by an authorised service agent
unless otherwise indicated in this
instruction manual. Have defective
switches replaced by an authorised service
agent. Do not use the tool if the switch
does not turn it on and off.
Warning! The use of any accessory or
attachment, other than recommended in this
instruction manual, may present a risk of
personal injury.

Double insulation

Your machine is double insulated. This
means that all external metal parts are
electrically isolated from the power supply.
This is achieved by placing an extra
insulation barrier between the electrical and
mechanical parts. Double insulation means
greater electrical safety and obviates the
necessity of having the machine earthed.

Electrical safety

Your machine should always be switched off
at the mains before disconnecting any plug
and socket connector or extension cables.
Fuse replacement (UK only)
If your machine is supplied with cable fitted
with a non-re-wireable plug.
The plug is fitted with a 3 amp fuse
which is the recommended fuse for
your machine.
Only use replacement fuses which are
approved to BS1362.
When changing the fuse in your plug,
always ensure the fuse cover is refitted.
If the fuse cover is missing or damaged
do not use the plug.
Note: Fuses do not give personal protection
against electric shock.

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