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Muffler - Husqvarna 159LEB Operator's Manual

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Fine adjustment of the idle speed T
Adjust the idle speed using the idle adjustment screw T, if
it is necessary to readjust. First turn the idle adjustment
screw T clockwise until the cutting attachment starts to
rotate. Then turn the screw anticlockwise until the cutting
attachment stops. The idle speed is correctly adjusted
when the engine will run smoothly in every position. The
idle speed should also be well below the speed at which
the cutting attachment starts to rotate. The blades must
also remain stationary when the choke control is in the
start throttle position.
WARNING! If the idle speed cannot be
adjusted so that the cutting attachment
stops, contact your dealer/service
workshop. Do not use the machine until
it has been correctly adjusted or
Correctly adjusted carburetor
When the carburetor is correctly adjusted the machine
accelerates without hesitation and burbles a little at
maximum speed. It is also important that the blades do
not move when the engine is idling or when the choke
control is in the start position. If the low speed jet L is set
too lean it may cause starting difficulties and poor
acceleration. If the L-needle is set too rich it will result in
acceleration problems or too low a working speed.
CAUTION! Some mufflers are fitted with a catalytic
converter. See chapter on Technical data to see whether
your machine is fitted with a catalytic converter.
The muffler is designed to reduce the noise level and to
direct the exhaust gases away from the operator. The
exhaust gases are hot and can contain sparks, which may
cause fire if directed against dry and combustible
Some mufflers are equipped with a special spark arrestor
screen. If your machine has this type of muffler, you
should clean the screen at least once a week. This is best
done with a wire brush.
On mufflers without a catalytic converter the screen
should be cleaned weekly, or replaced if necessary. On
mufflers fitted with a catalytic converter the screen should
be checked, and if necessary cleaned, monthly. If the
screen is damaged it should be replaced. If the screen
is frequently blocked, this can be a sign that the
performance of the catalytic converter is impaired.
Contact your dealer to inspect the muffler. A blocked
screen will cause the machine to overheat and result in
damage to the cylinder and piston. See also instructions
under the heading Maintenance.
CAUTION! Never use a machine with a defective muffler.
WARNING! Mufflers fitted with catalytic
converters get very hot during use and
remain so for some time after stopping.
This also applies at idle speed. Contact
can result in burns to the skin.
Remember the risk of fire!



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