Key Description; Iva Function Keys; Ivb Power Control & Clear; Ivc Digit Keys - Black & Decker BDCAL100 Instruction Manual

Marksman material estimator
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Table of Contents
IV. Key Description
IVa. Function Keys
2nd Function key
(Before activating the second function,
press [Shift] first.)
Toggle sign of the displayed data.
[ ]
Square root
Square up
Fractional bar key for entering fractions
Activate "Store" function
Activate "Recall" function
IVb. Power Control & Clear
Power on
Press once to clear entries and press
twice for clearing all calculation buffers
Reset errors and resume calculation.
Power off
[Clear All]
Clear all stored variables back to
IVc. Digit Keys
[0] , , , [9],
Numerals and the decimal point
IVd. Operation Keys
[+], [-], [x],
Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication
/ Division
Equal key for performing calculation
and find the end result
IVe. Memory Keys
[Store][M+] -
The entered value or the sub-total is
added to the independent memory,
which is then updated with the result.
When a non-zero number is stored in
the independent memory, the sign "M"
appears on the display.
[Recall][M+] -
Press [Recall] then [M+] for memory
recall, memory value is obtained and
[Recall][M-R/C] -
Pressing [Recall] twice is for memory
clear. The symbol "M" will disappear.
IVf. Unit Keys
Press to enter yards.
Press to enter feet.
When the answer is expressed in
Feet-Inch or Feet, press [Feet] to
toggle between Feet-Inch and Feet.
Press to enter inch.
When the answer is expressed in
"Inch", press [Inch] to toggle between
decimal Inch and fractional Inch.
Press to enter meter.
Note: Press unit keys once for linear units, twice for square
units and third for cubic units.
e.g. 5[Yards][Yards] for 5 sq. yards
5[Yards][Yards][Yards] for 5 cu. yards
[Shift][Yards] -
Convert the displayed value to yards.
[Shift][Feet] -
Convert the displayed value to feet.
[Shift][Inch] -
Convert the displayed value to inches.
[Shift][Meter] -
Convert the displayed value to meters.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents