General Description; Lcd Display; Keypad Arrangement - Black & Decker BDCAL100 Instruction Manual

Marksman material estimator
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Table of Contents
I. General Description
The Marksman Material Estimator has the following
• 30 key operation
• 8 digits display, internally 10 digit calculation
• Fraction resolution defaults at a 16th of an inch,
changeable by user
• One independent memory
• Four basic arithmetic operation, i.e., +, -, x, and ÷
• Percentage calculation
• Dimension Math
• Linear conversion, Square & Cubic unit conversion
• Conversion between Feet-Inch-Fraction and Decimal
Feet / Inch
• Square Up / Square Root
• Estimation of material quantities for various DIY projects
• 3.0V operating voltage / CR 2032 lithium battery
• Approx. 6 minute auto power off
WARNING: Contains Lithium Battery. See page 40 for
additional battery information.
II. LCD Display / III. Keypad


Table of Contents

Table of Contents