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Maintenance; General; Fuses; Batteries - GE Digital Energy User Manual

Ml series ups 350-500-700-1000 va uninterruptible power supply
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5.1 General

The UPS is virtually maintenance free: take care of proper environmental conditions and keep air inlets-
outlets free of dust. Please read 2.1.

5.2 Fuses

If the AC input fuse (1) is defective, be sure it is replaced by a compatible fuse from the same make and
type. Fuse ratings: see chapter 7.

5.3 Batteries

5.3.1 General
The service life of the battery is up to 6 years.
As a healthy battery is critical to the UPS, keypad 'ON' allows a battery test (3.2.2). When the condition of
the battery is critical, a 'replace battery' alarm will be given (see 3.3). Charge the batteries for at least 10
hours, switch the UPS off and back on, and perform a self test. If the alarm persists replace the batteries as
soon as possible.

5.3.2 Battery replacement

• Warning: first read the safety rules in section 1.2.
• When replacing the batteries, use the same number and voltage(V)/capacity(Ah).
• Proper disposal or recycling of the batteries is required. Refer to your local codes for disposal
• Never dispose of batteries in a fire: they may explode.
• Do not open or mutilate batteries: their contents (electrolyte) may be extremely toxic. If exposed to
electrolyte, wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Avoid charging in a sealed container.
• Never short circuit batteries. When working with batteries, remove watches, rings or other metal objects,
and only use insulated tools.
Battery replacement procedure (ML 350/500/700)
NOTE: This procedure refers to the ML 350/500/700 models only. The batteries of the ML 1000 are not user
replaceable, please contact your dealer.
1 press keypad "OFF' and remove the UPS input power cord from the AC mains supply
2 remove UPS front panel (two screws on bottom side)
3 pull out the battery and disconnect the battery wires
4 connect the new battery (black -, red +); small sparks can occur, this is normal
5 reinstall the new battery, do not pinch or clamp the wires
6 reinstall UPS front panel.
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User manual ML Series 350-1000 VA UPS 1.0 (GB)

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