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Operation; Maintenance - Black & Decker Coolbox BDC33L Instruction Manual

Thermoelectric cooler and warmer


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f Please ensure the 12V plug is disconnected from the
DC socket after the engine is turned off.
f Please unplug the 12V plug from the DC socket when
the cooler is not in use.
f Prevent any obstructions to the fan. If the fan
becomes blocked, it can overheat and cause fire.
Avoid covering with towels or cloths.
f Please ensure the sockets of the cords are inserted
firmly. A loose fitting can result in the cord and
sockets over-heating and failing.
f Keep the appliance away from flammable items and
dampness to prevent any electrical failure and fire.
f Avoid direct sunlight.
f Do not wash the unit with water directly.
f Do not disassemble the appliance.
f Do not switch the setting from cool to warm immediately,
Change between the settings only after the cooler has
been OFF 30 minutes.
f Do not rinse your cooler in water.
f Avoid turning the cooler upside down.
f Avoid dropping your cooler.
f The appliance shall not be exposed to rain.
f Children or adult are not allowed to site on the unit.
The unit is not intended for use by children under
8 years old without supervision. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
f Do not wipe the unit with alcohol or abrasive
detergents to avoid sicoloration.
f The unit should be keep away from strong collision,
which may cause damage on unit and destroy the
inner electronic parts and circuits.
f Power cord cannot be pressed under heavy. Cannot
be used in such conditions as knitting, breakage,
otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire disaster.
f When used in high ambient temperature or humidity,
there will be dew drops inside the unit. This is not a
malfunction, and please wipe them with dry cloth.
f The unit should have good ventilation. Do not run the
unit in a closed compartment such as car boot.
f Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure
or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction.
f Do not use electrical appliances inside the food
storage compartments of the appliance, unless they
are of the type recommended by the manufacturer.
Note: Please read the operation manual carefully before
using and operating the unit. This ensures the best results
and maximum safety for the user. Please keep this manual
carefully for future reference.
1. Cooling: This cooler and warmer is designed to
make food and beverage cool, it can offer you cold
food and beverage. The best effect will achieve
when you fill your cooler with food and beverage
already refrigerated. They will then stay cool and
even become cooler still. It will take a period
time to cool food or beverage with ambient temperature;
of course it will take longer for hot food or hot beverage.
2. Heating: This cooler and warmer is also designed to
make food and beverage warm, it can offer you warm
food and beverage.


How to connect the power cords
Attention! Slider the Cold/Hot switch to OFF position
before putting power cord into power socket.
12V Power cord (Fig. B1): Connect one end of DC power
cord into the DC socket of the unit (a), and the other end to
the cigarette lighter socket in the car or boat (b).
AC Power cord (Fig. B2): Connect one end of AC power
cord into the AC socket of the unit (a), and the other end to
the indoor mains (b).
Attention! Do not use any other method of connecting
your unit to AC current. Fire or shock may occur.
How to use the Cold/Hot switch (Fig. C):
C1 Connect the power cord, the unit start in standby mode.
C2 Slide the power switch to COLD position, the unit
begins cooling and the indicator light in green color.
C3 Slider the power switch to HOT position, the unit
begins heating and the indicator light in red color.
Attention! Do not switch immediately from Cold to
Hot or Hot to Cold, please stay the switch at OFF position
for about 3 minutes before change EMPLOY mode.
Otherwise that may influence or damage the inside
cooling system.


1. Unplug AC or DC power cord before cleaning unit.
2. Dust or anything else blocking the ventilator will
reduce the cooling effect. Vacuum it if necessary. For
the dirt on the inlet and outlet of the ventilator, you can
clean it by vacuum cleaner or brush.
Attention! Periodically clean dust from the plug.
Excesive dust may cause a fire disaster.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents