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Loading Silverware Basket - KitchenAid 8573754 Use & Care Manual

Drawer dishwasher
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To remove either insert
1. Gently pull in and up on the handle to release the insert
handle from the base rack.
2. Once the handle is lifted up, tilt the insert to the left or right to
release the insert legs on the other end from their position
under the base rack wire.
To install either insert
1. Tilt the rack insert end to the left or right to insert the legs
under the base rack wires as shown below.
2. Straighten the insert into position along the bottom of the
base rack.
3. Gently pull in and push down on the insert handle until the
insert locks into position in the base rack.

Loading Silverware Basket

The FLEXI-BASKET™ silverware basket can be separated and
placed into the rack in several locations. Hold joined basket firmly
and slide each basket until the tab aligns with the keyhole on the
back of each basket and pull apart. Now use both sections or just
one to load silverware.
Load the silverware basket while it is in the rack or take the
basket out for loading on a counter or table. The silverware
basket can be removed for easy unloading.
Use the center section with cover down to load silverware in set
positions and avoid nesting. Mix items in end sections of the
basket with some pointing up and some down to avoid nesting.
Spray cannot reach nested items.
Place small items such as baby bottle caps, jar lids, corncob
holders, etc., in the middle section with the hinged cover. Close
the cover over the section to hold small items in place.
To remove the center basket cover
1. Slide the cover to one side until one hinge end pops out of
the holder.
2. Tilt cover and slide in the opposite direction until the other
hinge end pops out of holder. Remove cover.

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