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Wash System; Sound System; Drying System; Dishwasher Loading - KitchenAid 8573754 Use & Care Manual

Drawer dishwasher
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Wash System

The wash system provides excellent cleaning results. Two levels
of filtration filter the wash water and keep food particles from
redepositing on the clean dishes.
A filter plate keeps bones, pits, and other large objects from
entering the pump system.
Items small enough to pass through the filter plate are caught
in the drain filter.
The wash water continuously flows through the drain filter,
trapping food particles.

Loading Suggestions

Remove leftover food, bones, toothpicks and other hard
items from the dishes. To conserve water, energy and save
time it is not necessary to rinse dishes before putting them
into the dishwasher.
NOTE: Dishes soiled with tomato-based products should be
prerinsed to avoid staining.
It is important for the water spray to reach all soiled surfaces.
Load dishes so they are not stacked or overlapping if
possible. For best drying, water must be able to drain from all
Use special care when loading heavy pots and pans. Heavy
items can damage the interior of the drawer if they are
dropped or bumped.
Make sure pot lids and handles, etc., do not interfere with the
spray arm rotation.
Conserve water, energy and save time over hand rinsing by
running a rinse cycle to keep dishes moist if you do not plan
to wash them soon. Foods such as eggs, rice, pasta,
spinach, and cooked cereals may be hard to remove if they
are left to dry over a period of time.
Quiet operating tips
To avoid thumping/clattering noises during operation:
Make sure lightweight load items are secured in the rack.
Make sure pot lids and handles, etc., do not touch interior
walls or interfere with the rotation of the spray arm.
Load dishes so they do not touch one another.

Loading Rack

NOTE: If the rack is incorrectly placed in the drawer, the rack can
block the spray arm rotation. The rack is properly installed if it is
sitting flat on the bottom of the drawer.
The rack is designed for cups, glasses, plates, pans, casseroles
and utensils. Many items, up to 11" (28.38 cm), fit in the rack.
(See recommended loading patterns shown.)


IMPORTANT: Before each wash load, check the drain filter for
evidence of food particles and clean. (A small amount of water
will remain in the drain filter area.) Food scraps may collect on the
filter plate, and the spray arm and filter plate may need cleaning.
The spray arm and filter plate may need cleaning about once a
month in normal use or more often, should the need arise. (See
"Cleaning the Spray Arm, Drain Filter and Filter Plate" in
"Cleaning" section.)

Sound System

sound insulation system helps to maintain
a quiet home environment during dishwasher operation.
NOTE: If you do not load dishes properly, the quiet operation of
your dishwasher could be affected. (See "Dishwasher Loading.")

Drying System

At the end of the selected wash cycle, the drying fan will continue
to run for a set time or until the drawer is opened. The fan assists
with drying and uses a small amount of energy.
IMPORTANT: Do not load anything above the inside top edge of
the drawer as it may keep the drawer lid from properly closing.
Suggested loading patterns
5 place setting

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