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Start-Up Guide; Using Your New Dishwasher - KitchenAid 8573754 Use & Care Manual

Drawer dishwasher
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Before using your dishwasher, remove all packaging materials. Read this entire Use and Care Guide. You will find important safety
information and useful operating tips.
NOTE: Each drawer has its own control panel and can run independently of the other.
1. Rinse aid is essential for good drying. Be sure to fill the rinse
aid dispenser before you use your new dishwasher. Each
filling will last about 1 to 2 months depending on your usage.
(See "Rinse Aid Dispenser.")
2. Scrape large food soil and hard items (toothpicks or bones)
from dishes.
3. Check drain filter and spray arm. (See "Cleaning.") Ensure the
drain filter is flush with the filter plate, and the spray arm can
rotate about the center easily.
A. Spray arm
B. Filter plate
C. Drain filter
4. Properly load the dishwasher. (See "Dishwasher Loading.")
Load dishes with space in between so water will reach the
soiled surfaces. Make sure nothing keeps the spray arm(s)
from spinning freely.
5. Add powdered detergent. Always use a high quality brand
detergent. (See "Dishwasher Use.")
IMPORTANT: Only use powdered detergent recommended
for dishwashers. Do not use liquid or tablet detergents. Wash
performance could be negatively impacted if you use
anything other than powdered detergent.


Using Your New Dishwasher

6. Run hot water at the sink until the water is hot. (See
"Performance Tips.") Turn off water.
7. Press the Power pad on the front of the drawer to turn the
dishwasher on or off. When the drawer is opened, the
dishwasher will automatically power up for 30 seconds even
if the Power pad has not been pressed. If no program
selection is made, it will power off again.
8. Press the
(Cycle Select) or the HI TEMP pad on the top of
the drawer opening to select the desired wash cycle.
Continue to press the (Cycle Select) or the HI TEMP pad, and
the indicators will progress through the different cycles until
the desired cycle is selected. The next time you use the
dishwasher, it will remember the last cycle used. (See "Wash
9. Push drawer firmly closed. Press the Start/Resume button on
the front of the drawer to start the wash cycle.
If the dishwasher is operating and a power failure occurs,
it will stop. You may not be able to open the drawer at this
time. When the power supply is resumed, the dishwasher
will start in the same part of the wash cycle.
To end the wash cycle in mid-cycle, press the Power pad.
Any water in the drawer will be pumped out.
10. The dishwasher will beep 6 times to indicate the end of the
wash cycle. At the end of the wash cycle, the drying fan will
continue to run for a set time or until the drawer is opened.
The fan assists with drying and uses small amounts of energy.
NOTE: It is normal for some water to remain in the drain filter
area after the wash cycle is complete.

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