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Toshiba RD-XS34SU Service Manual

Hdd/dvd video recorder
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FILE NO. 810-200511
Feb., 2005


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 LASER BEAM CAUTION LABEL When the power supply is being turned on, you may not remove this laser cautions label. If it removes, radiation of a laser may be received. PREPARATION OF SERVICING Pickup Head consists of a laser diode that is very susceptible to external static electricity. Although it operates properly after replacement, if it was subject to electrostatic discharge during replacement, its life might be shortened.
  • Page 3: Safety Notice

    SAFETY NOTICE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS LEAKAGE CURRENT CHECK Measure the AC voltage across the 1500 W resistor. Plug the AC line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet (do not use an isolation transformer for this check). Use an The test must be conducted with the AC switch on and AC voltmeter, having 5000 W per volt or more sensitivity.
  • Page 4 CONTENTS SECTION 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS 2. LOCATION OF MAIN PARTS 1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2-1. Location of Main Parts 2-2. Location of PC Boards SECTION 2 PART REPLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES 1-2. PC Board Replacement 1. Replacement of Mechanical Parts 1-2-1. Tuner Unit PC Board 1-1.
  • Page 5 SECTION 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS 1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Please refer to the owner's manual about the contents.
  • Page 6 2. LOCATION OF MAIN PARTS 2-1. Location of Main Parts RAM1 RAM DRIVE ZG45 FAN HDD1 HDD UNIT Fig. 1-2-1 2-2. Location of PC Boards EU82 Tuner Unit PC Board EU05 Mother PC board EU01 Digital PC Board EU03B Front (L) PC Board EU55 Front (Jack) PC Board EU03D Front (SW) PC Board EU03C Front (Center) PC Board...
  • Page 7: Replacement Of Mechanical Parts

    SECTION 2 PART REPLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES CAUTIONS BEFORE STARTING PART REPLACEMENT Electronic parts are susceptible to static electricity and may easily damaged, so do not forget to ground as required. Many screws are used inside the unit. To prevent the screws from missing or dropping, etc. always use a magnetized screwdriver in servicing.
  • Page 8 1-1-2. HDD 1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.) 2. Peel off three tapes (1). 3. Remove four screws (2). 4. Disconnect the flexible cable (3) and the connector (4). 5. Remove four screws (5), then remove the dampers (7) and HDD (8). Note: •...
  • Page 9 1-1-3. Front Panel 1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.) Tape (1) Flexible 2. Peel off three tapes (1). cable (3) Tape (1) Connector (2) 3. Disconnect two connectors (2) and two flexible cables (3). 4. Remove two screws (4) and two bases (5). 5.
  • Page 10 1-1-5. Rear Panel 1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.) 1. Remove the screw (1) and five screws (2), then remove the screw (3). 2. Remove the bush from the rear panel (4). 3. Remove two claws, then remove the rear panel (4). 4.
  • Page 11 1-2. PC Board Replacement 1-2-1. Tuner Unit PC Board Tuner Unit PC board (4) 1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.) Screw (3) 2. Disconnect the flexible cable (1). 3. Remove the screw (2) and the screw (3). 4.
  • Page 12 1-2-3. Mother PC Board 1. Remove the front panel. (Refer to item 1-1-3.) 2. Remove the rear panel. (Refer to item 1-1-5.) 3. Remove the Tuner Unit PC board. (Refer to item 1-2-1.) 4. Remove the Digital PC board. (Refer to item 1-2-2.) 5.
  • Page 13 1-2-4. Power PC Board Cautions : • Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. • Replace only with the same or equivalent type. 1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.) 2. Disconnect three connectors (1) and the connector (2). 3.
  • Page 14 1-2-5. Front (R), Front (L/SW), Front (Jack) PC Board 1. Remove the front panel. (Refer to item 1-1-3.) 2. Remove four screws (1), then remove the stay (2). 3. Remove six screws (3), then remove the Front (Center) PC Board (4) and the Front (R) PC Board (5). 5.
  • Page 15 2. WIRING CONNECTION DIAGRAM After the servicing is complete, return the wiring to its original state by using the below diagram as a reference. Tuner Unit PC Board Mother PC Board Power PC Board W202 W003 W201 W005 W006 W301 Front Panel W001 W202...
  • Page 16 SECTION 3 SERVICING DIAGRAMS 1. CIRCUIT SYMBOLS AND SUPPLEMENTARY EXPLANATION 1-1. Precautions for Part Replacement • In the schematic diagram, parts marked (ex. • Using the parts other than those specified shall violate the regulations, and may cause troubles such as F801) are critical part to meet the safety regulations, operation failures, fire etc.
  • Page 17 1-4. Inductor Indication Eg. 4 ... H None Unit ... mH ... mH Tolerance None ... ±5% ... ±0.1% ... ±0.25% ... ±0.5% ... ±1% Type name ... ±2% ... ±10% ... ±20% Fig. 3-1-4 1-5. Waveform and Voltage Measurement Eg.
  • Page 18: Parts List

    SECTION 4 PARTS LIST SAFETY PRECAUTION The parts identified by ! ( ) mark are critical for safety. Replace only with part number specified. The mounting position of replacement is to be identical with originals. The substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire or other hazards.
  • Page 19: Exploded Views

    4. EXPLODED VIEWS 4-1. Packing Assembly ZF10 ZF11 ZF12 ZF01 ZF13 ZF35 Note: The shape of the packing material is sometimes different. Fig. 4-4-1...
  • Page 20 4-2. Chassis Assembly ZG20 EU82 W003 W005 EU01 RAM1 W501 P801 ZG45 W002 EU05 W001 EU02 W006 HDD1 W502 ZG50 EU55 EU03B ZG01 EU03C EU03D EU03A W008 W004 Fig. 4-4-2...
  • Page 21 P000416470 Owners Manual,OP English,RD-XS34SU ZF10 P000417050 Owners Manual,ST French,RD-XS34SC ZF11 P000417060 Owners Manual,OP French,RD-XS34SC ZF12 P000416480 Owners Manual,Quick,English ZF13 P000416490 Owners Manual,Quick,Spanish,RD-XS34SU ZF35 P000416800 IR Blaster RWS1000-0062E ZG01 P000432580 Front Panel ZG20 P000432500 Cover,Top ZG45 P000432510 Fan,DC AFB0512LDP48Z ZG50 P000416790...
  • Page 22 Location Part No. Description - ELECTRICAL PARTS - EU01 P000432530 PC Board Assy Digital,RD-XS34SU EU01 P000432470 PC Board Assy Digital,RD-XS34SC - INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - IC303 P000416750 BA25BC0FP IC304 P000391280 PQ070XZ01ZPH IC305 P000391240 NJM2125F IC307 P000391230 UPD72852AGB-8EU IC309 P000378040 SN74AHC1G08HDCKR IC310...
  • Page 23 Location Part No. Description - DIODES - D103 79060077 Diode,LED SLA-360MT D104 P000416660 Diode,LED EL-3105-1UYOC/S530 D105 79060091 Diode,LED LED, MVL-354B-T D121 79060033 Diode,LED D128 P000416670 Diode,LED EL-3105-1VRT - MISCELLANEOUS - S100 P000391050 Switch,Tact S101 P000391050 Switch,Tact S102 P000391050 Switch,Tact S103 P000391050 Switch,Tact S104...
  • Page 24 Location Part No. Description B701 P000377950 Buzzer PS1240P02AT J702 P000432600 Jack 3.5 Small JW01 P000402770 Jack,6P+2Y/C JX01 P000401100 Jack Board,6P+2P Y/C X700 P000391040 Crystal X701 P000363400 Oscillator,Crystal EU82 P000432570 PC Board Assy Tuner - MISCELLANEOUS - MB01 P000416770 Tuner ENGF6501G EU55 P000432590 PC Board Assy...
  • Page 25: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Power requirement during operation Power requirement at standby 17W or below (Front panel display: on) 16W or below (Front panel display: off) Power supply 120V AC, 60 Hz Mass 5.4kg External dimension Width 430 x Height 62 x Depth 334mm Incoming channels TV : 2-69CH, Cable : 1-125CH Antenna input/output terminal...
  • Page 26 1 1, SHIBAURA 1 CHOME, MINATO KU, TOKYO 105 8001, JAPAN...

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