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Casio M-300 Service Manual


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Summary of Contents for Casio M-300

  • Page 1 (with price) M-300 M-300 ELECTRIONIC KEYBOARD INDEX...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Specification ..............2 Block Diagram ..............3 Circuit Description ............3 PCB View and Major Waveforms ........5 Schematic Diagrams ............6 Exploded View ..............8 Parts List ................. 9 SPECIFICATIONS General Number of Keys: Polyphonic: 4-note Preset Tones: Preset Effects: Preset Phrases: Demonstration Tunes:...
  • Page 3: Block Diagram

    BLOCK DIAGRAM KO0 ~ KO8 KI0 ~ Amplifier Filter AN8053N MSM6387- 22 Q101 IC101 LSI101 Speaker Keyboard AVDD Oscillator Q102, X101 Buttons CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION Key Matrix Street Music box Glass harp Piano Trumpet Flute Violin Woodbass organ Volume Volume Train Quiz Cheer Animal...
  • Page 4: Filter Block

    CPU (LSI101: MSM6387-22) Containing a sound data ROM and a DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor), the CPU provides sound wave- form in accodance with the pressed key and the selected tone. The following table shows the pin functions of LSI101. Pin No.
  • Page 5: Pcb View And Major Waveforms

    PCB VIEW AND MAJOR WAVEFORMS J101 X101 D102 R125 L101 R126 R129 R127 C115 R101 R115 Q102 R114 R123 R113 D101 C117 R119 C106 R112 C116 R105 R118 R111 R117 R106 PS-Q R116 R120 PS-BL R110 R121 L102 LED101 R122 R124 LSI101 D104...
  • Page 6: Schematic Diagrams

  • Page 7 — 7 —...
  • Page 8: Exploded View

    EXPLODED VIEW 17-1 17-2 — 8 —...
  • Page 9: Parts List

    PARTS LIST M-300 Notes: Prices and specifications are subject to change with- out prior notice. As for spare parts order and supply, refer to the "GUIDEBOOK for Spare parts Supply", published seperately. The numbers in item column correspond to the same numbers in drawing.
  • Page 10: Specifications

    PARTS LIST FOB Japan Item Code No. Parts Name Specification N.R.Yen Unit Price Electrical Parts 6923 3400 PCB ass'y JCM547-MA1M M240093*1 1,650 LSI101 2011 9387 LSI MSM6387-22 IC101 2114 3269 IC AN8053N Q101, Q102 2220 1387 Transistor 2SC1740SQ-TP-T D101 2390 1323 Diode RB100A-T32-T D102 2390 0371 Diode...
  • Page 11 Description of Capacitors A general description of capacitors is shown in the following table. The description consists of Type, Value, Rated Voltage and Tolerance. When you need a capacitor, please find a substitution in your country by yourselves referring to the description.
  • Page 12 8-11-10, Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan May, 1995 Telephone: 03-3347-4926...

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