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Kenwood CCD-2000 Instruction Manual page 6

Universal rear view camera
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Installation for Camera Unit
Installation for Camera Unit
1 Clean the surface to which the rear view camera
is to be installed. Use a cloth or other item to wipe
oil, wax, dust and any other dirt from installation
• Locate the rear view camera in the position you want it
installed. Adjust the angle of the rear view camera, and
install so that the camera doesn't touch the car.
• When sticking to a glass surface, stick it on in a position
that assures the camera doesn't touch the rear window.
2 Peel off the sheet on back of the camera bracket
(Accessory3) and stick it on.
• Press the camera bracket with your fingers to stick it to
installation surface. Touching the adhesive surface or
sticking the unit on a second time reduces adhesive
strength, which may result in the unit falling.
• If the temperature of the attachment surface is low,
warm with a hair dryer or other means before installing
to improve adhesive strength.
3 Attach the rear view camera to the camera
bracket (Accessory3) with the installation screws
• The rear view camera is attached so that the logo of
Kenwood is on the upper surface.
4 Adjust the angle so that bumper or rear edge of
the car is displayed at the bottom of the monitor
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Installation example
Install on the center part
Glass surface
Screw (Accessory4)
Monitor screen
Bumper or rear edge of car
Camera bracket (Accessory3)
Camera bracket (Accessory3)


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