Pioneer BDP-LX88 Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer BDP-LX88 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray 3d player


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Operating Instructions
Blu-ray 3D


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 BDP-LX88 BDP-LX88 BDP-LX88 Blu-ray 3D PLAYER BDP-LX58 BDP-LX58 BDP-LX58 For customers in Europe: Discover the benefits of registering your product online at Download an electronic version of this manual from our website. Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Operating Environment

    Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3 (the time depends on the the power cord once in a while. When you find it extent of condensation). The water droplets will damaged, ask your nearest PIONEER authorized dissipate and playback will become possible. service center or your dealer for a replacement.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Connecting the Pre-main amplifier using a baranced cable (BDP-LX88 only) ......20 Operating the Video Parameter screen .
  • Page 5: Before You Start

    Chapter 1 Before you start What’s in the box • To prevent leakage of battery fluid, remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the remote control for a long period of time (1 month or more). If the fluid should leak, wipe it carefully off the inside of the case, •...
  • Page 6: Software Update

    The player can be controlled from a mobile device by IN U.K.: installing the special application onto the mobile device. For details, see the product information on the Pioneer website. IN Hong Kong: This special application may be changed or discontinued
  • Page 7: Types Of Discs/Files That Can Be Played

    Types of discs/files that can be played Playable discs Discs with the logo marks below indicated on the disc label, package or jacket can be played. Caution • Only the discs that have been finalized can be played. Application format Disc type Logo CD-DA...
  • Page 8: Discs That Cannot Be Played

    • “Blu-ray Disc”, “Blu-ray” and “Blu-ray Disc” logo are • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association. • DTS Digital Surround • is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing • MPEG audio (AAC) Corporation. • Linear PCM To enjoy the surround sound of Dolby TrueHD, Dolby ...
  • Page 9: Playing Cds

     About region numbers BD-LIVE functions such as downloading movie trailers or additional audio and subtitle languages Blu-ray Disc Player and BD-ROM or DVD-Video discs are and playing on-line games can be enjoyed over the assigned region numbers according to the region in Internet.
  • Page 10: Playable Files

    • It may not be possible to play discs recorded using a ® ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format computer or a BD/DVD recorder, if burn quality is not created by DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation. good due to characteristics of the disc, scratches, dirt ®...
  • Page 11  Table of Playable Files Playable media BD-R/RE/-R DL/ Playable files RE DL/-R LTH, File specifications (Extensions) DVD-R/RW/-R DL/ Network USB devices +R/+RW/+R DL, CD-R/RW Sampling frequencies: Up to 48 kHz    Bit rate: Up to 320 kbps (.mp3) Audio type: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 Sampling frequencies: Up to 48 kHz...
  • Page 12 Playable media BD-R/RE/-R DL/ Playable files RE DL/-R LTH, File specifications (Extensions) DVD-R/RW/-R DL/ Network USB devices +R/+RW/+R DL, CD-R/RW Maximum resolution: Up to 1 920 x 1 080    Video: MPEG4, MPEG-4 AVC (level 4.1) (.mp4) Audio: AAC, MP3 Maximum resolution: Up to 1 920 x 1 080 ...
  • Page 13: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and Functions Remote Control TOP MENU – Press to display the top menu of the BD-ROM or DVD-Video. HOME MENU – (page 41) 11  – (page 26) 12  – (page 26) 13  – (page 26) / ...
  • Page 14: Front Panel

    28 /// – Use to select items, change settings REPLAY – Press during playback to return to a and move the cursor. position 10 seconds earlier. (page 27) ENTER – Press to execute the selected item or enter a SHORT SKIP – Press during playback to forward setting that has been changed, etc.
  • Page 15: Rear Panel

    DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (COAXIAL) terminal – (page 20)  About the HDMI terminals on the BDP-LX88/LX58 MAIN – Connect with an HDMI-compatible TV or/and AV receiver or amplifier. This is the terminal that is used mainly. SUB – Connect with an HDMI compatible AV receiver or amplifier.
  • Page 16: Connecting Up

    Chapter 2 Connecting up Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord This product is compatible with “x.v.Color” that have the from the power outlet whenever making or changing capability to realize a wide-gamut color space based on connections.
  • Page 17: About Control Function With Hdmi

    When playback on the player is started or the HOME MENU is displayed, if the TV’s power was off, its • Connect the player directly to the Pioneer AV receiver power turns on automatically. When the TV’s power is compatible with Sound Retriever Link function.
  • Page 18: Connecting A Tv

    HDMI cable. only) input terminal • Also refer to the AV receiver’s operating instructions. • See the Pioneer website for AV receivers supporting the PQLS function. Direction of signal flow Caution • The PQLS function may stop working when the video output resolution is switched.
  • Page 19: Connecting An Av Receiver Or Amplifier

    Connect to an AV receiver or amplifier in order to enjoy achieve higher quality video and sound. the surround sound of Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High BDP-LX88’s rear panel Resolution Audio, DTS Digital Surround, LPCM, AAC or ZERO SIGNAL RS-232C DSD.
  • Page 20: Connecting Audio Cables

    Connecting audio Connecting the Pre-main amplifier using a baranced cables cable (BDP-LX88 only) Connecting an AV receiver or BDP-LX88’s rear panel amplifier using an coaxial NORMAL INVERSION ZERO SIGNAL RS-2 ANALOG AUDIO OUT digital audio cable HDMI OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT...
  • Page 21: Input Device Is Connected With The Zero Signal

    • When a USB device is connected and the player’s ZERO SIGNAL RS-232C power is turned on, do not unplug the power cord. HDMI OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (10/100) BDP-LX88’s front panel MAIN OPTICAL COAXIAL To audio or video input terminals AV receiver or TV etc.
  • Page 22: Connecting To The Network Through Lan Interface

    Internet service provider is required. For more details, contact your nearest Internet service provider. • Please note that Pioneer will accept no responsibility whatsoever for communications errors or problems related to the user's network connection environment or connected devices. Contact your provider or the manufacturer of your connected devices.
  • Page 23: Getting Started

    Select the appropriate aspect ratio for the connected TV. • When using a Pioneer TV or front projector Use / to select, then press ENTER. compatible with the Control function, set Control to On on the connected device before turning on the Close the Setup Navigator menu.
  • Page 24: Operating The Tv With The Player's Remote Control

    Press the number buttons (0 to 9) to input the code while pressing TV CONTROL . Note • The factory default setting is 01 (PIONEER). • If you make a mistake when inputting the code, release TV CONTROL  then start over from the beginning.
  • Page 25: Switching The Output Video Resolution

    Switching the output • When the connected device supports 3D and if a 3D Disc is played back, the 3D output is prioritized for video resolution output, regardless of the resolution settings. Also, switching of resolution may not be possible while the 3D contents are playing.
  • Page 26: Playback

    Chapter 4 Playback Playing discs or files Note • The resume playback function is canceled This section describes the player’s main operations. automatically in the following cases: For the types of discs and files that can be played, see – When the disc tray is opened. page 7.
  • Page 27: Playing Specific Chapters, Tracks Or Files

    Step forward/Step reverse  To resume normal playback  Press .  While playback is paused, press / /. Playing specific chapters, • The picture moves a step forward or step reverse each time the button is pressed. tracks or files •...
  • Page 28: Playing In The Desired Order (Programmed Play)

     To cancel Repeat Play  Deleting the bookmark • Press REPEAT several times during Repeat Play.  Select the bookmark you want to delete, then press CLEAR. Note • Bookmarks may not be allowed to make for some discs. •...
  • Page 29: Switching The Subtitles

    Switching the subtitles Note For discs or files on which multiple subtitles are recorded, • When you turn on the DIRECT function and play, the the subtitles can be switched during playback. output volume may be low depending on the settings of this device and contents being played.
  • Page 30: Displaying The Disc Information

    Displaying the disc Note information • Operation of USB flash drives is not guaranteed. • Playback of BD-LIVE function data differs depending  Press on the disc used. For details, consult the user DISPLAY. The disc information appears on the TV screen. To switch instructions supplied with the disc.
  • Page 31: Playback Functions

    Playback functions The functions that can be used differ according to the type of disc and file. In some cases, some of the functions cannot be used. Check the usable functions on the table below. Disc/file type DVD-R Function BD-R DVD- DVD- Video...
  • Page 32: Using The Function Menu

    Using the FUNCTION  FUNCTION menu item list menu Item Description Display the title information for the Title (track) currently playing disc and total number Various functions can be called out according to the of titles on the disc. Also select the title player’s operating status.
  • Page 33: Playing From A Specific Time (Time Search)

    Continuing playback Playing from a specific time (Time Search) from a specified position (Continued Select Time. Use / to select, then press ENTER. Viewing Playback) Input the time. Use the number buttons (0 to 9) to input the time. This function allows you to continue playback from a position you specify to be played next time, even after •...
  • Page 34: Playback From Source Function

    Chapter 5 Playback from Source function Files stored in a PC or DMS (Digital Media Server) as described above can be played via command from an YouTube SOURCE external Digital Media Controller (DMC). Devices TOP MENU POPUP MENU controlled by this DMC to play files are called DMRs (Digital Media Renderers).
  • Page 35: Playback File On The Network

    Playback starts from the selected title/track or file. Pioneer is not responsible for any malfunction of the player and/or the Source function features due to • If the file you want to play is in the folder, select the communication errors/malfunctions associated with folder that contains the file first.
  • Page 36: Playing Back Image Files

    Playing back image files Playing the Playlist  About Slideshow Press SOURCE to display the Source function. The Source function can also be displayed by selecting A display of the files in the folder switches automatically. Source from Home Menu, then pressing ENTER. Select Playlist.
  • Page 37: Playing The Web Contents

    Press /// to select the item you want to suspended, interrupted, or discontinued at any time play, then press ENTER. without notice, and Pioneer disclaims any liability in Press  to stop playback. connection with such occurrences. Pioneer does not represent or warrant that content ...
  • Page 38: Setting The Audio/Video Options

    The Hi-bit32, Up Sampling and Digital Filter can be configured to the desired Audio Scaler Manual settings. (BDP-LX88 only) Auto When Auto is selected, Hi-bit32, Up Sampling and Digital Filter are automatically set to the optimum settings according to the 2-channel audio source’s sampling frequency and bit rate to achieve high quality playback...
  • Page 39: Changing The Video Options

    This is effective only on audio output from ANALOG AUDIO OUT terminals. • This can be set when Manual is selected for Audio Scaler. • This function does not work when the sampling frequency is 32 kHz. • This setting only affects 2-channel audio sources. •...
  • Page 40: Adjusting The Video

     Adjusting the video Select and set Video Adjust  Memory 1 or 2, 3. Use / to select, then press ENTER. Select Settings. Use / to select, then press ENTER. Select the item and change the setting. Use / to select the item, then use / to change the setting.
  • Page 41: Advanced Settings

    Chapter 8 Advanced settings Changing the settings Operating the Initial Setup Select and set Initial Setup. Use / to select, then press ENTER. screen Select the item and change the setting. Use /// to select, then press ENTER. When playback is stopped, display the Home ...
  • Page 42 Precision Audio is a function and technology for high quality sound playback Auto used according to the channel used for audio playback. Jitters, which (BDP-LX88 only) detrimentally affect sound quality, occur when the transmission or processing of digital signals is performed. The effects of such jitters can be eliminated by processing signals with reference to a crystal oscillator, which is optimally suited to act as a standard for audio signals.
  • Page 43 Setting Options Explanation HDMI Mode Video and audio are output simultaneously from the two HDMI OUT Dual terminals. Select this when you want to output video and audio to two TV sets simultaneously. Separate Select this when you want to output the video and audio separately, the video from the HDMI OUT (MAIN) terminal, the audio from the HDMI OUT (SUB) terminal.
  • Page 44 Setting Options Explanation available languages Choose a language for the on-screen displays from the listed languages. Audio available languages Choose a language from the listed languages to set the default audio language for BD-ROM and DVD-Video playback. * For some discs, it may not be possible to change to the selected language.
  • Page 45 Setting Options Explanation Screen Saver The screen saver is not activated. ・The screen saver will be activated if no operation has been performed for 1 min more than one minute/two minutes/three minutes. 2 min ・ During operation of the screen saver, [SCREENSAVER] is displayed on the 3 min front panel display.
  • Page 46: Language Setting

     Setting the IP address Input Port Number. Press , then use the number buttons (0 to 9) to input the number. Select and set Network  IP Address Setting  Next Screen. Press ENTER to set. Use / to select, then press ENTER. ...
  • Page 47 Select and set Options  BUDA  BUDA Setup. Note Use / to select, then press ENTER. • The level can be set to Off or between Level1 and Select and set Fmt buda. Level8. When set to Off, viewing is not restricted. Press ENTER.
  • Page 48: Software Updating

    Product information on this player is provided on the • Do not use a USB extension cable to connect a USB Pioneer website. Check the website shown on page 6 for flash drive to the player. Using a USB extension cable update and service information on your Blu-ray disc may prevent the player from performing correctly.
  • Page 49: Setting The Backlight Mode

    Setting the backlight mode • Default setting : 01 (normal mode) The backlight lighting pattern can be selected from among four modes, in consideration of convenience and battery service life. Caution • The setting may be restored to the default after the batteries are replaced.
  • Page 50: About How Digital Audio Formats Are Output

    About how digital audio formats are output Setting Bitstream Re-encode Only the primary audio (the The primary audio, secondary The primary audio, secondary main sound for movies, etc.) is audio and interactive audio are audio and interactive audio are output. The secondary audio converted into PCM audio and converted into PCM audio then Method of...
  • Page 51: Language Code Table And Country/Area Code Table

    Language Code Table and Country/Area Code Table Language Code Table Language name, language code, input code Abkhazian, ab/abk, 0102 French, fr/fra, 0618 Malagasy, mg/mlg, 1307 Slovenian, sl/slv, 1912 Afar, aa/aar, 0101 Galician, gl/glg, 0712 Malay, ms/msa, 1319 Somali, so/som, 1915 Afrikaans, af/afr, 0106 Sotho, Southern, st/sot, 1920 Georgian, ka/kat, 1101...
  • Page 52: Additional Information

    Chapter 9 Additional information Cautions on use Turn the power off when not using the player Moving the player Depending on the conditions of the TV broadcast signals, striped patterns may appear on the screen when the TV is If you need to move this unit, first remove the disc if turned on while the player’s power is turned on.
  • Page 53: Cleaning The Pickup Lens

    (condensation) may form on the disc surface. Discs will or dirt, consult your nearest Pioneer authorized service not play properly if there is condensation on them. center. Although lens cleaners for players are...
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even after checking the points below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. Playback...
  • Page 55 Problem Check Remedy No picture is displayed or the If high definition videos of 4K Change the settings by the following procedure. picture is not displayed etc. are not visible. 1. Press the HDMI button on the remote control for 5 seconds or more. properly.
  • Page 56 Problem Check Remedy • No sound is output. Is the volume set to the If the volume of the TV or AV amplifier is set to the minimum, raise it. minimum? • Sound is not output properly. Is the disc played back in No sound is output during slow motion play and forward and reverse slow motion? scanning.
  • Page 57: Control Function

    Remedy Sound is fast or slow. When an HDMI cable is When a Pioneer AV receiver or amplifier compatible with the PQLS connected, are audio signals function is connected directly to the player’s HDMI OUT terminal using being output from devices...
  • Page 58: Network

    Network Problem Check Remedy Cannot connect to network. • Insert the LAN cable securely as far as it goes (page 22). • Do not connect using a modular cable. Use a LAN cable for the LAN (10/100) terminal. • Check that the power of the Ethernet hub (router with hub function) or the modem is turned on.
  • Page 59 Problem Check Remedy The audio files stored on There are cases where a component with Internet security software components on the network, installed cannot be accessed. such as a computer, cannot The audio component on the Switch on the audio component on the network before switching on be played back.
  • Page 60: Others

    Others Problem Check Remedy Power does not turn on. Is the power cord properly • Plug the power cord securely into the power outlet (page 22). connected? • Unplug the power cord, wait several seconds, then plug the power cord back in. The player’s power turns off Is Auto Power Off set to 15 If Auto Power Off is set to 15 min or 30 min, the player’s power...
  • Page 61: Glossary

    Glossary  Dolby TrueHD Dolby TrueHD is an audio format using lossless coding. With BD- ROMs, up to 8 channels can be recorded at 96 kHz/24 bits, or up to 6 channels at 192 kHz/24 bits.  Angle (Multi angle) Up to 9 camera angles can be recorded simultaneously on BD- ...
  • Page 62: Software License Notice

    Software license  MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) The name of a family of standards used to encode video and notice audio signals in a digital compressed format. The video encoding standards include MPEG-1 Video, MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-4 Visual, MPEG-4 AVC, etc. The audio encoding standards include MPEG- 1 Audio, MPEG-2 Audio, MPEG-2 AAC, etc.
  • Page 63: Specifications

    BDP-LX88 : 13.4 kg Weight BDP-LX58 : 9.9 kg BDP-LX88 : 435 mm (W) x 130 mm (H) x 339 mm (D) External dimensions (including projecting parts) BDP-LX58 : 435 mm (W) x 118 mm (H) x 338 mm (D) +5 °C to +35 °C...
  • Page 64: Contact Information

    Please refer to our website for information regarding software updates and service to this product. Contact information: U.K. Hong Kong Pioneer (HK) Limited - Customer Service Center Unit 2, 17/F, Vanta Industrial Centre, 21-33 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong (852) 3583 3288 Singapore Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte Ltd...

Table of Contents