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Kenwood DNX512EX Instruction Manual

Kenwood gps navigation instruction manual
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Saving Places You Find Saving Your Current Location Setting a Home Location Finding Saved Places Editing Saved Places Deleting a Saved Place DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Getting Started First Time Setup The Map and Other Tools Viewing the Map Page Trip Computer...
  • Page 3 Using the Logs Adjusting the Track Log Using the Mileage Logs Traffic Information Connecting the Traffic Module Viewing Traffic Events Avoiding Traffic Traffic Symbols Changing the Traffic Settings Adding a Traffic Receiver Subscription Icons used in this manual Important precautions are described to prevent injuries etc. Special instructions, supplementary explanations, limitations, and reference pages are described.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions And Important Information

    Read this information carefully before starting to operate the Kenwood Car Navigation System and follow the instructions in this manual. Neither Kenwood nor Garmin shall be liable for problems or accidents resulting from failure to observe the instructions in this manual.
  • Page 5: Software License Agreement

    Software License Agreement BY USING THE DNX5120/DNX512EX, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE FOLLOWING SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. Garmin grants you a limited license to use the software embedded in this device (the “Software”) in binary executable form in the normal operation of the product.
  • Page 6 NAVTEQ North America LLC may not be used in any commercial manner without the prior written DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual consent of NAVTEQ. Export Control. You agree not to export from anywhere any part of the Data provided to you or any...
  • Page 7 on commercial computer software), FAR 52.227-19 (JUN 1987) (commercial computer software clause for civilian agencies), DFARS 252.227-7015 (NOV 1995) (DOD technical data – commercial items clause); FAR 52.227-14 Alternates I, II, and III (JUN 1987) (civilian agency technical data and noncommercial computer software clause);...
  • Page 8 © Copyright, HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA, as represented by the Minister of Industry, Statistics Canada 1996. Digital Topographic Data produced under license from Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, with permission of Natural Resources Canada. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started The first time you use your Kenwood Navigation System, you need to set up your system. First Time Setup These are the steps that you need to complete to set up the system. These steps normally have to be performed only once.
  • Page 10: Find It And Go

    Follow the instructions on the next two pages to find a place and go to it! Finding a Restaurant Touch Where To?. Touch Food, Hotel…. Touch Food & Drink. Touch a food category. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Touch a place. Touch Go To.
  • Page 11: Following Your Route

    Following Your Route Follow the route to your destination using the map. As you travel, the navigation system guides you to your destination with voice prompts, arrows, and directions along the top of the map. If you depart from the original route, the navigation system recalculates the route and provides new route instructions.
  • Page 12: Where To

    Select a state. Touch Search All Cities or select a city. Enter the address number and touch Done. Enter the street name and touch Done. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Select the street. Select the city, if necessary. Where Select the address, if necessary. Touch Go To.
  • Page 13: Understanding The Information Page

    Touch Go To or Advanced. • Touch the icons to zoom in and out. • Touch an object on the map. The map recenters on that location, and an arrow appears, pointing at the object you selected. • Touch Review to open the information page for the location;...
  • Page 14: My Locations

    After you have found a place you want to save, select it from the results list. Touch Advanced. Touch Add As Favorite. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Saving Your Current Location From the Menu page, touch Touch anywhere on the map.
  • Page 15: Finding Saved Places

    Finding Saved Places From the Menu page, touch Where To?. Touch My Locations. Touch Favorites. Touch a saved place. Editing Saved Places From the Menu page, touch Tools > My Data > Favorites. Touch Edit/Review Favorites. Touch the item you want to edit. Touch Edit.
  • Page 16: The Map And Other Tools

    • A speed limit icon may appear as you travel on major roadways. This icon displays the current speed limit of the roadway. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Trip Computer The Trip Computer indicates your current speed and provides helpful statistics about your trip.
  • Page 17: Turn List

    > GPS. You can also access the GPS Settings by touching the GPS Settings button on the GPS Info page. • Simulator Mode—touch Off to turn the GPS receiver off. • Set Position—set your position, if Use Indoors is enabled. Select your location on the map and touch OK.
  • Page 18: Creating And Editing Routes

    • Change Preference—change your calculation preference to Faster Time, Shorter Distance, or Off Road. • Delete Route—delete this route. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Adding an Intermediate Destination Point to Your Route You can add intermediate destination points (stops) to your route as you create it.
  • Page 19: Deleting All Saved Routes

    Deleting All Saved Routes From the Menu page, touch Tools > My Data > Routes > > Delete All Saved Routes. Stopping Your Route From the Menu page, touch Stop. Then touch Yes. Adding a Detour to a Route If you need to take a detour from your current route, open the Menu page and touch Detour.
  • Page 20: Using The Logs

    From the Menu page, touch Tools > My Data > Mileage Log. Touch a log to edit it. Select an item to edit. • Name—enter a new name. • Distance— reset the mileage log. • Active—make this log active or inactive. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual...
  • Page 21: Traffic Information

    Receiver (such as the GTM 10) can be used. Connecting the Traffic Module Make sure the traffic module is connected to the DNX5120/DNX512EX. Refer to the installation guide for more information. Viewing Traffic Events From the Menu page, touch Tools > Traffic Info.
  • Page 22: Traffic Symbols

    • Avoid Traffic—select Yes to avoid traffic events when generating a route. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Adding a Traffic Receiver Subscription To add a traffic subscription, touch Settings > About > FM Traffic Receiver and write down your FM Traffic Receiver’s unit ID.
  • Page 23 Touch Next. Enter the code and touch Next. Touch OK. English...
  • Page 24: Changing The Settings

    Changing the text language does not change the language of map data or user-entered data. • Speech Rate—select the rate at which prompts are spoken. DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual Customizing the Keyboard Settings From the Menu page, touch Settings > General > Keyboard.
  • Page 25: Changing The Map Settings

    Turning Safe Mode Off and On From the Menu page, touch Settings > General > Safe Mode. Turn the Safe Mode on or off. Safe Mode disables all navigation system functions that require significant operator attention and could become a distraction while driving. When it is turned on, Safe Mode operates when the vehicle parking brake is disengaged.
  • Page 26: Changing The Navigation Settings

    The system does not switch to the Next Turn page for each turn. Next Turn Page DNX5120/DNX512EX GPS Navigation Instruction Manual • Off-Route Recalculation—set the way the navigation system responds when off the route. You can silence the “off-route, recalculating” message here.
  • Page 27: Appendix

    This appendix provides additional information about your navigation system, such as how to update the software and map data. Using the Remote Control You can use a standard Kenwood system remote control with the navigation system. Updating the Software To update the navigation system software, you must have a CD or DVD writer, writable CD or DVD media, and an Internet connection.
  • Page 28 CD or DVD (for example, "D:\Garmin\POI.gpi"). Insert the CD or DVD into the DNX5120/ DNX512EX. A message displays on the screen, prompting you to copy the custom POIs to your navigation system. Select Yes. If you select No, custom POIs will not work.
  • Page 32 For the latest free software updates (excluding map data) throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin Web site at © 2008 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin International, Inc. 1200 East 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062, USA Garmin (Europe) Ltd.

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