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Troubleshooting - Breville Hot Cup vkj142 Instructions For Use Manual

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The on/off switch will not stay
in the on position.
The water tank does not
illuminate and the Hot Cup
does not dispense boiling
The Hot Cup does not
dispense a full cup of water
The Hot Cup produces
excess steam but does not
dispense boiling water.
The on/off switch has been
manually switched off during
the boil cycle but hot water is
still dispensed.
The Hot Cup makes a
noise and there is a 'clunk'
sound after water has been
Water drips from the
dispensing nozzle after the
boil cycle has finished.
Steam comes out from
behind the on/off button and
behind the dispensing nozzle
Possible Cause
The Hot Cup has not reset
itself after the boiling cycle.
• The Hot Cup is not
plugged in.
• The Hot Cup is not
positioned correctly on its
power base.
• The fuse has blown.
• The Hot Cup has boiled
The Hot Cup has excessive
• The water level has
dropped below the MIN
• The Hot Cup has
excessive scale.
The Hot Cup is designed to
boil a set volume of water.
Once the temperature of
the water reaches a certain
level it will automatically be
This is the sound of the
internal valve operating after
the boil cycle finishes.
There is a residual amount of
water left inside the Hot Cup
after the boil cycle.
Steam is being vented in a
controlled manner through
designed vents
The Hot Cup is still too hot
after the last boil cycle. Wait
a few seconds for it to cool
slightly before trying again.
• Check the Hot Cup is
plugged in and switched
on at the supply socket.
• Check that the dispensing
nozzle is positioned
centrally over the drip tray.
• Check the fuse in the
• Allow the Hot Cup to cool
down completely then
refill it with water.
Descale your Hot Cup
• Fill with water between
the MIN and MAX
markings then restart the
boil cycle.
• Descale your Hot Cup.
Allow it to finish the boil cycle
and dispense any water into
the drip tray. Allow any water
in the drip tray to cool down
then empty it.
This is normal operation.
This is normal operation
This is normal operation



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