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HP 460A Operating Manual page 3

Wide band amplifier serial 1996 and above
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General Description
The Model 460A Wide Band Amplifier is designed to faithfully am-
plify extremely short pulses without objectionable ringing or over-
The high frequency response matches the Gaussian curve.
A gain of 20 db is obtained with this amplifier
Up to five ampli-
fiers may be cascaded for additional amplification.
The Model 460A is useful as a general laboratory amplifier, to
increase voltmeter and oscilloscope sensitivity, and in television
Parts Substitutions
Difficulties in procuring some of the parts used in this instrument
may cause the electrical or physical values to deviate from those
shown in this instruction manual.
These substitutions have been
made so as not to impair the performance of this instrument
Whenever replacement of any of these parts is necessary, either
the substitute value or the original value may be used.