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HP 465A Operating And Service Manual

HP 465A Operating And Service Manual


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  • Page 2: Warranty And Assistance

    CERTIFI CATION The Hewlett-Packard Company certifies that this instrument was thoroughly tested and inspected and found to meet its published specifications when it was shipped from the factory. The Hewlett­ Packard Company further certifies that its calibration measurements are traceable to the S.
  • Page 3 OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL (HP P A R T N O . 0 0 4 6 5-90000) MODEL 465A AMPLIFIER S E R I A L S P R EFiXeD: 511- Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 1965 01775-1 Printed: MARCH 1965...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Troubleshooting Tree Indicators and Connectors . . Top View . . . • · 5 ... 6, Printed €ircuit Board, Parts Location, 4- 1. Model 465A Amplifier Block Diagram 5-1. Frequency Response Check 5-7. Amplifier Schematic. 5-9/5-10 • · 01775-1...
  • Page 5 HEW l E T T PAC KAR D • 40D8 GAIN Figure 1-1. Hewlett-Packard Model 465A Amplifier Table 1-1. Specifications Voltage Gain: 20 db (XI O) or 40 db(XI00). open Distortion: 1%, 5 cps to 100 kc; 2%, 100 kc to 1 Mc.
  • Page 6: General Information

    Section I Model 465A Paragraphs 1-1 to 1-5 SCOPE This manual contains the information necessary for operating and servicing the standard Model 465A Amplifier and the Model 465A/Option 01 Amplifier (rear input connectors in parallel with front panel connectors), SECTION GENERAL INfORMATION 1-4.
  • Page 7: Initial Inspection

    2-13. The Model 465A is shipped with plastic feet in perfect electrical order upon receipt. To confirm and tilt stand in place, ready for use as a bench this, the instrument should be inspected for physical instrument.
  • Page 8: Front And Rear Panel Controls, Indicators And Connectors

    INPUT (rear panel): BNCconnectors connected LINE VOLTAGE: a two-position slide switch; in parallel with the INPUT terminals on the sets the 465A for 115 or 230 volt operation. Figure 3-1. Front and Rear Panel Controls, Indicators and Connectors 01775-1...
  • Page 9: General

    (4) impedance converter (5 and (5) in-system amplifier unit. 3-3. DESCRIPTION OF CO NTROLS. 3-2. The Model 465A Amplifier can be operated as: (1) a general purpose amplifier/preamplifier, (2) 3-4. Figure 3-1 gives a description of the front oscilloscope preamplifier, (3) oscillator power ampli- panel and rear panel controls for the 465A.
  • Page 12: Specifications

    Accuracy: ±1%, 100 cps to Performance Checks - hp- Model 3440A/3445A 50 kc AC-DC Digital Voltmeter ±2%, 10 cps to -hp- Model 33. 1 A 1 Mc Distortion A nalyzer Voltage Range: 10 v Voltage Range: 103.5 Variable Voltage Line Superior Electric Co.
  • Page 13: Frequency Response Check

    Model 3440A/3445A will be used for frequencies checks. These operations should be conducted before from 50 cps to 100 kc; -hp- Model 331A will be any attempt is made to adjust or calibrate the instru­ used at all other frequencies.
  • Page 14: Input Impedance Check

    SET to convenient SET LEVEL. meter should read more than 6. 0 v. This verifies g. Reset oscillator frequency to 10 cps. Adjust a Model 465A input impedance of 10 M ohms, oscillator amplitude to re-establish SET LEVEL, shunted by 20 pf.
  • Page 15: Distortion Check

    TEST OSCIL LATO R 651A 465A-B-02'6 Figure 5-2. Distortion Check c . Set Model 465A GAIN to 20 DB. Rotate FUNCTION switch to DISTORTION. Null out fundamental of signal by alternately reducing METER RANGE and adjusting Set distortion analyzer to METER.
  • Page 16: Noise Check

    A DC Voltmeter (-hp- Model 3440A/3445A) will be required for this test. 5-18. SERVICING ETCHED CIRCUIT BOARD. 5-19. The -hp- Model 465A has one etched circuit Set voltmeter FUNCTION to DC; RANGE board. Use caution when removing it to avoid damaging mounted components.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Technique

    The electrical connection between sides of the board is made by a layer of metal plated through the component holes. When working on these boards, 5-23. Conduct a visual check of the Model 465A for observe the following general rules. possible burned or loose components, loose con­...
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting Tree

    <ID if incorrect, go directly to Observe the ac waveform at the Model 465A Disconnect jumper wire at the + side of C20, OUTPUT. Should be a sine wave with peak removing power supply from circuit. Measure voltage of approximate 12.7 v (9 v rms).
  • Page 19: Top View

    Model 465A Section V Figure 5-5 465A-B-0219 Figure 5 -5 . Top View 01775-1...
  • Page 20 Section V Model 465A Figure 5-6 465A-A-0220 Printed Circuit Board, Parts Location Figure 5-6. 01775-1...
  • Page 21: Amplifier Schematic

    Model 465A Section V Figure 5-7 (-)F, B ADJUST a-SOPF 22.! +<5V � I " " BIAS ADJUST 3.3K +22V +24V AMPLlF!ERQ � 0.047 +2. rV 4.7K +23V � " ' " +2,IV ,S6PF : 120l>Il1 +23V 1000 49.9 (+) F.e.
  • Page 22: Ordering Information

    Table 6-1 lists parts in alpha­ numerical order of their reference designators and 6-5. To obtain replacement parts, address order or indicates the description and -hp- part number of each inquiry to your local Hewletl-Packard Field Office part, together with any applicable notes. Table 6-2 (see lists at rear of this manual for addresses).
  • Page 23: Reference Designation Index

    Section VI Model 465A Table 6-1 Table 6 -1. Reference Designation Index R E FERENCE -hp- PART NO. DESCR IPTION NOTE DESIGNATION 00465-66501 Board Etched Circuit Ass . ' y Power Supply-Amplifier, includes: tbru Q1 thru Q8 CRI thru CR6...
  • Page 24 Model 465A Section VI Table 6-1 Table 6-1. Reference Designation Index (Cont'd) REFERENCE DESCRIPTION -hp- PART NO. NOTE DESIGNATION A1R7 0687-1031 R: fxd, comp, 10 K ohms ±10%, 1/2 w 0687-1061 R: fxd, comp, 10 M ohms ±10%, 1/2 w A1R8 R: fxd, comp, 22 K ohms ±10%, 1/2 w...
  • Page 25 Section VI Model 465A Table 6-1 Table 6-1. Reference Designation Index (Cont'd) R E FER ENCE -hp- PART NO. DESCRIPTION NOTE DESIGNATION 3101-0037 Switch: toggle, SPST, 3 amp 3101-0033 Switch: slide, DPDT 3101-0038 Switch: toggle, DPDT, 3 amp 9100-0343 Transformer: power 8120-0078 Cable Ass'y, Power: black, extra limp, 7.
  • Page 26: Replaceable Parts

    Model 465A Section VI Table 6-2 Table 6-2. Replaceable Parts -hp- PART NO. DESCRIPTION MFR PART NO. 0130-0017 C: var, ceramic, 8-50 pi 72982 557-019-U2PO-34 0140-0014 C: fxd, molded mica, 56 pi ±10% 04062 RCM15E 560K 0150-0084 C: fxd, ceramic, die, .1 /If +80% -20%, 50 vdcw...
  • Page 27: Replaceable Parts

    Section VI Model 465A Table 6-2 Table 6-2. Replaceable Parts (Cont'd) -hp- PART NO. DESCRIPTION M FR MFR PART NO. 1200-0043 Insulator 293011 71785 1200-0081 Insulator: bushing, nylon 26365 1205-0050 Heat - sink 91506 9017-IGI >1250-0252 Connector: R. F. 06140...
  • Page 28: Code List Of Manufacturers

    Model 465A Appendix A APPENDIX CODE LIST OF MANUFACTURERS (Sheet 1 of 2 1 The following code numbers are from the Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers Cataloging Handbooks H4� 1 (Name to Code) and H4.2 (Code to Name) and their latest supplements. The date of revision and the date of the supplements used appear at the bottom of each page.
  • Page 29 Appendix A Model 465A APPENDIX CODE LIST OF MANUFACTURERS I Sheet :I of ;n Cod. Cod. Co .. 1'10. M�nul,,<I"'�' Mon.iQ<I<I,er Mo""lo<tu,er Add, ... Add, ... & $1919 S,4H R.M. Braoamoote Sltn F'IOC'S'O, CaU. G. V. Conlrols L,ving,ton. N. J.
  • Page 30: Sales And Service Offices

    Model 465A Appendix B SALES A N D S ERVICE OFFICES I N THE U.S. A N D CANADA 07&31 ALABAMA GEORGIA £nglewood, Philadelphia Area 35801 30305 Huntsville, Hewlett·Packard Atlanta. Hewlett·Packard RMC Sales Division Hewlelt ·Packard Robinson Sales Division Hewlett·Packard...
  • Page 31 Appendix B Model 465A I NTERNATIONAL SALES A N D SERVICE O FFICES ARGENTINA Hewlett·Packard V,m.b.H. NETHERLANDS Reginfriedstrasse 13 Mauricio A. Saurez Hewlett·Packard Benelux N,V, Munich 9 T elecornmunicaciones 23 Burg Roei!straat, Amsterdam W. Tel, 49.51.21/22 Carlos Calvo 224, Buenos Aires 10201 13.28_98 and 13.54_99...

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