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Kenmore ULTRASOFT 180 Owner's Manual

Kenmore water system user manual.
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UltraSoft 175
UltraSoft 180
Read and Follow
All Safety Rules and
Operating Instructions
Before First Use of
This Product.
If you have questions
or main-
the timer,
this toll-free
(M - F, 7 am - 8 pm, CST)
parts, call this toll-free
See back cover for other
Sears service
Water Softeners
_i, Warranty
_i, Start Up / Setting Timer
_i, How It Works
_i, Care Of
_i, Specifications
_i, Repair Parts
Tested and
by NSF International
against NSF/ANSl Standard 44for softener performance.
Use the plastic bag and tie provided, to hang manuals
nearby the softener for future reference,
Roebuck and
3333 Beverly
IL 60179 USA
(Rev. A 4/26/05)


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Kenmore ULTRASOFT 180

  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL NOS. UltraSoft 175 625.388170 UltraSoft 180 625.388180 Caution: Read and Follow All Safety Rules and Operating Instructions Before First Use of This Product. If you have questions when installing, operating or main- taining your softener, when setting...
  • Page 2 d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d _d • For one year from the date of purchase, maintained defects in material For ten years from the date of purchase, model water softener or drum develop...
  • Page 3 Safety Guides Check List of Step-By-Step Program Sanitizing Add Salt to the Storage Faceplate Soft Water Salt: Adding Keeping Protect Checklist Dimensions Troubleshooting Rotary Water Flow Through Water Softener Brine Valve Assembly Valve Assembly WATER SOFTENER Guides To Install The Timer The Water Softener Tank...
  • Page 4 Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 START UP before Follow to follow damage. minerals other types Dam- warranty. ONLY. BE INCLUDED, 60 CYCLE OR FUSE. VOLT, if the power Make plugging back power before or after Kenmore Water Line...
  • Page 5 "High Effi- setting. in the "OFF" rated maximum salt to the more frequent at 4000 grains feature follow Sec- require installation use plumbing code Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore START UP TO INSTALL INLET plastic Bypass Valve(s) Water Line...
  • Page 6 UP [_ or Then, Each press the time by one minute. to the changes the time rapidly. Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore START UP DOWN button code, unplug the transformer and plug in again, if other than see page 5-3 to reset.
  • Page 7: Set Water Hardness Number

    0, and word button once complete initial pro- and the currect time of in the display. CALL TOLL FREE, TIMER FEATURES. Kenmore Water Line Bypass, would the AM- to the but- "OFF"...
  • Page 8 3 se- does the softener level needed. tank. 2-3) for ser- from the soften- hours. or without salt Assodation. On some need periodic Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 START UP brinewell cover about 3/4 oz. bleach) brinewell Kenmore Water Line...
  • Page 9: Add Salt To Storage Tank

    3 quarts of softened would consume 335 milligrams is equivalent to eating 2-1/2 are concerned about their consider a Kenmore Drinking or reduce in excess other drinking water contami- Kenmore Water Line supply. has a sodium...
  • Page 10: Faceplate Timer Features

    F F _ code instead time of day, turn to page 5-2 under to resolve the problem. CALL TOLL FREE, Kenmore Water Line buttons flashes each pow- Even if soft. Use the icon is ON.
  • Page 11 As you use more water, so more brine is made. cleans more hardness minerals bed. Water Flow Through the Softener in Fill soft water hard water fill water Kenmore Water Line brine. from much fill time greater...
  • Page 12 (FIG. 9). returns to service. into the resin tank where the resin out the hardness minerals. Soft water soft water pipes. Water Flow Through Softener in Fast Rinse soft water hard water OUT, drain Kenmore Water Line Hard...
  • Page 13 (2:00 AM, or as set) it will schedule a regeneration. begins, RECHARGE during the regeneration. Kenmore Water Line of the before (gp g) needs, using soft efficient goes When flashes...
  • Page 14 Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore SALT BRIDGE salt, you will soon have hard water. a loss in softening capacity hard water if less than 10 inches tank.
  • Page 15 Nozzle & Venturi Housing supply clear water iron, than the maximum allowed, is needed. Your local Sears bed cleaner, Item No. 42-34426 If iron shows before 6 months, clean instructions on the resin Kenmore Water Line even regular store for this. more...
  • Page 16 Leave laying like this until you are ready with rags to keep etc. out. Kenmore Water Line thick block Do not...
  • Page 17 Valve-rotor Problems, Questions? CARE OF YOUR WATER SOFTENER ... TO HELP YOU SAVE MONEY the following easy checks. If you do not find anything call the Kenmore Water 2-1. press and hold the SELECT button code appears. It must shows,...
  • Page 18 UltraSoff 20 -125 20 - 125 40-120 40 - 120 nugget or pellet water softener salt per gallon per million test data. State of Wisconsin clear water iron. Kenmore Water Line in soft only Bypass / Valve Inlet Valve requires...
  • Page 19 UltraSoft high capacity high capacity 11,800 @ 2,3 12,800 @ 2.5 27,300 @ 8.0 32,500 @ 13,4 5120 @ 2.3 5100 @ 2.5 claims as verified and substantiated These softeners were efficiency Kenmore Water Line rated...
  • Page 20 Press twice more to return to present do not find the problem after making MANUAL INITIATED DIAGNOSTICS, and the MANUAL REGENERATION CHECK. Kenmore Water Line Low salt indicator UP button must have flow 5-4). to display set- (Make with...
  • Page 21 2. Correct SENSOR RBINE SUPPORT AND SHAFT VALVE (P) and dashes indicate POSITION operation. If the letter appears, is closed. If the dashes show, the switch button to manually operation. Kenmore Water Line could all face per- ELEC- isolate lINE...
  • Page 22 SR code number was entered. Press SELECT and hold the SR25 shows UltraSoft 175 SR26 shows for UltraSoft 180 This code identifies the softener size. If the wrong number shows, operate on incorrect programming.
  • Page 23 BRINE VALVE FLOAT SETTING float stop floa, FREEBOARD MEASUREMENT resin tank Kenmore Water Line drain draw. from top dis- fast into...
  • Page 24 30-40 inch the gear on the motor, and the valve Molykote grease, or other high switch as shown, with lever toward ,otor l_.j motor plate rotor seal drain seal nozzle & venturi Kenmore Water Line posi- pattern. quality seal...
  • Page 25 SOFT water to the brine valve, into the salt storage to the house lines. Kenmore VALVE routes water bottom outlet, 4 _.._. "X i" to the valve the valve in...
  • Page 26 (controlled by a flow flushes dirt, sediments, and hardness to the drain. switch Call 1-800-426-9345 Kenmore VALVE the rotor disc into Suction, created by the and injects it into the and to in the same...
  • Page 27 THE SOFTENER drain positio_ switch so water flow enters distributor, exits through energizes the motor to return the position switch lever drops positioned in service until the electronic 1-800-426-9345 Kenmore VALVE the bottom the valve to open timer Water Line...
  • Page 28 • 7258997 • 7276539 • notillustrated • included in parts bag 4: Aligns with top of brinewelI Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore and 625.388180 SOFTENER COMPLETE PART DESCRIPTION Cover Lock (req'd for ship. only) Rim Insert (req'd for shipping only)
  • Page 29 [i!; !! _;_!! _;_ SECTION 6 _i:! ! ! _;_!! _;_i] Kenmore MODEL NOS. NOS. 625.388175 INLET - OUTLET GROUNDING CLAMPS Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER and 625.388180 B. BRINE PART NUMBER 7168647 Ceramic Weight 0513860 7097202 0516947...
  • Page 30 [i!; !! _;_!! _;_ SECTION 6 _i:! ! ! _;_!! _;_i] C. VALVE ASSEMBLY 90 _.. Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore wear-strip seal ""_ cross- section view Water Line...
  • Page 31 42-34403 • 7123613 • not illustrated NOT included • included in parts bag, see page 6-1. VALVE Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore and 625.388180 DESCRIPTION Seal (Nozzle & Venturi) Retainer (Nozzle & Venturi) O-Ring, 1/4 x 3/8 (2 req.) Nozzle &...
  • Page 32 OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL NOS. UltraSoft 175 625.388170 UltraSoft 180 625.388180 The model number of your water softener is found on the rating decal. This de- cal is on the rim, under the salt cover. When requesting service or ordering parts,...

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