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Kenmore 625.348670 Owner's Manual

Kenmore 625.348670 water softener owner's manual
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Read and Follow
All Safety Rules and
Operating Instructions
Before First Use of
This Product.
If you have questions when
installing, operating or main-
taining your softener, and
when setting the timer, call
this toll--free number...
1- -800- -426- -9345
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA
Genius II Water Softener
u Warranty
u Start Up / Setting Timer
u How It Works
u Care Of
u Specifications
u Repair Parts
Use plastic bag and tie provided, to hang manuals nearby
the softener for future reference.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 OWNER’ S MANUAL MODEL NO. 625.348670 Caution: Read and Follow All Safety Rules and Operating Instructions Before First Use of This Product. If you have questions when installing, operating or main- taining your softener, and when setting the timer, call this toll--free number...
  • Page 2 SEARS RESIDENTIAL WATER SOFTENER FULL TEN YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST LEAKS For ten years from the date of purchase, Sears will furnish and install a new current model water soften- er tank or salt storage drum, free of charge, if either the tank or drum develop a leak. FULL THREE YEAR ELECTRONICS WARRANTY For a period of three years from date of purchase, Sears will replace the BRINE TANK LIGHT, ELEC- TRONIC BOARD, SENSOR HOUSING, WIRING HARNESS, TRANSFORMER, MICRO SWITCH,...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Safety Guides

    SAFETY GUIDES s Read all steps, guides and rules carefully be- fore installing and using your new water softener. Follow all steps exactly to correctly install. Fail- ure to follow them could cause personal injury or property damage. Reading this book will also help you to get all of the benefits from your water softener.
  • Page 5: Check List Of Step-By-Step Guides To Install

    CHECK LIST OF ALL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES TO INSTALL To be sure you have done all the steps to install the softener, read the following list. Refer to the Installa- tion Manual, part no. 7183613, for step-by-step guides. Page numbers referred to are in the Installation Manual unless otherwise noted.
  • Page 6: Program The Timer

    FIG. 1 indicator adjust button SALT LEVEL ADJUST Kenmore Water Line SIGNAL LIGHT for Customer Assis- ADJUST tance TANK 1- - 800- - 426- - 9345 LIGHT signal light tank light adjust button on/off button When the transformer is plugged in, the model code HF32, and a test number (example: A2.0) show in the...
  • Page 7 n Press the UP/DOWN your water hardness number in the display. The DOWN button moves the display to 1. The UP button moves the display to the highest setting (see maximum setting for your model in the specifica- tions). NOTE: If your water supply contains iron, compensate for it by adding to the water hardness number.
  • Page 8: Sanitizing The Water Softener

    Care is taken at the factory to keep your water softener clean and sanitary. Materials used to make the softener will not infect or contaminate your water supply, and will not cause bacteria to form or grow. However, during shipping, storage, installing and operating, bacteria could get into the softener.
  • Page 9: Fill The Storage Tank With Salt

    2-1/2 slices of white bread. Persons who are concerned about their drinking water should consider a Kenmore Drinking Water System that will remove or reduce in excess of 90% of the sodium and other drinking water contaminants.
  • Page 10: How Your Water Softener Works

    EXTRA RECHARGE Sometimes, a manually started regeneration (re- charge) may be desired, or needed. Two examples are: - - You have used more water than usual (guests visiting) and you may run out of soft water before the next timer started regeneration. - - You did not refill the softener with salt before it was gone.
  • Page 11 OPTIONAL ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS Following is a list of other timer features that are adjustable, and the default setting for each. The defaults automatically set when electrical power is applied to the timer. If you want to change from any of the default values, scroll through steps 1 - 5 below, and reset as desired.
  • Page 12 OTHER FEATURES TANK LIGHT To light the inside of the salt storage tank, press the TANK LIGHT button on the faceplate. Press the same button again to turn the light off, or it will go off automatically in 4 minutes. WATER FLOW RATE THROUGH SOFTENER To view the gallon (or liter) per minute water flow rate through the softener, if not already displayed,...
  • Page 13: Soft Water Service And Regeneration

    SOFT WATER SERVICE AND REGENERATION SERVICE When the softener is giving you soft water, it is called “Service”. During service, hard water comes from the house main water pipe into the softener. Inside the softener resin tank is a bed made up of thousands of tiny, plastic resin beads (FIG.
  • Page 14 SOFT WATER SERVICE AND REGENERATION © BRINING: During brining, the brine is moved from the salt storage area, into the resin tank. Inside the resin tank, brine cleans hardness minerals from the resin beads and they are discharged out the drain. How much brine is needed to clean the resin depends - - the amount of resin in the softener, - - how fast the brine goes through the bed.
  • Page 15 SOFT WATER SERVICE AND REGENERATION AUTOMATIC BYPASS During the brining, brine rinse and backwash cycles of regeneration, HARD water goes through the softener valve and to the house pipes. If a faucet is opened, hard water is there for your needs. However, you should not use hot water, if possible, because the water heater will refill with hard water.
  • Page 16: Care Of Your Softener

    SALT¼ REFILLING STORAGE TANK/BREAKING A SALT BRIDGE WHEN TO REFILL WITH SALT (or potassium chloride): The Salt Monitor System (see page 10) will turn the low salt light on to warn you when to refill with salt. Check for a low salt light a few weeks after you install the softener, and every week after that.
  • Page 17: Keeping The Water Softener Clean

    KEEPING THE WATER SOFTENER CLEAN COVERS To keep your new Kenmore water softener looking nice, apply a coat of paste wax and repeat once a year. When dusty, wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it sparkling. NOZZLE & VENTURI A clean nozzle and venturi (FIG.
  • Page 18: Keep The Softener From Freezing

    KEEP THE SOFTENER FROM FREEZING If the softener is installed where it could freeze (summer cabin, lake home, etc.), you must drain all water from it to stop possible freeze damage. To drain the softener — Close the shut-off valve on the house main water pipe, near the water meter or pressure tank.
  • Page 19: Helpful Hints Checklist

    If your water softener fails to work, make the following easy checks. Often, you will find what’ s wrong yourself and you won’ t have to call and wait for service. If you do not find anything wrong, while making the checks, and your softener still does not work, call your Sears Service Department.
  • Page 20: Other Things To Know

    & outlet valves MODEL NO. 625.348670 NOTE: Please see the rating decal for water softener operating capacity, salt usage and service flow rate/pres- sure loss performance specifications. Performance specifications are validated by the Water Quality Associa- tion (WQA).
  • Page 21: Service Tech Information

    24VAC Transformer Tank Light Motor, 24VAC FACEPLATE Kenmore Water Line for Customer Assistance 1- -800- -426- -9345 ALWAYS MAKE THESE INITIAL CHECKS FIRST Does the time display show the correct time of day? - - If display is blank, check power source to the soft- ener.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS The faceplate timer (PWA) computer has a self-diag- nostic function for the electrical system, except for input power and water meter. The computer monitors the elec- tronic components and circuits for correct operation. If a mal- function occurs, an error code appears in the faceplate display.
  • Page 23 should get a reading in the display. If you get a reading, unhook the in and out plumbing and check the turbine for binding. V ALVE POSITION INDICATORS: Depending on the valve position, the following indicators show in the display: INDICATOR VALVE POSITION Serv...
  • Page 24 ¼ defective nozzle and venturi seal. ¼ other inner valve defect (rotor seal, rotor & disc, wave washer, etc.). NOTE: If water system pressure is low, an elevated drain hose may cause back pressure, stopping brine draw. TROUBLESHOOTING Again press ON/OFF-HOLD to move the soften- er into backwash.
  • Page 25: Rotary Valve Service

    Before working on the valve, turn off the water supply and disconnect from electrical power. TO RELIEVE PRESSURE: - - 3 VALVE BYPASS: Close the inlet valve and open a soft water faucet. Then close the outlet valve and open the bypass valve. - - SEARS SPECIAL BYPASS: Slide the bypass valve stem to bypass position.
  • Page 26: 5C .. Water Flow Through The Softener Valve

    5C .. WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER VALVE SERVICE CYCLE To Valve Outlet (soft water) resin bottom distributor Hard water enters the valve inlet port. Internal valve porting routes the water down and out the top distributor, into the resin tank. Hard water is softened as it passes through the resin bed, then enters the bottom distributor.
  • Page 27 5C. WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER VALVE BRINING AND BRINE RINSE CYCLES venturi nozzle brine from salt storage tank bypass hard water to valve outlet After fill, timer/switch action allows the motor to turn the rotor and disc into BRINING position. Water flow is directed to the nozzle. Suction, created by the nozzle and venturi, draws brine from the salt storage tank and injects it into the resin bed via the bottom distributor.
  • Page 28 5C. WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER VALVE FAST RINSE CYCLE soft water to valve outlet During FAST RINSE, the rotor & disc is positioned so water flow enters the resin tank through the top distributor, and exits through the bottom distributor, to the drain.
  • Page 30: Repair Parts

    SECTION 6 KENMORE WATER SOFTENER, MODEL NO. 625.348670 Rating Decal Location PART NUMBER 7174177 VALVE 7137612 ASSEMBLY (see page 7095373 7132840 7185518 7174185 7179062 7139486 7137939 7137727 7082150 7100819 7137913 7144619 7148875 0900431 1103200 9003500 7116488 7105047 0502272 7144952 7170270...
  • Page 31 KENMORE WATER SOFTENER, MODEL NO. 625.348670 BRINE VALVE ASSEMBLY INLET - - OUTLET GROUNDING CLAMPS PART NUMBER 7168647 0513860 7097202 0516947 7093216 7092278 7170288 0516211 0516924 7116713 7092252 7080653 7131365 7094979 7092294 7092286 7095470 7113016 7171349 7186297 7161734 F Included in parts pack¼ see page 33.
  • Page 32 SECTION 6 KENMORE WATER SOFTENER, MODEL NO. 625.348670 VALVE ASSEMBLY wear- -strip seal cross- -section view REPAIR PARTS flow plug assembly assembled view...
  • Page 33: Parts List

    Wire Harness (Sensor) 9000803 O--ring 7081201 Retainer (Nozzle & Venturi) 7171195 Seal (Nozzle & Venturi) 7171145 Valve Body 7170319 O-ring, 1/4 x 3/8 (2 req.) MODEL NO. 625.348670 PARTS LIST NUMBER 7081104 1202600 7095030 1148800 7187772 0521829 7146043 7167659 7170262...
  • Page 34 NOTES...
  • Page 35 NOTES...
  • Page 36 OWNERS MANUAL MODEL NO. 625.348670 The model number of your water softener is found on the rating de- cal. This decal is on the rim, under the salt cover. When requesting ser- vice or ordering parts, always provide the fol-...

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